Us men of short stature are all 6’ 4” deep inside; unfortunately, our real stature isn’t visible to others at first glance. It would be wonderful though if people mistook us to be a few inches taller than we really are. Thankfully a little bit of heightening is possible wearing the right attire. We want to reveal a few secrets to men of smaller stature to aid them in creating the illusion of being taller.

1. Wear Footwear That Matches Your Trousers Color

Matching Shoes And Trousers Help Elongate the Body

This may seem nonsensical, but it’s effective in creating the illusion of greater height. When there is little contrast between the color of one’s trousers and our footwear, it creates a visual effect that makes the legs seem longer than they actually are. So when you wear black trousers, try pairing them with a pair of black or dark colored shoes.

Remember when your legs seem longer, it makes you appear taller, so don’t wear high top shoes that hide your ankle, instead wear shoes that are low top because they show more of your ankle making you look taller.

Also, round-headed or square headed shoes make the legs seem shorter whereas shoes that have a pointed front make your legs seem longer. So opt to wear shoes that have a pointed front or head if you want to appear taller.

2. Accessorize Smartly To Appear Taller

The Right Accessories Appear to Add Inches On a Man’s Frame

Every good personality development program will tell you that the color of your socks should closely match the color of your trousers. One of the best reasons to follow this advice is that if your socks match closely with your pair of men trousers it helps make you look taller.

A technique behind looking taller has to do with creating an appearance that is similar from top to bottom. This means that you should

  • Avoid wearing bright or patterned socks because they add attention to one particular region of your body and make you seem “split” into two halves.
  • Try to draw people’s attention towards your face by wearing attractive headgear such as caps.
  • If like many Indian men you love wearing a belt, you can wear one to your advantage. Try to wear a men’s belt that is thin because, as mentioned earlier, you don’t want to seem split in two which tends to happen when one wears wide belts.
  • If possible at times go without even wearing a belt or opt to wear suspenders instead.

3. How Trousers Can Help Look Taller

Wear Trousers Higher On Your Waist To Make Your Legs Look Longer

When you’re reaching for the stars, never wear low rise trousers.  The simple reason for this is that when you tuck a shirt into a low rise trouser, your upper body looks longer and your legs appear shorter, making your overall appearance shorter.  Try to wear only mid to high rise trousers and pants.

Also please make sure your trousers don’t bunch up together at your feet, this makes your feet look shorter. Only a minimal volume of your pants fabric should cover your shoe.

4. How to Wear Shirts to Appear Taller

Show Less Sleeve, Wear Shirts with Vertical Stripes, and Wear Shirts That Hug Your Chest

Many men reading this should know that vertical stripes on your shirt give the appearance of additional height while horizontal stripes make one look shorter.

Also what you should know is that by correctly pairing your formal shirt with a blazer or suit you can make yourself seem taller. For instance, if you show ¼’ of the sleeve of your shirt under men’s coat & blazer it will make your arms (and as a result you) appear taller. If on the other hand, you were to show ½’ or ¾’ of your shirts sleeve your arms would appear shorter, as would you.

Another way to appear taller is by wearing a shirt that hugs the chest; this makes your torso appear thinner and you look taller.

5. Finally, a No Brainer

Avoid Wearing These If You’re Short

At all cost, avoid wearing baggy clothes if you want to create the appearance of extra height. Baggy clothes make your feet look short and as a result, you appear shorter than you actually are.

This concludes today’s fashion update fashion aficionados, stay tuned for our next article where we reveal more secrets to make you look more fab than you already do.

Looking good has a lot to do with what you wear. No one would agree more with this statement than us. However, well-fitting clothes look even better on a well sculpted or in shape body. Just imagine how much better you could look with a muscular torso and arms to complement your high-quality shirt. It’s not too difficult to attain such a look, you’ll find below a guide to using techniques that will start your journey towards a better physique and looking your best.

1. The Barbell Curl 

Need We Say More

This straight barbell curl is the easiest way to increase the size of your biceps. If you’re a man and have never even set foot inside a gym, you’re still probably familiar with this exercise. To perform this exercise, simply hold a large barbell with your hands and pull it up using only the muscle on your arms. Remember to keep your elbows in front of your hips the entire time you do this exercise and don’t jerk your back when you lift the barbell. If you are unable to lift the barbell smoothly while doing this exercise, you may need to reduce the weight on the barbell.

2. E-Z Bar Biceps Curl

The Ripped EZ Bar Is The Way To A Ripped Physique

The E-Z Bar Biceps Curl will supplement the barbell curl and help your arms look their best. Using this bar will help you shape your outer biceps. To do this exercise right, you should hold the bar making sure that your elbows are in front of your hips and your knees are slightly bent. Remember to breathe out when you pull the weight up and breathe in when you lower the weight.

