Ola trendsetters! To begin with, we want to state what’s obvious, that most of us have one, two, or even more pairs of men sneakers in our closet. They are great to play sports in or suitable to wear as dress shoes when they’re worn right. There are nearly unlimited ways to match your sneakers with the rest of your attire or to match your attire with your sneakers (when you’re a true sneaker-head that is). Most of us pay great consideration to the attire we want to wear and consider sneakers less important. However, the right sneakers when paired with the right outfit can make our persona and make us look significantly better than we would have without the right athletic footwear.

But First, Sneakers and How They Came to Be

Most shoes for men before the introduction of the sneaker had wooden soles. Sneakers, with their rubber soles, were named so because of the “ability” they bestowed on the person wearing them to “sneak” around without making a sound. Hence being able to walk stealthily led to this variety of shoe being called “Sneakers”.

Although today we take for granted that the shoe we put on our right foot is crafted so as to best fit our right foot and not the left, and of course vice versa. It may surprise you to learn that in the late 1800’s in western countries the underclass wore rubber-soled shoes called plimsolls that did not differentiate one foot from the other. Because these shoes did not differentiate wearers left or right foot, one piece could be worn on either foot. Obviously, they were not crafted with the precision that we take for granted today, a precision that differentiates the piece to be worn on the right foot from the one to be worn on the left foot and once again, vice versa.

You Wouldn’t Dare Try This Barefoot, Would You Now?

Naturally, the absence of this precision did not make for a comfortable shoe and subsequently led to the introduction of new type of shoe known as Keds that was created by the U.S. Rubber Company. Keds differentiated between wearers right and left foot and are today acknowledged as the very first mass-produced shoe worthy of being called a sneaker. From here on we may say that there was no looking back and sneakers gradually evolved and grow into what we know today to be tennis shoes, cross trainers, and basketball shoes, and also low top sneakers that look great when one’s strutting down a city street wearing skinny charcoal jeans.

Pairing the Black Sneaker

Read on to better understand how to attractively pair your black sneakers with the other high-quality apparel in your closet.

No doubt you know that black sneakers are a most versatile fashion essential that looks great with almost anything. Try and pair yours with a pair of “nude chinos” i.e. chinos that are the same color as human skin and wear on your torso a black colored crew neck sweater. A pair of black low top sneakers with this combination of chinos and sweater will create a bold and stylish look at the close of this winter. The contrast between the black sneaker and your black sweater and nude chinos will demand that a white collared shirt is worn over your torso, underneath the sweater, creating the right mix stylish of colors, shades, and shapes.

Step It Up In Style Wearing Black Sneakers or White

Sadly winter is coming to an end, and seemingly with not a bang but a whimper. The temperature never fell as low or stayed as low as many of us would have liked and some of us never got the chance to wear some of the most attractive attires we had hoped to wear this winter. Lucky for you we’re here to help. Because winter may be coming to a close, but it leaves many fashion opportunities with respect to your pair of black sneakers wide open. To get the most out of your black colour sneakers this winter, pair them with a navy blue colored jacket and blue jeans and a black tee. A brown belt around your waist and the black sneakers on your feet will create the perfect combination of colors to match what you’re wearing on your torso and on your legs.

How To Look Great in a White Sneaker

When we think of the name sneakers or sports and athletic shoes the first thing that comes to our mind is a pair of white colored footwear. Naturally, when was the last time you saw the Indian National Cricket Team, even when wearing their blue jersey’s, pair them with anything but white sneakers? Even you, when growing up, probably never stepped onto the sports field for an important match without first putting on sneakers that were, you guessed it, white. So no one will blame you if sneakers to you mean a pair of white colour athletic shoes.

Thankfully, white sneakers are not just meant to be worn when there are a ball and sports field involved. They are increasingly being accepted as ideal office wear on casual work days and at an acceptable time of day are visible on the feet of wealthy patrons at swanky clubs and restaurants as well.

