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“Let’s fight to be fit!”

Hey! Are you taking care of your immune system? As we already know that this is the crucial time for everyone to keep ourselves safe and to fight the coronavirus. More than 20 million people have already been infected worldwide with this powerful virus and the only way to save ourselves is to protect our immunity system. According to the world health organization we can fight with the COVID-19 if our immune system is strong enough. In the current scenario, there is no vaccination to cure coronavirus so we need to stand strong against COVID-19. In this pandemic let’s stay safe and keep our loved ones safe too in every possible way!

If you’re concerned whether you are getting the right amount of nutrients from your diet, consult with your doctor about a supplementation regimen to boost your immune system. Here are a few supplements that can help. 

Are you trying to fix your hair problems? Do you have hair fall, dandruff, split ends, dull hair and many more hair problems!? Don’t worry because you are not alone. According to the expert’s, 85% of the women population suffer hair loss at the age of 50. This is the shocking fact but true!

There are numerous hair care products available in the online and offline with the expensive price range but due to certain chemicals might be they are not suitable for your hairs. Now it’s time to go back and use natural products for better hair solutions.
Keeping in mind that hair problems are the biggest worry for you, we have some most wondrous natural hair care products for you! Don’t forget while growing hair naturally you can also earn asort point too. 

“Smart technology ki help se aapne life ko kare secure.”  

What if I told you that you can secure your home and vehicles with just a few smart devices!? Yes, Asort aapke aur aapki family ke security ki liye smart devices lekar aaya hai. We all know why security is necessary for these days and we always try ki #HAR WISH HOGI PURI

Hum sabhi apne ghar aur vehicles par lakho rupaye easily kharch kar dete hai lekin unke safety ke liye hamesha worried rehte hai, aaj humare pass smart technology hai jo humare expensive aur jaruri saaman ko secure kar sakte hai, toh kyu na unka benefit liya jaye. Asort aapke wishlist ko pura karne ke liye aur aapke safety ke liye kuch aisi device lekar aaya hai jo convenient hone ke saath-saath aapko safety provide karti hai. 

Har smart device ko purchase karne par aapko milenge asort points jo aap aapne monthly earning mein kar sakte hai avail matlab safety ke saath ab aapko mileaga double benefit! 

The wait is finally over. The new brand AMIIGA is live now on, Check out the amazing collection of AMIIGA because it’s inspired by you & for you. It’s all about you.

                                                                AMIIGA IS YOU!

As the word speaks for itself, which means ‘a female friend’ in Spanish, started with a belief that AMIIGA would be the best girlfriend every girl seeks to have. True to the name, AMIIGA continuously strives to achieve purity through the premium fabrics, trendy designs and ethical business practices and maintains the friendship by keeping your style game up. 

We totally embrace the fact that every woman is unique in her own way and thus, you should express like one.

Summer has officially begun already! The ladies might have their own wardrobe choices ready.  But men, are you ready and equipped to smile through the blazing Indian summer sun?

If you haven’t thought about it specifically, we recommend picking from the Asort men summer syle line made up of good old cotton.

Wondering, why cotton!? 

Well, we have more than one reason to go with cotton as cotton has good absorbency along with excellent durability which makes it one of the most comfortable fabrics, especially for summer. Additionally, cotton is easier to wash which makes it low maintenance.

As an Ifazone distributor you are selling our products par kya kabhi socha hai ki jo bechte ho vo banta kaise hai!? The process of crafting one piece of clothing from the very scratch is really hard!

Believe me, its is as hard as Simran asking her dad for going on a Europe trip !

From the idea of what to produce to bulk delivery, the whole process requires several crucial steps and bhut sari mehnat!

It’s a fact that men’s imaginations, more so than women’s, are inclined towards a love of science fiction. Star Wars, X Men, and Star Trek are just 3 among a number of popular global movie franchises that are driven by a loyal viewership of legions of mostly male audiences. Furthermore James Bond is a male icon in no small part thanks to the wonderful array of cars and gadgets he always has at his disposal. Even young boys well before their teenage years have a natural attraction towards gadgets whether such gadgets be cars, bikes, mobiles, or computers. It would seem that a love of gadgets is in men’s DNA and just because we grow up, it doesn’t mean we outgrow our love of gadgets. Our love of Sci-fi, aside from the masterful storytelling, also reflects our love of technology and of novel gadgets.