3. Alternating Dumbbell Curl 

If Wishes Came True, Most Men Would Look Like This

Many of you are probably already familiar with this exercise having seen it on TV or in a movie. To do this exercise, you should hold a dumbbell in each hand. The weights on both dumbbells should be facing the same direction, they should not be held sideways. You should bend your knees slightly and keep your head straight. Once again you will always keep your elbows in front of your hips when you perform this exercise.  Pull the dumbbell curl up one at a time using your arm to sculpt a great pair of biceps.

If you continue to perform these exercises religiously, you will see a difference in the size of your biceps with a few weeks. Remember to maintain a nutritious diet while you regularly do these exercises. If you spend one rigorous hour each day in the gym, try to have at least 8 egg whites every day to get the best results. See you guys soon in our next article.

We, men, are a funny bunch, we moan about how much time women spend grooming and in general, upkeep, while we spend hours in the gym and nearly half as much time in making our hair just right. No matter where we are heading looking sharp is what every guy look forward to. From a stylish pair of men’s formal shoes for a date to business suits for important meetings, everything counts. While the gym often keeps many of us men who are in our early twenties busy, the volume and quality of our hair demand our attention for almost a lifetime. Hence men’s hair care products have a large and bustling market in the cities, towns, and villages in India. Gone are the days when young men simply oiled their hair in an attempt to look their best, today young people as young as 13 debate the merits of using gel over hairspray or pomade over wax and the merits and drawbacks of each of these products to one another.

Although no one can tell just by using the written word which hair care product is ideal for each reader, we can offer a general guide to our readers concerning which hair care product is well suited for them and how such a product should be used. Below you will find our guide to the different variety of hair care products and how to best use each.

1. Hair Spray

It’s not just for women. Men can also greatly benefit from applying hairspray. What hairspray does is add support and hold to your hair. Hairsprays have been around for decades and over this time have evolved to be less reliant on chemicals to do their magic. Yet, even so, they contain certain chemicals that can cause some users to have headaches. There is a variety of hairsprays in the market and the best among them can prevent your hair from looking like a birds nest and make hair that is thin look thicker and simply more, well… there. A good quality hairspray should make your hair remain in its place all day long. We want to offer a simple suggestion for someone who is considering opting to use hairspray, hairspray may dry out your hair so try to use less of it and when you do use it, also use a shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes your hair. Ask your hair stylist about the hairspray brand he or she believes is best for your hair.

2. Gel

One, Two, Gel… Magic

The grooming industry is one of the biggest on the planet and this is good news for us men because the end result for us is a better hair care gel. Hair care gels have evolved over the past few decades and today your hairstylist will most likely recommend to you a water-based hair gel. Such newer gels allow you (or anyone else) to gently touch hair that has been styled by gel without disrupting the styled hair. One of the best things about the newest gels is that they hydrate the roots of the hair on which they have been applied and do not cause dandruff. Such newer gels also prevent hair from becoming sticky. The best way to use hair gel is by applying only as much as the size of a one rupee coin for long hair and half as much for hair that is short. Take the gel and rub it into your hair from the back to the front and make sure every part of the hair on your head gets an equal quantity of the gel. Then style your hair into spikes or part it.

3. Pomade

Nothing Shows A Man’s Maturity Better Than Pomade Styled Hair


Many say that pomade comes into use when a man has put aside childish things. Pomade is a wax and the great thing about it is that it is perfect to use regardless of one’s hair type. This means that whether you have thin hair or voluminous hair, pomade wax is for you. When you want your hair to look neat, shiny, and slick, its pomade to your rescue. One of the best things about pomade is that makes hair shiny and also nourishes the hair. Pomade is different from a gel in that pomade is used to create a hairstyle that is slick and neat while a gel is used to spike hair or to push hair to the front of the face. The best time to use pomade is when your hair is wet or slightly damp because then pomade can be applied evenly to all the hair on your head. If you are using a thick pomade then, while pomade is still in your palm, you can use a blow dryer to make the pomade softer. We feel a warning concerning pomade is in order as when you use a little pomade more than necessary while styling, your hair may weaken, therefore it is important to not use a larger quantity of pomade than needed. Because, unlike gel, pomade is not very easy to remove it is important to apply a lesser amount of it to style your hair. When you do want to remove it use a shampoo that has biological nutrients and exfoliators.

4. Wax

For Some Men, All It Takes Wax To Go From Drab To Fab

The last and most different contender on our list of hair care products is hair wax. While the other 3 types of hair care products we have told you about are meant for keeping hair styled throughout the day, a wax is different because it just keeps your hair neat and sleek. Wax also does not make your hair hard as gels do after they have been applied to your hair, this means that throughout your day if you so choose, you can restyle your hair. To use hair wax, first pick a small quantity (as much as half a fingertip) and then, because wax is a hard product, rub it between your hands to warm it up. Afterwards use the wax on the surface of your hair by brushing it on your hair’s surface, don’t put your hands between your hair, yet. Once the wax has been placed on the surface of your hair, get ready to style your hair using your hands. Once you’ve styled your hair if you find a strand or two of your hair out of place, use a tiny amount of wax to style it back in place. Additionally, now you can also use hairspray to complete your preferred hairstyle. Viola, you now have your perfect hairstyle.