Its winter time, enough said, yes, we already know what season it is. But it’s important to keep in mind before dressing because winter means that you likely venture out of your house dressed in heavier than usual clothing. Such clothing may also be devoid of the bright colors you often wear during spring and summer. A pair of bright white sneakers will add color to your outfit at this time in January. Pair your white low top sneakers with a slim fitting chino and a warm jacket. Finish off this classic look with a simple white tee. Its cool enough to not feel too hot in this outfit and its warm enough to not feel too cold in it either. As the early morning sun travels higher into the sky, the temperature may (depending on where you are) become warm enough to remove the jacket and emerge dressed in a stylish semi-retro look that is just “made” by your clean white sneakers.

Ideal Sneakers: A Light Canvas, Supple Sole, With Laces or Without

To attain a slightly edgier look with your white sneakers pair them with tight-fitting blue denim jeans and a full-sleeved shirt and once again, a white tee underneath. A light colored sweater on top will complete a preppy yet casual look that can carry you from the office to a semi-formal gathering with friends at a club in the evening. In most parts of India, barring those places with the most extreme climate, the temperature is warm enough to look great in this type of apparel, and because it’s a mild January winter, it means we can look great dressed in less bulky winter wear.

In closing young hipsters and trendsetters, we want to emphasize that like time, fashion also doesn’t stand still for anyone. Rather fashion is an exhilarating journey with no final destination and there’s no one right look that’s appropriate for everyone on their fashion odyssey. On our travels, we expect to keep you looking your best whatever may come across your path while we journey together. So until next time, ciao.

We’re sure you already have a friend or two who wears spectacles, you may even wear a pair yourself. We know that there is also a fairly high likelihood that you or your friend own a pair of prescription contact lenses as well. Hence, you know already what we mean when we state that wearing a pair of glasses or removing them and wearing contact lenses will dramatically improve a person’s personality.

Similarly, the right pair of sunglasses can be just the right accessory to complete a stunning transformation. Additionally, what’s great about a pair of sunglasses is that it doesn’t matter whether its summertime or winters, as long as the sun is brightly shining, wearing a high-quality pair of sunglasses looks good. However before you rush out to buy a pair of “Cools” a caveat; sunglasses are not all the same, thus a pair that looks great on your friend, might not look so on you.

The Classic Aviator Graces Women and Men Equally Well

Undeniably a few traditional designs such as the Classic Aviator suits more people than do other more exotic designs, yet the aviator looks much better on a lucky few than it does on many others.

One of the most crucial factors in deciding which pair will look the best on you is the shape of your face. Yes, you read that correctly, different types of sunglasses look good or bad on a person depending on the face of the person who is wearing them. What’s more, there is a science behind what style will look good on whom. Which thankfully means that even if you have modestly attractive features, wearing the right pair of sunglasses can greatly enhance your appearance.

By now we’re sure you’re a little curious to know what kind of sunglasses will make you look your best. Which is why we’re sharing with you a guide to the different style of sunglasses that should be worn depending on the shape of a face. So read on and then confidently go and buy this image-enhancing accessory.

For Those With a Round Face

A round face is gentle yet it can also appear to lack structure because of its shape. Thankfully the right pair of rectangular sunglasses for round face can immediately bring about a desirable structure. If you have a round face you may benefit from the polish that can be attained by a wearing a rectangular frame.

The Rectangular Frame Adds Contours To Every Face

One of the most suitable sunglasses a person with a round face may wear is the Wayfarer. Of-course Classic Aviators also look great on a round face as well. Rectangular sunglasses that wrap around the wearers face can also enhance the right persons a persons personality.

Ideal Sunglasses If You Have a Square Face

A Round Frame Rests Elegantly on a Square Body

When you are the proud owner of a square-shaped face you may actually require sunglasses that are circular in shape. This is because adding additional structure to your face by wearing a rectangular frame which, with its sharp and angular shape, will create even more structure and will make you look hard. Your take away should be that your square shaped face already has a powerful structure and should be soothed with a gentler round sunglasses to help you look your best.

When You’re Blessed With a Triangular Shaped Face

You should indeed feel lucky. Having a triangular shaped face allows the individual to successfully experiment with a wider variety of frames than those with either a round or square face can. Remember when we’re talking about a triangular shaped face we mean that the pointed end of the triangle is facing towards your forehead and not towards your chin.

Heavy on Top, Light on the Bottom is the Mantra For a Triangular Face

The ideal frame for someone with this face happens to be a frame that is “top heavy”, meaning it has greater structure and mass at its top near the eyebrows than it does at the sides and near the cheeks at the bottom. Luckily such a person will also look good in a frame that is square or angular.

