There is no stress in this century that a nice glass of drink can’t fix.  Whether it be a celebration or a nice quiet evening out, a few sips out of a nicely mixed drink gives you just the right amount of push to have a wonderful time ahead. With all the inventions wandering around us, you will be surprised how people have also invented so many ways to mix a drink. It is quite fascinating how people can make a few ounces of mix and match drink so tasty.

Why don’t you try some of those in your next boy’s night out? Or plan a house party for all the success you’ve been achieving all these years and you didn’t even realize it. Raise a toast with your best of Men and pump up the evening with some of the manliest drinks you’ll ever taste.

Cocktails don’t always mean a pink drink in a martini glass and tiny piece of fruit hanging out in the corner. There are some drinks that take a real man to handle its repercussions.

1. The Glenvilet

Glenlivet single malt whiskey, the name itself creates the aura of class that a gentleman carries within himself. The best of cocktails are made even more heavenly with just a few ounces of the Glenlivet. Try mixing the drink with a few ounces of Carpano Antica Formula. It is basically a mixture of some very old white wine and some few plants and herbs along with some vanilla extracts, processed together for 24 hours. When Glenlivet is mixed with this Antica Formula along with some orange and aromatic bitters, it is bound to satisfy your taste buds to your full satisfaction.

2. Jagermeister 

Produced with the mixture of 56 different ingredients, the Jagermeister has created sensations among all the youngsters around the world. Interesting fact about this drink is that it was first invented in a vinegar factory which later transformed into a factory of this fascinating alcohol. Even though this drink can be tried in many different ways, the most popular one is “Jager-bomb“. If you are a shot loving person then you’ll definitely love this one. Pour a few ounces of red bull into a nice beer mug and then pour a few ml of Jagermeister into a tiny shot glass. Just before getting ready to dip into the drink, drop the shot inside the glass filled with Redbull and quickly chug it without wasting a second. The next thing you know, you wouldn’t want them to stop coming.

3. Black Label 

Black Label is known to be one of the finest blends of Johnnie Walker. With the blend of 40 whiskies, out of which 35 are single malts and 5 other twelve-year-old grain whiskies. Usually, there is no need for any kind of mixtures to this drink. Just a few ounces of the drink on the rocks and you will feel the smoothness caressing your throat as it passes through. However, you can try sipping in “The Hot Toddy“, after a long stressful day and you will definitely get a bit of a relaxation. Pinch in 2-star cloves into 2 thin sliced lemon pieces and put it in the bottom of the glass. Pour around 50 ml of black label into the glass, add a spoon of lemon juice and a spoon of honey. Finish it by pouring warm water to the drink and a cinnamon stick to garnish it. Stir it well and go for a sip. It will help you with your body aches and the winter breeze. Just make sure not to make a habit out of it.

4. Hendricks

With the mixture of Bulgarian Rose and cucumber, this drink will give you the flavour of freshness with a sweet aroma. Even though people have gradually stopped opting for Gin nowadays, a few sips of Hendricks will make you wonder why though. Make the Gin a bit stronger and try “The Ruby Ruby“. Mix a few ounces of Hendricks with .5 ounce of absolute vodka and a small amount of Lillet Rouge. Add a drop of mole bitters which specializes in ingredients like roasted cacao beans, cinnamon stick, dried oregano leaves and many other interesting ingredients. Try a sip of this cocktail and you will feel your taste buds mesmerized.

5. Ciroc

This ultra premier vodka made from the finest of French grapes individualizes itself by producing gluten-free vodka, unlike the majority of other vodkas. It also comes with a wide range of flavours inheriting almost every fruit that might be your favourite. Usually, men do not prefer vodka as much as women but if you are one then you must try one of the cocktail creation known as the Hot Mama“. Go for the coconut flavoured Ciroc with a few ounces of watermelon and lime juice. Add a bit of simple syrup and spice it up with a slice of Jalapeno. Satisfy your manly buds with this amazing cocktail and enjoy the evening.

Here’s all for your next planned party. Celebrate a wonderful evening with your friends and do let us know which one made it up to your favourite’s list. We’ll come back with more interesting blogs for you. Until then stay hooked!



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