Thanks to Bollywood movies, we all are born with the fantasy of visiting Goa with our group of friends which almost gets cancel every time. But more than just the scenic beauty, Goa has a lot to offer. Have you ever thought of a holiday where you spend a whole day relaxing on the beach, eating yummy food, enjoying the dazzling nightlife, exciting fun-filled activities, wondrous shopping experience, luxury stay and visiting the most beautiful places with your friends?

Have you ever experience a holiday like this!? If not, then don’t worry and get ready to experience all these things at the perfect holiday destination Goa.

So get ready to celebrate your dreamful holidays!

Highlights to Goa Trip

Goa is one of the most popular destinations on the world map. If Goa is in your bucket list for years then its time to tick that off your bucket list!! 

Beach Beauty

Relax and bask some sun, listening to the waves and the mouth-watering delicacies on the hand, what else could be better than this to celebrate your victory, right?

Dazzle Nightlife-

Rightfully deemed as the ‘Party Capital of India’, Goa is the ultimate destination for party enthusiasts and hippies. Become the witness of live music, countless drinks, vibrant lights, best DJ and rock the floor with your friends.

Fun-Filled Activities-

Some most thrilling water experiences and fun activities will pump your heartbeats with a big smile on your lips. All these things will give you a treasure box full of lifelong memories. 

Delicious food-

In all around the city explore one of India’s most culturally diverse cuisines. From best seafood to best cocktails, is there anything Goa doesn’t offer?

Luxury Stay-

You are really special to us and we want to fill your Goa experience with a lot of luxury and a lot of fun! 

What More You Will Get

     FREE Trip to Goa for 2 nights and 3 days

  • First 50 Qualifiers- Chance to spend one extra night in beautiful Goa. Forst 50 qualifiers have a chance to upgrade their trip to 3 nights and 4 days.
  • Add on bonus on achieving double qualifying Goa Points- Double your free trip to Goa, add friends, family members or DS.Asort business partners with you on the Goa trip. 

get 2x qualifying Points and win 2 free trips

get 3x qualifying Points and win 3 free trips

And so on…

How to get this exclusive chance?

To get this exclusive chance you all have to do is support your independent business community members to become the Baron who is directly sponsored by you. 

Goa miles contest is open for all ranks and the best part of this contest is that you have a whole three months {January, February, March} to achieve your Goa points. 

Be a part of Goa Miles Contest!!!!!

Each month has fixed Goa Points that you can earn by helping your team members in achieving their success with DS. Asort!

Each month has fixed Goa Points that you can earn by helping your team members in achieving their success with DS. Asort!

Months  Reward Points 
January 03 points per Baron
February 2.5 points per Baron
March 02 points per Baron


The qualifying  points under this contest vary on the basis of the date of joining of the Independent Business Owners:

IBO joining Date  Qualification points to be earned for Free Goa Trip
All existing IBOs+ new IBOs joining on or before 31st January 2020 15
Between  1st February 2020 to 29th February 2020 11
Between 1st March 2020 to 31st March 2020 08


This trip is not just the holiday, this is more than that! So get ready for the most wondrous experience. 

Let’s go Goaaa…


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    Best location journey gift am so excited for the first time Goa trip

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