Certainly, we agree there are some unique individuals who are able to pull off an unconventional look with effortless poise. However, we believe that the basic guidelines presented above are a good rule of thumb for a large number of us to apply when we decide to buy our next latest pair of sunglasses.

Hence, young hipsters, this concludes our gathering within moving imagery and the written word and until we meet again, adieu.



As the seasons change so does trends. With people so fashion forward in this century, it’s hard to keep track of the trends revolving around the fashion industry. By the time you plan on buying the latest trendy wear, something even more gorgeous takes up its place. However, you don’t need to worry about that.

Let us help you with the best of trends for the winter season this year. Also with the wedding bells ringing around the country, all you girls must be worrying around wondering what new to wear this time. So let us list them out just for you.

1. Long sleeved Indian wear

If you follow fashion weeks, You might have noticed that the long sleeved Indian wear is stealing everyone’s heart this season. All the high profile designers are creating the best of designs to bring this trend to the utmost favorites. The long slit floor length sleeved lehengas and gowns drive in modern fashion into the ethnicity of our very own ethnic attires. Try wearing one this season with your gold shiny high heels and see how the event gets crazy over your look.

2. Cape Styled Indian Wear

Beauty comes in so many different shapes and sizes and this cape styled modern Indian dresses are mesmerizing the fashion world with its unimaginable grace and charm. It creates an aura of style that brings out your elegant look and leaves the onlookers in awe. The cape sleeves remove the need of wearing a duppatta with the lehenga while it gives a similar look. Also, a pinch of modernity is fused perfectly in the ethnic wear to give out a gorgeous trendy look.

3. Jacket Style Indian Wear

The combination of the winter and the wedding season, falling in together can be a bit stressing sometimes. You wouldn’t want to wear a jacket or a sweater on top of a perfect gorgeous Indian wear. But then again, the designers are the little elves that always succeed in somehow bringing you your desired fashion satisfaction. The Nehru jackets compliment the beautiful ethnic attire that you are wearing and give them a perfect fashionable edge. Wear them to your next wedding you enjoy the stares of the people with comfortable warmth.

4. Folk Prints

Speaking of ethnicity, nothing speaks it better than the folk prints. The beautifully designed folk printed Indian dresses are definitely a must try this season.  It gives a boho effect to your classic ethnic wear that appeals the onlooker’s eyes in a snap. The best thing about this attire is that you don’t have to torture your feet with a slick high heel. Wear your favourite Indian style footwear and it will definitely go just right with your dress. Tie up your hair so that your dress gets attention for every inch of it and see how you turn heads in the crowd.

5. Velvet

The one trend that always keeps coming back to us with even more glamour crafted into it, is the velvet. No matter how much you force yourself to think that you are over it, you still wouldn’t be able to resist. It has always proven to be the best fashion savior during chilling winter night weddings without letting the style fade away from your look. You enter with the classy gorgeous look that you’ve always imagined in your thoughts before a wedding and it will never disappoint you. Wear yours and you will definitely lose count on your compliments.

This is all for now, but do not worry we will be back with even more exciting blogs to help you with your fashion dilemmas every season. Stay hooked!



Since the early ages, Men has always been quite fashion forward. They naturally tend to keep their look classy and neat. Also, we understand that it must be very tough for all the men out there to keep their fashion flair alive with so fewer options in front of them. With men, it’s not exactly the clothes that describe their fashion outlook, but mere three things that define a fashionable man. It’s the classy shoes they wear, watch they wrap around their waist and the way they wear their hairstyle.

Today, let us help you with one of the most important factors that define a man. The way you wear your hair can describe a lot about your personality. It is very necessary that you take care of the way you are styling your hair. Let’s give you a tour of the different textures and lengths of hair and how can you keep it in trend.

1.Slick & Shiny Hair

Trending highly amongst the men of all ages, the slick & shiny hairstyle brings out a classy aura which adds up to your gentleman personality with ease. To get that look, all you have to do is towel dry your hair and use a small amount of wax or gel to hold your hair strongly. Be careful not to use too much of gel as you wouldn’t want your hair to end up looking like sticky sour punks. Then slowly comb your hair towards the way you want to get your desired look. Also, try and use good quality products to get the exact classy desired look. Your look might differ in accordance with the length of your hair, although this look goes best with shorter hair.