Well, this is what we have to share with you this week about the most popular variety of hair care products and how best to use each. We know that once you start to actually use these products (if you’re not doing so already) you will figure out the “recipe” that works best for you. Of course, the grooming secrets we have shared won’t eat away any extra time from your schedule because, despite the extra time you take to look your best, you will still likely be kept looking repeatedly at your watch waiting for the women in your life to be dressed and ready while you already are.

It’s a fact that men’s imaginations, more so than women’s, are inclined towards a love of science fiction. Star Wars, X Men, and Star Trek are just 3 among a number of popular global movie franchises that are driven by a loyal viewership of legions of mostly male audiences. Furthermore James Bond is a male icon in no small part thanks to the wonderful array of cars and gadgets he always has at his disposal. Even young boys well before their teenage years have a natural attraction towards gadgets whether such gadgets be cars, bikes, mobiles, or computers. It would seem that a love of gadgets is in men’s DNA and just because we grow up, it doesn’t mean we outgrow our love of gadgets. Our love of Sci-fi, aside from the masterful storytelling, also reflects our love of technology and of novel gadgets.

As young men, our eyes wander to the newest bikes, cars, and smartphones. There is a reason that newer gadgets continue to be made to higher and higher specifications; hordes of men are waiting in the wings to get their hands on the fastest, sleekest, and meanest gadgets out there. We thought that it was time for us to create our own list of the must-have gadgets a young man should endeavour to have in his grown-up toy box. So without further adieu…

 1. Drones

Mom Look, I Can Fly

Many Indian boys when they were young dreamt of becoming pilots. Even as adults we often gaze with admiration at aviators. It’s no coincidence that the first plane that ever flew did so in front of an audience of hundreds of men who had all gathered to see the first flying machine go airborne for themselves. While aviators grow weary of the novelty of flying soon after they have rested into their tiresome jobs, men who own drones can come close to experiencing the magic of flight at their leisure. Navigating your own drone in the company of friends is a great way to spend time together. Today there are a number of clubs across the world in which men, young and slightly older, race their drones through obstacle courses. What’s more the latest drones come with HD cameras attached to the body of the drone allowing you to record and enjoy the flight of your drone in real time. A drone looks great in any man’s toy box.

2. A Smart Watch/Band

Good Looks and High Functionality Wrapped Around Your Wrist

It’s no surprise that following the success of smartphones, tech visionaries created smartwatches as the next must-have toy for both men and women. We’re not saying that the tech industry has put the spotlight only on smartwatches, instead of tech gurus will continue to make everyday things smarter and smarter, but the watch was certainly the big next step. Smartwatches offer smart features that are possible only on a wearable device. Because people wear smartwatches on their hand, smartwatches come with features that allow users to track their daily physical activity and check their vital functions such as blood pressure and heartbeat as well. What makes smartwatches so great is that they won’t necessarily burn a hole in your pocket. We think its safe to say that much of the technology available off the shelves today puts a lot that stemmed from the imagination of the science fiction writers of the 1950’s and 60’ to shame.

3. Solar Power Charging Unit

Keep A Solar Charging Unit Handy So That A Sunny Day Needn’t Grow Cloudy

How great is this? A charging unit that is able to charge your phone using solar power! This is one of those inventions that may make men think “no I don’t want to add another gadget to help me better manage an existing gadget”. Really? When you’re out of charging options you won’t believe how useful a solar-powered charging unit will be. We already know of many men who at times are reduced to planning their schedules based on how much battery power their smartphones have, so just imagine being able to go anywhere and not worry about your phone running low on juice. Just pop out your charging unit and let light and nature do the rest. Need we say more.

4. Electric Beard and Head Trimmer

It Takes One Extra Gadget To Look Extra Special

Being a man is far more than just having a hefty bank account or a wonderful array of toys at your disposal. All the toys a man owns amount to nothing if he himself looks a mess. This is why an electric beard and head trimmer is an essential must-have gadget today. It looks great and makes you look great too. Being able to trim your beard or hair to any length you like, anytime you like, is desirable for most if not all men. Looking good first begins with creating a wholesome and attractive appearance which can be improved with an attractive beard or hairstyle. Buy an electric beard and head trimmer to get the right amount of stubble on your face when needed or the right length of hair when required. This is a must-have for young men who want to complement their wardrobe with the right hairstyle and beard. Happy trimmings.

Above is a list of a small sample of gadgets that are not only great toys but that can let you have fun, make look your best, and help you monitor your health. This list is by no means exhaustive because hundreds of new gadgets are released each year globally not to mention the endless number of apps launched each year for smartwatches alone. Hence to us, this is a list of those particular gadgets that are useful for most Indian men to have or which they can aspire to own soon.

