Whether one is young and single or slightly older with a family the one thing each enjoys is a great party. Granted, the young party differently than do those who have families, yet being among intimate friends and family is a sure recipe for a good time regardless of one’s age. What’s even more exciting is that the parties celebrating New Year’s Eve are grander, wilder, and more lavish than are parties at any other time of the year. Therefore without further adieu we’d like to familiarize you with some of the most exciting spots to party in these next few days.


We’re sure you saw this coming. Goa is famous across the world for its legendary parties, particularly during New Years. It’s probable that our young readers have already been to Goa or have friends and family who have visited this popular party destination. In India, there is a something akin to a nation mythology associated with spending New Year’s Eve in Goa. Aside from beautiful beaches such as Calangute, Baga, and Candolim, the temperate weather in Goa at a time when the northern part of India is very cold is an additional reason for those from Northern India to spend New Year’s Eve here. The proximity to the Arabian Sea and a large number of foreign party goers means that partying in Goa opens up vistas of possibility that are impossible in many other parts of India.

Expand Your Consciousness at a Goa Rave this New Year

New Delhi

While Goa may be the ideal party destination for the young and those young at heart, New Delhi is a party destination that offers something for everyone. A large number of nightclubs in New Delhi have attractive New Year’s packages that for a fixed amount of money paid up front, offer an unending supply of alcoholic beverages, snacks, and a buffet as the main course. Needless to say, guests who attend are expected to dance before and after the clock strikes midnight. Another attractive reason to bring in the New Year in New Delhi is the cold weather which to many of us seems the most familiar when welcoming a new year. Notably, for those with families, New Delhi has much variety to offer as many clubs and hotels are ideal and exclusive venues for families to spend New Years.

Action in New Delhi Night Clubs Begins Slow Reaching a Feverish Climax at Midnight


During the weekdays Mumbai is the financial capital of India, yet on the weekends it also rules as the countries party capital. And as the Sensex and Nifty are scaling new heights this December the party scene in Mumbai will likely follow suit. Remember, no region in India can compete with Mumbai as a year around party hub. When compared to the nightclubs in Mumbai, those in other regions of India seem tame and inexpensive. What’s equally exhilarating is that Mumbai is the most cosmopolitan city in India in which partygoers of all ages and from all corners of the world throng. If possible, try to have yourself invited to a New Years house party in Mumbai because it will allow you to talk to many other guests and gain insight into a different and more nuanced culture. In case you arrive in Mumbai for New Years without anything on your itinerary just visit Juhu Beach or Marine Drive and take in the palpable party atmosphere of this huge city.

Live Wild and Free by Visiting Juhu Beach and Marine Drive this New Year’s Eve


If your idea of New Year’s means freezing cold, snow, and a psychedelic rush then spending the close of this year in Manali has no equal. Like Goa, Manali has a reputation among the young and reckless that is intertwined with legend, reality, and myth. Many people travel to Manali on New Years only to take in the sights of this hill station. There is an abundance of resorts in Manali that offer visitors exciting activities to partake in. Activities such as cycling through the Rohtang Pass and paragliding are huge favourites of many visitors. Old Manali offers easy access to an international band of backpackers who remained in Manali exclusively to party. To see unique sights and smells one may chose to spend time in old Manali and taste exotic foods from other regions of the world or attend a large psychedelic rave. The cold weather, rich snow, large evergreen trees, and gigantic mountains give Manali a surreal ambience at this time of the year.

Majestic Scenery in Manali Will Overwhelm Visitors This New Years


We’ve shared four attractive locales where you may spend this New Years, but the great thing about New Years is that it comes every year and though you may miss out on an exciting party at a location to which you haven’t travelled this year, you’re free to go there next New Years. And while it may be difficult choosing between different locales in which to welcome 2018, taking the step to spend New Year’s Eve in a different city is the first step to making many more similar travel decisions in the future. And you can count on us to supply you details of the most worthwhile locations in which you can ring in every New Year.


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