2.  Curly or Wavy Hair

Get the rugged, more adorable look with the all so popular curly or wavy hair. Guys with curly hair always stand out in a crowd and is also not very easy to achieve this look. First of all, it is quite necessary that you have at least medium length hair as it won’t be possible to work out the style if your hair is too short. If you have straight hair, blow dry your hair and use a mini electronic curler to curl them properly with sectioned hair. Or else you can also use mini foam rollers and keep them for a few hours. In this case, you can also use these rollers while your hair is still wet and then blow dry them after putting on the rollers. This method makes your hairstyle stay longer. If you already have wavy hair, then all you have to do is apply a curl enhancing product and you are good to go. In any case, don’t forget to use hairspray or wax to hold your hair longer.

3. Long Hair

This is one of the hairstyles that can be carried out only by a proper Man. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to grow out your hair and men who usually grow their hair long, tends to love their hair like their own baby. Long hair is itself a hairstyle, but if you want to play with it a little bit then you can also get many different looks with your same long hair. Very popular on the trend board right now is the half tied pony.  Men with full-grown beard look unbelievably handsome with this hairstyle. Apart from that, you can also make thick dreads if you have really long hair, and see how you grab attention in a crowd. If someday you are feeling too lazy to do anything, just apply some volumising product to your blow-dried hair and flaunt your look.

4. Wet Look Messy Hair

Get the smart casual look with this hairstyle. This is a bit similar to the slick hair but a step further. With this hairstyle, your hair doesn’t need to be perfectly set but in fact a bit messy. Blow dry your hair and use a little less hold wet gel and run your fingers down your hair as rapidly and fast as you can. Choose a side towards which you want your hair to fall and leave them just be. You can also shake up your hair a bit to give the natural wet and messy look.

5. Big Volumised Hair

This hairstyle is a complete head turner. Although it’s not as easy as the other hairstyles because it is a bit hard to make them stay the way you want it to. But with the right products, you might just be able to get the right look. Fortunately, there are some newly launched products that help your stubborn hair to volumise and stay that way for a better look. Also, it is very necessary that you get your haircut right first.  Round faced men might want to keep clippered sides while men with a longer face will look better with a lower fade. Flaunt your airy volumised hair by finishing with a strong hold spray and enjoy your party.

6. Dramatic Loud Hair

There are a lot of interesting men out there who love to experiment with their hair. They usually drop the spotlight in their hair rather than their clothes. For all those enthusiasts, you too have a lot more options in front of you. Get on with that hair wax and start styling your hair extraordinarily with your own creativity and see how it might create a trend. Or else, try the popular neckline hair design. Instead of just getting a straight line at your side part, get a design at your light shaved scalp. Although we would suggest you do not try to do that yourself.

You never know when and how you might create a trend that goes sensational amongst people in no time. So keep experimenting, tend your hair and enhance your look. We’ll soon be back with more interesting tips just for you. Stay hooked!

As we turn over a new sheet on our calendar, the cool breeze has slowly started to feel our cheeks and the early morning fog has started conspiring against our will to get up from our bed. Winter is here and we are all very eagerly waiting for it to enter into our lives.

Although, while a hot sip of coffee might pump up your blood to give you a warm feel to your soul, it still wouldn’t be enough to keep your body warm when the freezing winter arrives. Now for all the fashion lovers who flaunted their looks with the best of the summer colors, don’t take the chills yet. We are here to help you with the best of the trends and colors to mix and match this winter.

1. Knit Prints

With a variety of collections from the cute ones, festive ones to the classy stripe/block ones, classic knitted sweaters always brings out the pure winter look that is adored by a large variety of people. Try wearing one with dark shaded narrow pants and your trend list is checked.

2. Moss Green Overcoats

Moving deeper than the popular olive green shade, the moss green is creating a trend around the men’s fashion world as it gives a very subtle look rather than wearing something too bright. When it comes to overcoats, it anyways becomes a bit harder to choose the right color to go with it. But, the moss green color puts in just the right amount of style to your look.