So go ahead, envision the possibility of you amongst friends participating in a drone race with just the right amount of stubble covering your face with a smartwatch on your wrist while your smartphone lies beside you being charged from energy created by the sun. A great time? Most certainly.

Until we meet again dear readers within different arrangements of black, white, and colour.

Ola trendsetters! To begin with, we want to state what’s obvious, that most of us have one, two, or even more pairs of men sneakers in our closet. They are great to play sports in or suitable to wear as dress shoes when they’re worn right. There are nearly unlimited ways to match your sneakers with the rest of your attire or to match your attire with your sneakers (when you’re a true sneaker-head that is). Most of us pay great consideration to the attire we want to wear and consider sneakers less important. However, the right sneakers when paired with the right outfit can make our persona and make us look significantly better than we would have without the right athletic footwear.

But First, Sneakers and How They Came to Be

Most shoes for men before the introduction of the sneaker had wooden soles. Sneakers, with their rubber soles, were named so because of the “ability” they bestowed on the person wearing them to “sneak” around without making a sound. Hence being able to walk stealthily led to this variety of shoe being called “Sneakers”.

Although today we take for granted that the shoe we put on our right foot is crafted so as to best fit our right foot and not the left, and of course vice versa. It may surprise you to learn that in the late 1800’s in western countries the underclass wore rubber-soled shoes called plimsolls that did not differentiate one foot from the other. Because these shoes did not differentiate wearers left or right foot, one piece could be worn on either foot. Obviously, they were not crafted with the precision that we take for granted today, a precision that differentiates the piece to be worn on the right foot from the one to be worn on the left foot and once again, vice versa.

You Wouldn’t Dare Try This Barefoot, Would You Now?

Naturally, the absence of this precision did not make for a comfortable shoe and subsequently led to the introduction of new type of shoe known as Keds that was created by the U.S. Rubber Company. Keds differentiated between wearers right and left foot and are today acknowledged as the very first mass-produced shoe worthy of being called a sneaker. From here on we may say that there was no looking back and sneakers gradually evolved and grow into what we know today to be tennis shoes, cross trainers, and basketball shoes, and also low top sneakers that look great when one’s strutting down a city street wearing skinny charcoal jeans.

Pairing the Black Sneaker

Read on to better understand how to attractively pair your black sneakers with the other high-quality apparel in your closet.

No doubt you know that black sneakers are a most versatile fashion essential that looks great with almost anything. Try and pair yours with a pair of “nude chinos” i.e. chinos that are the same color as human skin and wear on your torso a black colored crew neck sweater. A pair of black low top sneakers with this combination of chinos and sweater will create a bold and stylish look at the close of this winter. The contrast between the black sneaker and your black sweater and nude chinos will demand that a white collared shirt is worn over your torso, underneath the sweater, creating the right mix stylish of colors, shades, and shapes.

Step It Up In Style Wearing Black Sneakers or White

Sadly winter is coming to an end, and seemingly with not a bang but a whimper. The temperature never fell as low or stayed as low as many of us would have liked and some of us never got the chance to wear some of the most attractive attires we had hoped to wear this winter. Lucky for you we’re here to help. Because winter may be coming to a close, but it leaves many fashion opportunities with respect to your pair of black sneakers wide open. To get the most out of your black colour sneakers this winter, pair them with a navy blue colored jacket and blue jeans and a black tee. A brown belt around your waist and the black sneakers on your feet will create the perfect combination of colors to match what you’re wearing on your torso and on your legs.

How To Look Great in a White Sneaker

When we think of the name sneakers or sports and athletic shoes the first thing that comes to our mind is a pair of white colored footwear. Naturally, when was the last time you saw the Indian National Cricket Team, even when wearing their blue jersey’s, pair them with anything but white sneakers? Even you, when growing up, probably never stepped onto the sports field for an important match without first putting on sneakers that were, you guessed it, white. So no one will blame you if sneakers to you mean a pair of white colour athletic shoes.

Thankfully, white sneakers are not just meant to be worn when there are a ball and sports field involved. They are increasingly being accepted as ideal office wear on casual work days and at an acceptable time of day are visible on the feet of wealthy patrons at swanky clubs and restaurants as well.

Its winter time, enough said, yes, we already know what season it is. But it’s important to keep in mind before dressing because winter means that you likely venture out of your house dressed in heavier than usual clothing. Such clothing may also be devoid of the bright colors you often wear during spring and summer. A pair of bright white sneakers will add color to your outfit at this time in January. Pair your white low top sneakers with a slim fitting chino and a warm jacket. Finish off this classic look with a simple white tee. Its cool enough to not feel too hot in this outfit and its warm enough to not feel too cold in it either. As the early morning sun travels higher into the sky, the temperature may (depending on where you are) become warm enough to remove the jacket and emerge dressed in a stylish semi-retro look that is just “made” by your clean white sneakers.

