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The wait is finally over. The new brand AMIIGA is live now on, Check out the amazing collection of AMIIGA because it’s inspired by you & for you. It’s all about you.                                    ...


Mr. Huffman Is Ready For You Now

“Excited? So You Should Be. Why? Because Mr. Huffman is ready for you now.” Over the past several months we have worked diligently, and recently contemplated how, when the time came, we would introduce Mr Huffman for premium menswear clothing range. Today, we’re ready. We want you to know that...


Exciting Times at Earthy Scent’s Launch

August 23rd of this year was a special day for many of us. On this day hundreds of our partners gathered at the Pullman Hotel in Aero City at New Delhi when we unveiled our brand new clothing line aptly named Earthy Scent for modern women and its nearness to...