3. White or Beige Winter wear

No matter what the attire is, white or beige always fits on any occasion. A beige overcoat always gives the rich classy look that never goes out of fashion. If you are confused about what to wear this season, then a casual overcoat and jacket are a must for your wardrobe because it will never disappoint you.

4. Quilted Jackets 

With the comfortable warmth of these jackets, they also send out a trendy winter look that appeals the onlooker’s eyes in a snap. Cover yourself up with these men’s quilted jackets and wear your favorite slim fit bottoms and see how these fit on in any occasion easily.

5. Tactile Fabric Coats And Jackets

Just like the smooth feel of the fabric, these tactile jackets gives the smooth classy winter look that fashionistas cannot resist.  If you follow trends you would see how these jackets are coming in trend with all different looks. Wear them with deep colored men’s pants or trousers and see how your looks change.

If you are looking for the hip swag look with the hint of class, then this is the best choice for you. Adorn your oversize jacket look with a trendy knitted cap and you are done with your perfect look. Make sure to wear a nice pair of sneakers and to go with your hip look. Also, try not to wear plain slim fit denim because that would be a bit tough to go with the look.

So guys here’s all for now. Stay hooked with us for more excited blogs just for you.


August 23rd of this year was a special day for many of us. On this day hundreds of our partners gathered at the Pullman Hotel in Aero City at New Delhi when we unveiled our brand new clothing line aptly named Earthy Scent for modern women and its nearness to nature and to the Earth.

Our well-planned event began when many who excel in working with us arrived at the Pullman Hotel, the glitzy setting for what was to come. Many took the opportunity to not only eat, drink, and be merry but to also click a number of pictures with friends, acquaintances, and others who were present. A large number of fun selfies were also taken by many cheerful young men many of whom had travelled some distance to be present at the event. We enjoyed being their hosts and I’m sure they enjoyed being our guests that afternoon as well.

Everyone present arrived in black from head to toe and with superbly groomed beards and looked no less spectacular than the models who were to walk the ramp a little later. The fashion show at the Earthy Scent launch showcased the Earthy Scent line of fashion wear. A large fashion ramp was surrounded on three sides by Ifazone Fashion Consultants and on it walked models wearing what we are confident will go on to become among the most sought-after apparel in the country.

Ifazone takes pride in its products and is humbled by the strong support our distributors continue to place on us. It is our endeavor to continuously work for the benefit of all those who partner with us.

At the Earthy Scent launch, some of our Independent business owners spoke about how Ifazone helped them not only create a business but how working with Ifazone has helped in aspects of their personality; greater confidence in their abilities being just one. Many of our partners also let us know that they did not imagine they would wear the kind of high quality branded clothes they wear so casually since they began working as Fashion Consultants with Ifazone.

Besides the exciting fashion show and traditional dance program in which all the models displayed the Earthy Scent line of garments, attendees also had a chance to learn about the vision of the founders of Ifazone. Many spoke with great appreciation of the company’s founders and expressed views such as their belief that the size and scope of the fashion industry are increasing day by day and how excited they are to be a part of this industry. With regards to the Earthy Scent brand, those at the brand launch were pleased that Ifazone brand was introducing traditional Indian apparel in the Indian market.

Mr Roshan Bisht, the founder of the Ifazone brand remarked at the Earthy Scent launch that the untapped potential of the Indian ethnic wear market was tremendous and he expressed his view that those who purchase Earthy Scent garments will be delighted with the quality of the apparel they come to own.

We can confidently say that our Earthy Scent launch was a tremendous success. This, not only because of a large number of attendees who were present at the event but also because of the lively enthusiasm and positive sentiment on the show by our Fashion Consultants without whose support and success Ifazone would today not be the premier seller of fashionable garments in India it is today.

With some of the best music festivals just around the corner, you must be already beating your head over what you’re gonna wear. While some of you must have already fabricated your look for the fest, others might still be browsing through the shopping sites or staring at their wardrobe wondering where do their clothes magically disappear every time. However, we affirm you that this problem is not just with you. Girls usually never find anything to wear even though their wardrobe has no space to fill.

Well, this time let us help you with it. Its not that tough to become fashionable if you really think about it, because its us people who create fashion trends every year and just like the seasons, these trends keep coming back. Now if you want to look your best in your upcoming music festival, here are some ways you can mix and match your wardrobe.

