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Big chance to avail highest AP points and earn big with #GetHighOnAp. This is the first-ever chance to avail big monthly incentive while shopping with us! This is a great opportunity for you to shop more than 400 SKUS on private labels and also time to refresh the beauty and skincare goods. Get the beautiful and youthful look with most amazing brands! It’s time for big shopping and big monthly incentives with

        All the deals are worthy to get! 

You are invited to join the #GetHighOnAp!

Date:  22/09/2020 

Time: 08:00 am – 12:00 am

Great deals ✯ Great products ✯ Great discounts ✯ Giveaways worth 3 lakh ✯ Biggest Live Session ✯ Big Income ✯ Premium Brands ✯ 

Take everything to your home!

Half money, double the fun! Get ready to experience the ultimate exclusive deals, discount offers, giveaways that you have never experienced before! This pocket-friendly sale will not only bring the discounts and deals for you but also the biggest LIVE session with leaders and the most amazing chance to win the giveaways worth 3 lakh! So are you excited?!!

Asort community is always special to us and we never miss any chance to make them happy, so we are here with the biggest 11 ka dum sale and the best chance for you to fit everything in your budget! 

First-ever fitness sale is here to make your fitness revolution easier! Get ready to enjoy the best fitness deals on asort and some exciting offers just for you. Stay fit and earn big because in this sale you will not only get discounts but you will get the chance to win the lucky draw!

Live Fit With Kuefit

Take part in Asort’s #livefitwithkuefit challenge and win a special gift hamper. Visit @Asortworld to know more about the challenge. 

We are here to fulfil your wishlist and help you become fit! You have an amazing chance to enjoy Upto 30% on fitness products and also earn asort points to get double incentive! 

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Date:  25/ 08/2020 

Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am 

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May we have your attention please? We are here with some most amazing deals that you should not miss! 

Get ready to experience the ultimate shopping experience with Asort as it is all set to enrapture you with spectacular sales, offers, discounts, deals, combos, lucky draw, giveaways, live sessions and much more! Well, hope you already heard about the Asort Freedom Sale because this is the biggest sale ever happened in the history of asort. 

You have a chance to avail upto 30% off in private labels and other brands also get asort points to earn double!

“Isse acha aur sasta kaha milega!” 

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Shop More, Save More & Win More!

The biggest sale in the history of Asort is coming your way, So get ready to experience the ultimate exclusive deals, discount offers, combos and what not! 

This pocket-friendly sale will not only bring the discounts and deals for you but also the biggest LIVE session by influencers, where they will be sharing about the sale, deals, products and much more. The live session is from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are ABO or ACE rank holders eligible to avail the offer benefits?

This offer is for supporting all ranks at all levels, so any rank holder who supports 3,5,7 new promoters will get the benefits.

2. When will I receive the payout for this offer?

It will be released on 25th August 2020.

3. What if my order gets RTO?

The first time order of a new promoter is non-refundable, non-replaceable which means there is no RTO option for this offer.

4. Can the asort seller partner split the order? 

The order should be in a single invoice.

5. What if the distributor is already holding a promoter license, will he/she be able to avail the offer benefits?

 The offer is designed to support new recruitment, so a person who already has a license will be getting the regular commission to get the offer benefits he/she should be placed a first time order between 1st-15th August 2020.  

6. What if a distributor had signed up in the month of April, will he/she get the offer benefits on placing the order? 

The offer allows the sign up can be from any other month, provided his/her first-time purchase must be of 4k, between 1st to 15th August 2020.

7. Is it important for the new promoter to be in my first level to get the benefits?

This offer is to support every rank and every level, it is important that you support the first-line distributor, and as everyone takes the responsibility together, it will enable to increase the sales force and bring in new prospects to business respectively.

8. How much will he/she earn if a distributor invites 4 new promoters, between 1st-15th August 2020? 

 In a situation like this since you could qualify only 4 new promoters, he/she would be eligible to get the benefit of 1st criteria ie 1500/- 

9. If I support 2 people to become a promoter how much will I earn?

The offer criteria start from supporting 3 new promoters to earn benefits.

10. Does the offer require all criteria to be completed between 1st- 15th August?

Any criteria that he/she is focusing on should be completed between 1st-15th August 2020.

 Example: For 1st Criteria, all 3 new promoters should be closed between 1-15th cycle.

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“The battle of champions has begun”!

We are creating more opportunities for you to earn and grow your business to the next level through Asort Premier League. You can play for this battle along with your core team in order to achieve the top position in the leaderboard of this league! 

We know that you are excited about this league and every effort of yours matters, so put your best foot forward!  Here you can know how to reach from L1 to L2 and avail the most amazing reward! 

Take notes to reach from L1 to L2:

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The most awaited moment has come as we have announced the opening of “Asort Premier League” (APL). More than thousands of influencers are ready to compete the most glorious battle ever in Asort history. It is a battle of showing strong leadership, resolute determination, hunger for success and passion for winning.

You must be having many questions in your head and would be curious to know every single detail of such a magnificent phenomenon of today’s time.

  • What is Asort Premier League?
  • Who all can participate & How?
  • What’s the qualification criteria?
  • Rewards?
  • Why it is important to follow rules?
  • What are the tips to win?

“More smiles, More power”. 

Women partners ko apne business mein karaye on board aur jeete most exciting surprises! Jitni zyaada strong hogi aapke community utana zyaada milega aapko benefit!

Yaad rahe yeh special chance sirf 20th se 21st june tak hi valid hai. Hurry up! 

Ab aapke business ke liye women’s ban sakte hai power bonus. Zyaada se zyaada women Partners ko aapne business mein karaye on board aur jeete exciting surprises. 

Every smile will bring a surprise for you.