As young men, our eyes wander to the newest bikes, cars, and smartphones. There is a reason that newer gadgets continue to be made to higher and higher specifications; hordes of men are waiting in the wings to get their hands on the fastest, sleekest, and meanest gadgets out there. We thought that it was time for us to create our own list of the must-have gadgets a young man should endeavour to have in his grown-up toy box. So without further adieu…

 1. Drones

Mom Look, I Can Fly

Many Indian boys when they were young dreamt of becoming pilots. Even as adults we often gaze with admiration at aviators. It’s no coincidence that the first plane that ever flew did so in front of an audience of hundreds of men who had all gathered to see the first flying machine go airborne for themselves. While aviators grow weary of the novelty of flying soon after they have rested into their tiresome jobs, men who own drones can come close to experiencing the magic of flight at their leisure. Navigating your own drone in the company of friends is a great way to spend time together. Today there are a number of clubs across the world in which men, young and slightly older, race their drones through obstacle courses. What’s more the latest drones come with HD cameras attached to the body of the drone allowing you to record and enjoy the flight of your drone in real time. A drone looks great in any man’s toy box.

2. A Smart Watch/Band

Good Looks and High Functionality Wrapped Around Your Wrist

It’s no surprise that following the success of smartphones, tech visionaries created smartwatches as the next must-have toy for both men and women. We’re not saying that the tech industry has put the spotlight only on smartwatches, instead of tech gurus will continue to make everyday things smarter and smarter, but the watch was certainly the big next step. Smartwatches offer smart features that are possible only on a wearable device. Because people wear smartwatches on their hand, smartwatches come with features that allow users to track their daily physical activity and check their vital functions such as blood pressure and heartbeat as well. What makes smartwatches so great is that they won’t necessarily burn a hole in your pocket. We think its safe to say that much of the technology available off the shelves today puts a lot that stemmed from the imagination of the science fiction writers of the 1950’s and 60’ to shame.

3. Solar Power Charging Unit

Keep A Solar Charging Unit Handy So That A Sunny Day Needn’t Grow Cloudy

How great is this? A charging unit that is able to charge your phone using solar power! This is one of those inventions that may make men think “no I don’t want to add another gadget to help me better manage an existing gadget”. Really? When you’re out of charging options you won’t believe how useful a solar-powered charging unit will be. We already know of many men who at times are reduced to planning their schedules based on how much battery power their smartphones have, so just imagine being able to go anywhere and not worry about your phone running low on juice. Just pop out your charging unit and let light and nature do the rest. Need we say more.

4. Electric Beard and Head Trimmer

It Takes One Extra Gadget To Look Extra Special

Being a man is far more than just having a hefty bank account or a wonderful array of toys at your disposal. All the toys a man owns amount to nothing if he himself looks a mess. This is why an electric beard and head trimmer is an essential must-have gadget today. It looks great and makes you look great too. Being able to trim your beard or hair to any length you like, anytime you like, is desirable for most if not all men. Looking good first begins with creating a wholesome and attractive appearance which can be improved with an attractive beard or hairstyle. Buy an electric beard and head trimmer to get the right amount of stubble on your face when needed or the right length of hair when required. This is a must-have for young men who want to complement their wardrobe with the right hairstyle and beard. Happy trimmings.

Above is a list of a small sample of gadgets that are not only great toys but that can let you have fun, make look your best, and help you monitor your health. This list is by no means exhaustive because hundreds of new gadgets are released each year globally not to mention the endless number of apps launched each year for smartwatches alone. Hence to us, this is a list of those particular gadgets that are useful for most Indian men to have or which they can aspire to own soon.

