As an Ifazone distributor you are selling our products par kya kabhi socha hai ki jo bechte ho vo banta kaise hai!? The process of crafting one piece of clothing from the very scratch is really hard!

Believe me, its is as hard as Simran asking her dad for going on a Europe trip !

From the idea of what to produce to bulk delivery, the whole process requires several crucial steps and bhut sari mehnat!

It’s only after this entire process is complete that you get a product which looks like this on your Instagram feed 👇

1. Forecast and research

Research of material and latest trends is an important step. Especially when it comes to a garment, from the type of fit and silhouette to details and colors, a blueprint is always required.

 2. What an Idea Sirji?

Everything starts with a thought: we assemble motivation from conceptualizing and encountering the seasons, and from scanning for the best reusable material.

Once that is done then we get to the next step.

 3. Buying Plan is the plan

This stage involves the planning of SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) as per the color. The buying plan is bifurcated into colors since categories are generally bifurcated.

4. Preparing the Techpack

techpack Ifazone product design
This is the example of a techpack for a pair of jeans. We create techpacks for every single product on our site

In this stage we are ready to make the actual designs. The sketching phase begins with techpack with the brief detailing of particular measurements and specifications based on product categories.

5. Sample Please 

After giving the directions to the producer and discussing the price, we ask for pre-production sampling of the product.

We typically collect samples from multiple vendors in order to get a wide choice of designs and the best prices.

6. Range Presentation followed by an evening tea break

Range Presentation
This is how the Range Presentation of the samples looks like!

Once we get the pre-production samples, it’s time for the range presentation.

In this presentation, we have everyone on the product and the design team who will pick and choose the final lineup of products that we will be ultimately featuring on our website.

 7. Proto Handling for Products

The production place receives fabric, trim, technical worksheets and patterns. A second fitting is done to make sure that the designs fits with the fabric and all fits with the wanted expression.

8. MoU gets signed

Once everything is finalized, the next step is to define the product line to the producer and make it legitimate with a MoU.

9. Order is placed

After checking durability, expression, certifications, prices and delivery times, we finally issue the P.O (Purchase Order) to our vendors.

Once the P.O is issued, the action shifts to the factory.

10. Inspection, 1 nahi 3 bar

During the manufacturing process, we run three levels of inspection in the initial stage of production, the midline and finally at the last stage.

In this phase we do two types of testing-

  • FPT (Fabric Performance Test) done across all colors.
  •  GPT (Garment Performance Test) to test for shrinkage, wearability ,strength etc.

11. Photo Shoot kyuki Camera par bhi acha lagna chahiye!

Once we get the required products, we get our photo shoots done so that we can include the pics in our catalogue and upload them on our website.

12. Bulk Deliveries – Apna maal apne paas!

Once everything goes as per the plan the bulk delivery of lovely garment is ready to arrive at our warehouse . Our warehouse team will use the P.O. order to make sure that the vendor has completed the order before signing off on the entire process.


This entire process takes almost 55 to 60 days, from ideation to delivery.

Out of these 60 days, 20-25 days go in samplings and in the pre-production stage.

The actual production process in the factory takes about 25 days, and 2-3 days are taken for testing.


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