One commonly heard expression concerning music is “what can’t be spoken is sung”, how true since most of us would never simply speak the words to our favorite songs as though we were having a conversation with ourselves. All of us have a favorite song and a favorite artist whose latest release we eagerly anticipate listening to. The language of music has varied dialects ranging from Pop, Rock, Techno, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and Hip Hop just to name a few that are among some popular genres. For young lovers of music everywhere nothing celebrates the spirit of music better than music festivals where one has the privilege to listen to one’s favorite artist in person.

1. Bacardi NH7 Weekender

One of the most exciting upcoming music festivals is the Bacardi NH7 Weekender being held in Jaipur. This music festival has a reputation for bringing some of the strongest artistic talents from within India. The EDM artist Nucleya will be present in Jaipur on November 12th to mesmerize audiences with his hypnotic tunes. Another popular band called ‘The Local Train’ will be there as well. People enjoy listening to this band because it is easy and melodious to listen to and has catchy tunes they like to hum. Other artists, that might excite you about the NH7 Weekender this November are Ritviz, whom some of you may know is a DJ, singer, and dance music producer all rolled into one. Ritviz’s music attracts the audience because it has an eastern tinge with a heavy base. He’ll be an excellent complement to the other artists who will be in Jaipur within a few short weeks. The NH7 Weekender music festival will be held in Lebua Resort in Jaipur which is on Agra Road and Tehsil Ballapura, Jamdoli in Rajasthan. The best thing about this fest is that, you can enjoy all these with tickets just for 639 INR. The festival begins at 4:30 in the afternoon. Visitors simply must stay for the entire show as besides the musicians mentioned, there are a number of other top acts and in the past, the NH7 Weekender Festival has also had entertaining performances such as stand up, dance, and theatre. This year in Jaipur may be no exception.

2. Sunburn

If you are one among many who simply love Electronic Dance Music, then your Mecca is definitely the upcoming Sunburn Arena. In the past Sunburn festivals, lineups have consisted of artists such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, and Hardwell. From personal experience, this is the music festival for lovers of electronic and particularly of electronic dance music. The lineup this November in New Delhi on the 25th has one of the most popular DJ’s, KYGO who blew listeners away with his ‘I See Fire’ remix and made them a devout fan with Firestone. While the timing of this event has been fixed between 5 pm to 10 pm, the location is yet to be revealed. The event is being organized by Percept Live and tickets can be purchased online starting from 1997 INR for Early Bird Silver tickets and 2995 INR for Early Bird Platinum tickets. The premium Early Bird VIP tickets for this event are priced a nudge above 5K. These ticket prices may seem steep but the dance atmosphere at the event clubbed with the opportunity to dance to tunes by one of the best DJ’s in the world may make them worthwhile to many.

3. Magnetic Feilds

Last and certainly not the least, the music festival that most has been eagerly looking forward to, is the Magnetic Fields Festival scheduled from 15th to 17th of December this year in Alsisar Rajasthan. Why this festival is the one people most look forward to is simply because of the large variety of artists scheduled to perform on stage. One of the music lover’s  absolute favorite delights is DJ Four Tet who is scheduled to perform here as is drummer Jivraj Singh who is a part of the Calcutta indie music duo of Parekh and Singh. While Four Tet’s music repertoire is EDM and Jivraj Singh is a beat poet (drummer), the chance to listen to Four Tet and Jivraj’s beats in one music festival is well worth the approximated 10k minimum ticket price. For all the camp lovers out there, you will also get the chance to camp out in tents for the three-day Magnetic Fields Festival if you wish. Others who can’t give up the comfort of a mattress and air conditioning and who have a larger budget may decide to stay in Bedouin Tents or a Royal Palace. The living accommodations at the Magnetic Fields Music Festival are one of the most exciting features of this music festival.


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