Ideal Sneakers: A Light Canvas, Supple Sole, With Laces or Without

To attain a slightly edgier look with your white sneakers pair them with tight-fitting blue denim jeans and a full-sleeved shirt and once again, a white tee underneath. A light colored sweater on top will complete a preppy yet casual look that can carry you from the office to a semi-formal gathering with friends at a club in the evening. In most parts of India, barring those places with the most extreme climate, the temperature is warm enough to look great in this type of apparel, and because it’s a mild January winter, it means we can look great dressed in less bulky winter wear.

In closing young hipsters and trendsetters, we want to emphasize that like time, fashion also doesn’t stand still for anyone. Rather fashion is an exhilarating journey with no final destination and there’s no one right look that’s appropriate for everyone on their fashion odyssey. On our travels, we expect to keep you looking your best whatever may come across your path while we journey together. So until next time, ciao.

Whether one is young and single or slightly older with a family the one thing each enjoys is a great party. Granted, the young party differently than do those who have families, yet being among intimate friends and family is a sure recipe for a good time regardless of one’s age. What’s even more exciting is that the parties celebrating New Year’s Eve are grander, wilder, and more lavish than are parties at any other time of the year. Therefore without further adieu we’d like to familiarize you with some of the most exciting spots to party in these next few days.


We’re sure you saw this coming. Goa is famous across the world for its legendary parties, particularly during New Years. It’s probable that our young readers have already been to Goa or have friends and family who have visited this popular party destination. In India, there is a something akin to a nation mythology associated with spending New Year’s Eve in Goa. Aside from beautiful beaches such as Calangute, Baga, and Candolim, the temperate weather in Goa at a time when the northern part of India is very cold is an additional reason for those from Northern India to spend New Year’s Eve here. The proximity to the Arabian Sea and a large number of foreign party goers means that partying in Goa opens up vistas of possibility that are impossible in many other parts of India.

Expand Your Consciousness at a Goa Rave this New Year

New Delhi

While Goa may be the ideal party destination for the young and those young at heart, New Delhi is a party destination that offers something for everyone. A large number of nightclubs in New Delhi have attractive New Year’s packages that for a fixed amount of money paid up front, offer an unending supply of alcoholic beverages, snacks, and a buffet as the main course. Needless to say, guests who attend are expected to dance before and after the clock strikes midnight. Another attractive reason to bring in the New Year in New Delhi is the cold weather which to many of us seems the most familiar when welcoming a new year. Notably, for those with families, New Delhi has much variety to offer as many clubs and hotels are ideal and exclusive venues for families to spend New Years.

Action in New Delhi Night Clubs Begins Slow Reaching a Feverish Climax at Midnight


During the weekdays Mumbai is the financial capital of India, yet on the weekends it also rules as the countries party capital. And as the Sensex and Nifty are scaling new heights this December the party scene in Mumbai will likely follow suit. Remember, no region in India can compete with Mumbai as a year around party hub. When compared to the nightclubs in Mumbai, those in other regions of India seem tame and inexpensive. What’s equally exhilarating is that Mumbai is the most cosmopolitan city in India in which partygoers of all ages and from all corners of the world throng. If possible, try to have yourself invited to a New Years house party in Mumbai because it will allow you to talk to many other guests and gain insight into a different and more nuanced culture. In case you arrive in Mumbai for New Years without anything on your itinerary just visit Juhu Beach or Marine Drive and take in the palpable party atmosphere of this huge city.

Live Wild and Free by Visiting Juhu Beach and Marine Drive this New Year’s Eve


If your idea of New Year’s means freezing cold, snow, and a psychedelic rush then spending the close of this year in Manali has no equal. Like Goa, Manali has a reputation among the young and reckless that is intertwined with legend, reality, and myth. Many people travel to Manali on New Years only to take in the sights of this hill station. There is an abundance of resorts in Manali that offer visitors exciting activities to partake in. Activities such as cycling through the Rohtang Pass and paragliding are huge favourites of many visitors. Old Manali offers easy access to an international band of backpackers who remained in Manali exclusively to party. To see unique sights and smells one may chose to spend time in old Manali and taste exotic foods from other regions of the world or attend a large psychedelic rave. The cold weather, rich snow, large evergreen trees, and gigantic mountains give Manali a surreal ambience at this time of the year.

Majestic Scenery in Manali Will Overwhelm Visitors This New Years


We’ve shared four attractive locales where you may spend this New Years, but the great thing about New Years is that it comes every year and though you may miss out on an exciting party at a location to which you haven’t travelled this year, you’re free to go there next New Years. And while it may be difficult choosing between different locales in which to welcome 2018, taking the step to spend New Year’s Eve in a different city is the first step to making many more similar travel decisions in the future. And you can count on us to supply you details of the most worthwhile locations in which you can ring in every New Year.

In a world full of people who have forgotten what a gentleman really meant, maybe you can take five minutes out of your busy schedule to stop and think why can’t that happened. Gone are the days when girls used to dream about their Prince Charming riding a white horse. It’s the 21st century and all girls dream about now is a sensible and stylish Gentleman. However, even though mentalities and feelings change, there are a few things that never change.