So go ahead, envision the possibility of you amongst friends participating in a drone race with just the right amount of stubble covering your face with a smartwatch on your wrist while your smartphone lies beside you being charged from energy created by the sun. A great time? Most certainly.

Until we meet again dear readers within different arrangements of black, white, and colour.

“Excited? So You Should Be. Why? Because Mr. Huffman is ready for you now.”

Over the past several months we have worked diligently, and recently contemplated how, when the time came, we would introduce Mr Huffman for premium menswear clothing range. Today, we’re ready. We want you to know that what began as an effort to bring to our partners the highest quality high-end fashion wear has reached fruition. We’ve successfully created the newest and greatest line of high-quality apparel, footwear, and accessories. Truly.

Our Labor of Love

Nearly a year ago we envisioned creating an exclusive men’s apparel label that would meet or surpass in quality the best sold in the Indian market. Mr Huffman is the culmination of an endeavour which since its inception harnessed the efforts of the best designers working tens of thousands of hours to create apparel, accessories, and footwear that meet our exacting standards. To say that we take pride in each Mr Huffman fashion wear, would be a mild understatement. Saying that we nurture every Mr Huffman article thru design to its manufacture is nearer to the truth.

We’re Not Saying We’re Fashion Visionaries, We Are

What began as a but vision in the minds of great designers has been actualized today. Our vision had been to create the highest quality apparel for consumers who could differentiate great garments from exceptional ones. The Mr Huffman line of fashion wear is manufactured with an ambition to set trends, not follow them. Well styled and superb quality oxford shirts, men sunglasses, sneakers, ties, and blazers are available for sale under the Mr Huffman label. By designing every Mr Huffman garment in the most cutting-edge styling, we ensure that each garment that carries the Mr Huffman label is leading the pack among exclusive and fashionable fashion labels.

Exclusivity is Mr Huffman’s Cornerstone

Our efforts which culminated in the successful launch of the Mr Huffman fashion label were from inception geared towards creating the next exclusive menswear apparel brand. Thanks to the effort of our talented team and our partners, the upmarket Indian fashion wear segment will never be quite as it was in years past. With the successful launch of Mr Huffman, we will disrupt with tailored precision the men’s high-end fashion wear segment across India. Mr Huffman gives Indian men, regardless of where in India they live, the opportunity to wear stylish cutting edge fashion wear of a quality equal to or surpassing that of other premium brands in India.

A Label To Separate Top Men From The Also Ran

Only The Deserving Deserve To Look Their Best

The Mr. Huffman label has been created to give back to the deserving and excellent a unique signature that no other label can come near to imitating. Many already know that over the past twenty-five years sweeping changes, unlike any witnessed for centuries, have rippled across the world. Among the most visible of these is the dramatically lower cost to manufacture virtually any kind of product. Thus, the low cost of manufacturing fashion apparel has led to the ownership of relatively high-quality garments among individuals of limited success. However, with the introduction of the Mr. Huffman label, we have succeeded in giving top men the credit they deserve by creating an exclusive brand that flaunts their unique, privileged, and well-earned status in society.

Thankfully very few brands can match the styling or quality of Mr. Huffman garments, footwear, and accessories hence ensuring that those fortunate enough to have the means to wear a Mr. Huffman garment appear unique at all times. Mr. Huffman has been so created deliberately as our goal was to craft an unequaled premium brand for sophisticated buyers. Admirably, we succeeded in this.

The Path Before Us

Some would find the successful introduction of an upmarket brand an accomplishment that offers reasons to enjoy leisure, not us. Resting on one’s laurels dims the opportunities that lie ahead and we endeavor to grow and prosper in the future as we have done in the past. Despite the introduction of our latest label, we believe that before us still lie important challenges, surmounting which will open a sea of opportunities. For instance, the importance of our partners in bringing Mr. Huffman to the attention of a wider audience is immeasurable. We, alongside our partners, by overcoming many such foreseen or unforeseen challenges, expect to continue on our upward trajectory of creating high-end fashion for women and men while benefiting all those who continue to have faith in and partner with us.