1. Crop Tops and Braletts

Talking about trends, crop tops are very popular among the young fashionable generation. These tops are both comfortable and appealing at the same time. You are gifted with a wide variety of choices to make among these crop tops. While Tassel crop tops crawled up the trendiest list really fast this season, deep neck braletts too mesmerized the fashion lovers with its sexy look. You can find crocheted, beaded, corset, floral, off shoulder and more more various styles in this look. Try pairing up a tassel top with your favorite ripped denim short or a sexy bralett with your funky short denim. To add up to your concert look, mess up your heavy curls and put on a light colored lip color to keep it subtle.

2. Skirts

If you follow trends, you would know that skirts play a bigger role in the fashion that you can imagine. You will find fashionistas wearing skirts in different combinations and slaying the look with ease. Suede Tassel skirts with crop tops and a stylish women jacket give the cool biker look while floral long and short skirts send out the warm sweet summer look.  You will find celebrities walking the red carpet wearing high-slit skirts and netted double layered skirts. You have more than enough choices for the season and these are just a few ones that we are listing out for you, keeping in mind the trends that are rolling. Try putting on a nice skirt and mix and match it with a bright colored sleeveless crop top and see how it works out.

3. Pants

With the variety of bottoms available in the online fashion market, it sometimes gets a bit tough to choose the right one for the day. While music festivals are the events where people go high and free, it’s very important that you feel comfortable just as much as the style. Tribal printed denim shorts give the classy authentic edge to your look that you can carry out in any event. It attracts the onlooker in a snap. High waist printed bell bottom pants has come back with  a classier aura while still keeping the retro feel intact. Split pants and sequined boyfriend jeans clicks in the swag for the event.

4. Shoes

Shoes complete your look. There are times when you have assembled the perfect outfit for the day but you can’t decide which footwear should you slip in to. To help you with that, let us list out a few styles that you can definitely go with without giving a second thought. Gladiator flats and boots are rushing in fashion among a wide range of fashion lovers. Flaunt your sexy legs and pink toes with these lovely strappy sandals and boots this music season. Other than that you have tribal designed boots that create a cowboy/country look that appeals people in a snap. Holographic combat boots are also getting all the attention this season and the best part is that you can match these shoes with any of your favorite outfits. Go ahead and give it a go!

5. Makeup

After you have given the complete look to your outfit, its time for you to give the finishing touch. Face art seems to be swooping into youngster’s favorite list. Adorn your face with the loveliest of art to compliment your look. Sticky stars around your eyes are the most hassle-free face art that you can try which also looks magnificent with your trendy look. You can also try putting colorful bindis around the eyes to give you the flamboyant look that you are seeking.

6. Hair

Women hairstyles have their own way of enhancing your perfect look. Braid them in hundred different ways or mess it up to your satisfaction, but do make sure you work on your hair. Try making a number of corn braids to add up to your look. Also, it’s not necessary to twist and curl your hair every time. If you have shorter hair, you can also accessorize them with a funky headband or a pretty twisted stole.

So, ladies, this is all for now, but keep following us to know more about fashion/beauty tips and much more. We will be back with all new interesting blogs just for you. Stay tuned!

Stripes are the undisputed ruler of all the menswear trends. A perpetual print theme, stripes was a key component in most of the runway shows this year SS’17. Showing no signs of a recent fall, this is the easiest and the most stylish pattern to pull off. Our serious love affair with this trend is quite evident with inculcation of quite a few styles in our new collection. With stripes in various colors and patterns, we bring to you the must-have striped pieces to have in your wardrobe to put you in the centre stage this season.

Striped Shirt

Smarten up your wardrobe with chic linen shirt. The subtle blue and white stripes, long sleeves and a classic button-down fastening will give you for a sharp casual look. You have only two options to choose the kinds of stripes to wear: horizontal or vertical. Vertical stripes make you look taller and slimmer which is good for someone who is not tall or little heavier. While horizontals make you look broader, lean men can go for horizontals.

Striped Tshirts

Whether you’re jetting off, or simply looking to liven up your T-shirt drawer, striped tees are a menswear staple that every guy should invest in. There are many variations in term of color, width of stripes, pattern etc are available in the market.