Just like the old fairy tale, a frog can still turn into a charming handsome prince. A frog being any common man and a prince being a proper gentleman. The only difference is that a kiss is not going to help you change here. It’s gonna take a lot more to sweep the 21st-century lady off her feet and we are here to help you with that.

Let us list you out the basic points that are definitely gonna help you turn into a charming gentleman.

1. Style

The first impression is the last impression.  No matter how much you try, you cannot deny the fact that your look does matter. A gentleman always remains highly presentable at all times. That does not mean you have to wear a suit 24*7, but you do have to look presentable. Groom your look, keep your beard and hair clean and neat. A gentleman always keeps a tidily arranged wardrobe.  You should know which clothes and accessories suit you the best and keep quite a collection of the same. Keep your personal hygiene at an admirable level. Try to smell good at all times and you would know that you’ve taken the first steps to becoming a gentleman.

2. Personality

Once you have attracted the person with your looks, it’s time to show off your personality. The best way to do that is not show off at all. Be very genuine and dignified. Your personality reveals a lot about you, so you do not need to reveal all about yourself to every person you meet. Be mysterious and let the other person decide what you are and who you can be. Talking too much about yourself is not going to leave any good impression on anyone. A gentleman is confident in what he is and does not need to prove or boast anything about himself. You should have a firm handshake and a strong eye contact when you meet someone for the first time. It immediately impresses the other person and gives the message that you are confident and secure of what you are.

3. Behavior

Now that you have impressed the person with your personality too, you can be sure that he/she already takes you as a gentleman. People are very much fond of talking to and being around a proper gentleman because they know that a gentleman would never do anything to offend any person in the surrounding. You must be very careful not to offend anyone because you clearly know there is no gain in that and you know the feeling when somebody gets offended by stupid actions. In fact, you should try and help people around if you can, as defined by the first term in the word ‘gentleman’. Always remember to be respectful of your actions because you know that when you are meeting someone for the first time, you might or might never want to meet the same person in your life again. In any case, you would want to be respectful because at the end of the day people remember your actions, not your name. Whilst on a date or in a meeting with someone important, turn your phone silent to let the person know he/she is important. You will be astounded by the response you get for your actions.

4. Nature

Being a gentleman, you should know that just behaving to be kind and gentle does not work for long. If you are a real gentleman, you will have kindness and politeness fused into your blood. It should come naturally to you and not just to fake it to people. A gentleman never curses in front of anyone. No matter how angry or frustrated a gentleman is, he never swears but he smiles. That is the basic etiquette you should have. Your nature is your inner self and you will have to believe in what you are to be a real gentleman. Always return a favour because you know a friend helped you in need and you need to give that happiness back in some way or the other. Keep your promises no matter how difficult it turns out to be. Punctuality should be engraved in your brain because a gentleman never keeps a person waiting. And finally, a gentleman always knows the difference between confidence and arrogance.

5. Mentality

Finally, the main factor that decides if you are really a gentleman, is your mentality towards every single aspect of life. If you really do follow all of the above points that we mentioned, then you must know that equality is a religion. A gentleman never talks down to anyone. Always keep your loved ones before yourself because happiness comprises in the tiny smiles of others. A gentleman never speaks negative or gossip about anyone, nor does he judge another soul. You must be open-minded but remember to be firm in your own beliefs. Be an example to others rather than being pessimistic towards life.

All of these points defines your character. Be the person who everyone remembers in pride. Never get drown into oblivion but in fact, try to make a difference. Remember, it is not just in front of a lady that you have to be a gentleman. You must try and follow this path to lead a genuine and respected life.

We will be back again with some interesting blogs just for you. Stay hooked!

To the majority of us Indians, Diwali is the most important festival of the year, however, a few brief months after Diwali, Christmas celebrations erupt all across the world. To most people on Earth, Christmas is the biggest festival of the year and one that greatly eclipses Diwali in splendour and importance.

Firstly, simple questions come to mind such as when is Christmas and why is it celebrated? Well, Christmas falls on 25th December every year and is celebrated as the day Jesus Christ was born nearly 2,017 years ago in the city of Bethlehem. There are well over 220 crore Christians all over the world who together make up 31 per cent of people alive today. To try and understand how large a number this is, consider that the entire population of India is 130 crore people of which 2.4 crores are themselves Christians.

Because of the importance of Christmas, we at Ifazone believe it is befitting to share the spirit of Christmas with our readers. Learning about Christmas is important because whether you know it or not, Christmas has touched your life and done so maybe without you even knowing it. Gradually Christmas is beginning to enter the consciousness of mainstream Indian society. During Christmas time malls across India are decorated with a Christmas theme and often the colors red and white (colors usually associated with Christmas) and beautifully decorated Christmas trees greet visitors in peoples homes and in shopping malls.

