The grandeur of events has come back to claim its place. We got done all the work for you! This carefully curated conclave features more than just vibes; it’s an emotional roller coaster, comprising the awards, performances and much more happening around the ALC in 2022.

  • Have you ever walked in a summit where thousands of like-minded people come together under one roof to learn new things, experience innovations & party till dawn? 
  • Have you ever witnessed a live concert?
  • Is laughing till your stomach hurts, is your thing? 
  • Would you lose the chance to see a launch of a brand?
  • Do you believe that Fashion shows are a dazzling & breathtaking world from where no one wants to come out?

Well then, your wait ends here. ALC has made a grand comeback, ALC 2019 was a blast, everything was amazing from performances to launches and best of all; the award ceremony.

This year, we are GOING more grandeur than ever. Expect the unexpected in ALC 2022. This year, we are here with a blast.
Just Stay tuned with us for more info !!

Now let’s talk about awards. Our critics have done a beautiful job and announced these amazing award categories. Our objective is simple, you guys have been amazing with us and it’s high time that you receive the appreciation and recognition which you deserve.

We will keep updating you on ALC 2022, for that keep a close tab here on our Blog and Our Instagram handle.

“We are Here @ALC where are you?”

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