Striped Pants

We love the change, particularly in the pants department where denim often reigns supreme. To our delight, this bold new trouser look is making a splash among the style set this season.

 Striped Accessories

Of course, if striped shirts or bottoms are not meant for you, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the print entirely. Instead, you can opt for striped accessories to add a subtle element of interest to your outfit, without the risk of going overboard. 


When you dig into a desi girl’s wardrobe and you will find loads of kurtis of all kinds. Kurtis are quite popular among Indian women and why not…they are comfy, stylish, modern ethnic attire and come in a whole different range of shapes and sizes. And then, there is this advantage that you can style your Kurtis in many ways. So get going on this huge trend of kurti as we get you 10 amazing ways to style a kurti!!

1. Kurtis with Leggings
The norm is to wear Indian Kurtis with leggings and that actually is the most comfortable and simplest way to wear it. Team your kurtis with matching leggings and to add oomph factor you can pair it with contrast color leggings to look their best!

2. Kurtis with Palazzo pants
Recently this style of pairing has picked up the momentum. A lot of celebrities have been spotted in this chic combo and there’s every reason why you should try it too. For one thing, they can make you look very urbane and ethnic at the same time.

3. Kurtis with Jeans or Jeggings
Pairing anything with everyday jeans can never go wrong. This look is very versatile depending upon the kind of pairing, with this look one can achieve casual to party looks.

4. Kurti as a dress
Kurtis may be considered as ethnic but it can help you rock a western look as well. Just go bottomless, and see how the so-called ethnic wear transforms into a gorgeous modern outfit! All you have to do is pick the right kurta without high slits and wear it as a dress.

5. Kurtis with Patiala Salwar
Kurtis and patiala salwar are an age-old combo that women of our country have been wearingfore a long time now can never go wrong. Short length kurtis bring out the best of patialas.

6. Kurtis with Skirts
Oh yes, you can wear your kurtis with a skirt and we assure you, it is feminine, exuberant and definitely desi. You can go from ankle length to floor length skirts and look nonchalant yet elegant for the day.

7. Kurtis with 3/4 Pants or Capris
What an easy way to elevate your ethnic wardrobe– team your favorite kurti with ¾th pants and you will shine like a star. This look works best as a day look, to do it right pair a high-low kurti with capris and complete the look with printed sneakers and a sling bag.

8. Kurtis with Straight Pants
From work to play this look is set to make you look like a boss.  Then bring a fun element by teaming your kurti with straight pants. The length of the kurti, however, should not be too long when worn with trousers.

9. Kurti with Shorts
You hear it right, you can pair kurtis with shorts also for a head turner look. Team your vivacious kurti with denim shorts and oh boy you would be nothing less than a diva. To rock this look we recommend the front slit style kurti or High side slit kurtis in knit material.

10. Kurtis with Sarees
Girls its time to ditch your blouse for a kurti. This style definitely brings a high fashion statement and will fetch you tons of compliments. To style it right wear plain kurti with heavy embroidered saree, and add an embroidered belt to complete the look.

We can’t deny the fact that shoes speak a lot about a man’s personality but billfolds aka wallets too play an essential role in defining ‘his’ look. Filled or empty, a peek of the wallet is all you need to judge a man’s persona. Whether you are an office goer or a guy next door, we have one for everyone to simply match to your personality. Have a look:

For Professionals: Bussiness meetings and everyday office always push you to be serious with your style. Only work no play makes Jack a dull boy, with our new range of timeless manmade leather wallets you can add your bit of personality to your mundane routine. Handy additions to your wardrobe, these premium wallets will hold your daily essentials year after year.

For Students: Choosing a men’s wallet isn’t difficult but picking a right one can be tricky. It should be unique in terms of color, texture, quality and feel, to make you stand out from the crowd. Make sure that the wallet looks stylish but at the same time classy too so that you don’t look cheap by any chance.

For Travellers: When travelling, keeping tabs on your personal items is a must. To keep everything in one place and travel in style, one can go for waterproof and RFiD-blocking material wallets. We’ve got it all here so you can forget the faff, kick back and relax.

For Cashless Man: For those who believe that cards can buy them everything, then one can opt for slim and trendy wallets cum card holders. Look for the ones which have ample space for you to carry your world.

Let your wallet define your style mantra by picking the trendiest from the collection.