A Large, Brightly Decorated Christmas Tree

The association of the colors red and white with Christmas belies an interesting anecdote that has to do with a successful marketing campaign by Coca-Cola. The similarity between the colors of Christmas and Coca-Cola is no coincidence but is the end result of a successful marketing strategy by Coca-Cola put into action over a hundred years ago. Smartly, the Coca-Cola company changed the outfit worn by Santa Claus from one made of animal hides and skin to one of a red and white colored jacket and pants and a similarly colored hat. This marketing strategy was so successful that the entire world adopted the new avatar of Santa Claus that Coca-Cola was responsible for creating. The new avatar that had originally been created by Coca-Cola as a marketing campaign has gone on to become the default dress worn by Santa Claus and is a highly visible symbol of Christmas.

Christmas is cherished for different reasons from one region of the world to another, in North America a “White Christmas”, meaning its snowing or snow is on the ground on Christmas day is considered a special Christmas whereas in Africa a “White Christmas” is unheard of unless one happens to be in certain parts of Morocco during Christmas time. Many adults in the United States and Canada have fond memories of a White Christmas they had when they were children. Just as Diwali is the most magical time of the year for many children in India, so too is Christmas looked forward to eagerly by children in Christian homes. Carolling, which is going from one home to another in a large group and singing Christmas songs is an important Christian tradition. If there is snow on the ground when these carols are sung it adds an extra bit of charm to Christmas.

An Age When Meeting Santa was Magical

There is no one ideal Christmas because Christmas is celebrated with pomp in every corner of the world and by people from diverse cultures. While reuniting with family members is an important part of celebrating Christmas, especially in developed countries where family members often live some distance from one another, many children love Christmas because they usually receive presents from family and friends. Giving and receiving gifts from others is a huge part of the spirit of Christmas. Many of the children in Christian houses believe that Santa Claus rides his sleigh carrying presents and comes down the chimney of every house on Christmas Eve when the children are asleep leaving presents for them under the Christmas tree. When they wake up the next day they are thrilled to find presents in colorful wrapping under the Christmas tree just waiting to be opened. Of course what they don’t know is that the presents were put there by their parents the night before. Many children when they are old enough are heartbroken to learn that Santa Claus is not real and that the presents they thought Santa had been bringing them were actually given to them by their parents.

Cupcakes, Gingerbread Men, and Cream Covered Cookies Ensure a Hearty Christmas

Christmas has its culinary side. Among adults, the lament of overeating and of gaining extra weight echoed by Indians after the Diwali season is similar to that heard across the world from many after the Christmas season as well. Remember, just as many in India love Diwali because it is a festive time when some of the best food is found in every houses kitchen and dining table, so too do Christians love Christmas because they have the chance to gorge on tasty food during their most important festival. While popular delicacies vary from region to region, a roast turkey is one of the most popular types of foods eaten during Christmas. Other popular food items often eaten during the Christmas season include gingerbread cookies, rich cherry pie, cupcakes (a round cake with sweet icing on top that can be held in one hand and eaten), marshmallows, pumpkin pie, and many many other available delicacies depending on which part of the world one happens to be celebrating this festival.

Well, Christmas is just around the corner and though in India this important festival commands nowhere near the status as do other festivals- if our readers gain a slightly better understanding of the spirit of Christmas after finishing article- we at Asort will consider ourselves to have succeeded in bestowing them with a fresh perspective on a centuries-old festival.

Christmas is around the corner and the happy celebrating faces are already knitting dreams of joy. Let’s take this day to appreciate all your near and dear ones. Don’t just sit around and wait for Santa Claus this time. Gift something exciting to your loved ones and make them smile.

It does not take much to bring happiness to people’s lives and when it comes to gifts, there are a lot of ways you can bring Christmas to an innovative level.

Let us help you with some creative DIY ideas for Christmas that you can gift to your loved ones.

1.Snowman Gift Wrap Chocolate

Draw some cute little snowman on a white piece of paper and wrap it up your big piece of chocolate. Decorate it with some pompoms and furs and ribbons, and fill them in a basket or just gift one to your loved one.  You will definitely be appreciated for the hard work that you’ve put into making the gift. If you can, also make your own homemade chocolates so that your love reaches directly to their heart.  Leave a message with a tag on the side or at the back of the bar and you will see the smiles that you were hoping for.

2. Gifts in a jar

One of the easiest ways to pack up an innovative gift is to put in a pack of cosmetics or chocolates or cookies in a jar and decorate the jar with beautiful ribbons and stickers. It gives an adorable look as well as appeals the one receiving the gift. Pack up some freshly baked cookies and gift it to your best friend or put in a pack of skincare and gift your soul girl. You will see how happy they will be by just the look of it.

