Our early to mid-twenties is a time in our lives when we can choose to live with careless abandon doing our best to stave off boredom and move from one distraction to another, but simultaneously it can be a time when we work towards a bright future and our long-term financial well-being and success. From the fashion industry to online selling, there is a list of all the possibilities one can consider and do big in future.

Most of us young people are anxious about our chosen careers, for instance, we wonder if the work we are doing will reward us financially in the years to come. Many of us very likely have commitments towards family members that require that we have a steady source of income or we may feel the need to make worthwhile investments to secure our future and our loved one’s future. It seems that not a day goes by when we don’t hear about the tremendous success a young person has attained in a particular field or industry which makes us wonder whether we are on the right path ourselves.

The good news is that if you are tied to the fashion apparel industry then the likelihood that you have a bright future ahead is great indeed. To give you an idea of the size and scope of this industry I’m going to acquaint you with some mind-boggling numbers. Consider that the size of the entire retail industry in India is $600 billion dollars, or approximately 39.00 lakh crore rupees out of which the share of the apparel industry is 8 per cent or approximately $50 billion dollars or 3.12 lakh crore rupees. The sum of 3.12 lakh crore rupees is a very large sum of money indeed, to get an idea how large consider that the most expensive house in the world located in Mumbai was built for 5,000 crores. So the size of the fashion apparel market in India today being 3.12 lakh crore is almost 63 times greater than the cost of Mukesh Ambani’s house! What’s even more exciting is that this figure of 3.12 lakh crore rupees is the annual revenue of the retail apparel industry and is expected to grow substantially over the next 6 years as the fashion retail sector in India continues to grow in size.

For a young person eager to make a splash the fashion apparel industry is the ideal platform from which to do so. The preceding statement will ring even truer when one realizes that the tastes of Indian consumers are also greatly evolving and are different from what they were even five years ago. Young Indians increasingly wish to differentiate themselves from their peers. When not so long ago individuals from the same socioeconomic background and of a similar age dressed very similarly, today’s youth wishes to advertise their personality wearing clothing they think best expresses their unique signature. This trend is likely to continue unrestrained into the future and hence the existing market for trendy fashion apparel will expand to include the latest styles from the across the globe which we at Asort have proven ourselves to be apt at recognizing and taking advantage of.

Today retail sales are not limited to only sales over the counter but include sales via direct channels, e-tailing, and home shopping channels. Many of those today who are pressed for time love the convenience of being able to buy products online, this fact combined with Asort’s success in creating apparel that fits virtually every conceivable body type will lead to happy customers who will continue to buy fashionable apparel from our partners.

To those eager to profit financially while having fun along the way, the fashion industry offers the right mix of continuous monetary reward while working in an important and expanding fashion industry. Over the next few years, we expect to become even more deeply involved with the fashion apparel industry in the country and to leverage the opportunities presented by greater digital penetration into the smaller cities, towns, and villages in India. This is why we want to invite you and other ambitious people like you to join us on the exciting journey that lies ahead.



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