3. Christmas String Art

Gift the Christmasy feeling with these lovely Christmas themed string arts and be the first one to create the joyful aura amongst your loved ones. It is very easy to make and the end results are just as beautiful. All you have to do is draw a nice Christmas car or a reindeer in a wooden piece and pin nails all around it. Take a yarn of wool and start tieing around the nail pins creating a full messy zig-zag until it fills up the whole space. You can use different colors and different shapes as well. Create one and see the happiness in your loved one’s eyes.

4. Bottle Lamps

Don’t let your last party bottles go to waste. Use them to ignite a friend’s home. The companies give a lot in creating the designs for these bottles, so let us make use of them as much as we can. You can light up these bottles in many different ways but the easiest one is to put in twinkly lights inside the bottle and light them up. You can use your own ideas as to how you want to decorate them but no matter how you do, your loved ones are going to love your creation.

5. Knitted Tiny Gifts

With the winters embracing us with the cool breeze, everyone loves to see or receive something warm and cute. It’s time to ask your mother to teach you their knitting skills. Knit something Christmasy and gift them to your friends and family. Even if it’s a tiny keychain, they are gonna appreciate the effort you put into making the gift for them.

6. Picture Candles

Last but not least, you can make this very simple and sweet DIY printed candles. Buy a normal white big candle and print a picture on it with the help of a simple dryer and a piece of tissue. Print a family photo or a picture of the angels, it is gonna look lovely when you decorate it well.

You can gift anything to your loved one if you want to but the effort you put into making a gift on your own shows the love you have for the person. Create innovative gifts for Christmas and spread some smiles. We will be back again with more interesting DIYs until then stay hooked!


With the winter breeze freezing the tip of your nose, you must have been roaming around covering your body to keep it away from the dry and frizzy weather.  We can understand how hard it can be sometimes while hiding the dry flakes coming out of your skin or the snowfall falling out of your dry scalp. However, there is always a solution to your every single problem.

Here are a few tips for you to keep your charm while you enjoy the cool breezy winter to the fullest.

1. Hair

You might have noticed that your hair falls dull and dry during the winter even when you have washed them just the same morning. Well, here are some small tips that will definitely help your hair to stay healthy and moisturized. First of all, it is very necessary to use mild shampoo during the winters as the hair tends to fall weak and too many chemicals can damage your hair instantly. Secondly, do not forget to condition your hair. In summers, you may skip the conditioner once or twice but in winters you will have to spend that extra time in your washroom. If you plan on using heat to style your hair, then make sure your hair is properly conditioned or else try to omit that choice. Thirdly, make it a routine to oil your hair at least once every week, if you do not want your frizzy hair to ruin your weekend. Also, trim your hair as the dry ends tend to split during winters. So keep it neat, trimmed and hydrated.

2. Skin

Your lovely shiny glowing skin suddenly starts disappointing you during the winters. Your skin feels dry and dull just five minutes after your shower. Even the moisturizers don’t seem to help too much. There is a very simple solution to this problem of yours. The first tiny step you need to take is to drink a lot of water. Just because the summer sweats stopped dropping, don’t feel that your skin has enough water to survive winters. Next, you need to swap all your alcoholic skin products with more natural deep moisturizing products. Apply a nice moisturizing night cream to pamper your skin while you snore your stress out. Also, try not to neglect that sunscreen lotion that you dearly loved during the summers. The sun’s glow can still take away your glow.

3. Hands

Do you feel a bit of a hesitation before you extend your hand out for a formal handshake? Well, don’t feel embarrassed because that’s the case with a lot of people having dry skin. The skin on your hands needs a little bit of extra care than your face. You can enhance your moisture by doing one simple step. Before going to sleep, clean your hands and apply lotions with intensifying moisturizers and cover your hands by wearing a glove. Sleep with the gloves on and see how soft your hands feel in the morning.

4. Feet

Just like your hands, your feet too need extra care. Your feet take you all the places you desire and it’s your duty to love them and care for them. And just like your hands, you can soften your feet in the same way. Scrub your feet so that the dry dead cells leave the comfort support of your heels. After Scrubbing, apply strong moisturizing lotion and cover your feet with nice warm socks. You will be shocked to see how soft your feet would feel in the morning.

5. Lips


 All of your beauty care will go to waste if you leave your lips chapped. Lips are the most prominent feature of your body and you must keep them glossy and moisturized. Winter tries really hard to take the healthy look away from your lips, but if you take even minimum care of it, you will be able to keep them luscious. Apply moisturizing lip balm before you go to sleep. That is the basic step you always need to remember. Other than that, try avoiding matt lipstick because it tends to make your lips drier and embarrass you by peeling off unevenly during your entire day. You can also try a homemade lip scrub to keep it healthy. Mix brown sugar and honey together in a small container and start scrubbing your lips until it felt softer and brighter. Try that at least once in two weeks and you will have the best winter lips you could imagine.

So people, as beautiful the winter may look like, it is as harmful to your skin. Take a little care of your skin and your skin will appreciate you back. Avoid too hot showers and eat healthily. We will be back with more season tips soon. Until then, stay hooked, stay beautiful!