Create Your Own Christmas Gifts This Year

Christmas is around the corner and the happy celebrating faces are already knitting dreams of joy. Let’s take this day to appreciate all your near and dear ones. Don’t just sit around and wait for Santa Claus this time. Gift something exciting to your loved ones and make them smile.

It does not take much to bring happiness to people’s lives and when it comes to gifts, there are a lot of ways you can bring Christmas to an innovative level.

Let us help you with some creative DIY ideas for Christmas that you can gift to your loved ones.

1. Snowman Gift Wrap Chocolate

Draw some cute little snowman on a white piece of paper and wrap it up your big piece of chocolate. Decorate it with some pompoms and furs and ribbons, and fill them in a basket or just gift one to your loved one.  You will definitely be appreciated for the hard work that you’ve put into making the gift. If you can, also make your own homemade chocolates so that your love reaches directly to their heart.  Leave a message with a tag on the side or at the back of the bar and you will see the smiles that you were hoping for.

2. Gifts in a jar

One of the easiest ways to pack up an innovative gift is to put in a pack of cosmetics or chocolates or cookies in a jar and decorate the jar with beautiful ribbons and stickers. It gives an adorable look as well as appeals the one receiving the gift. Pack up some freshly baked cookies and gift it to your best friend or put in a pack of skincare and gift your soul girl. You will see how happy they will be by just the look of it.

3. Christmas String Art

Gift the Christmasy feeling with these lovely Christmas themed string arts and be the first one to create the joyful aura amongst your loved ones. It is very easy to make and the end results are just as beautiful. All you have to do is draw a nice Christmas car or a reindeer in a wooden piece and pin nails all around it. Take a yarn of wool and start tieing around the nail pins creating a full messy zig-zag until it fills up the whole space. You can use different colors and different shapes as well. Create one and see the happiness in your loved one’s eyes.

4. Bottle Lamps

Don’t let your last party bottles go to waste. Use them to ignite a friend’s home. The companies give a lot in creating the designs for these bottles, so let us make use of them as much as we can. You can light up these bottles in many different ways but the easiest one is to put in twinkly lights inside the bottle and light them up. You can use your own ideas as to how you want to decorate them but no matter how you do, your loved ones are going to love your creation.

5. Knitted Tiny Gifts

With the winters embracing us with the cool breeze, everyone loves to see or receive something warm and cute. It’s time to ask your mother to teach you their knitting skills. Knit something Christmasy and gift them to your friends and family. Even if it’s a tiny keychain, they are gonna appreciate the effort you put into making the gift for them.

6. Picture Candles

Last but not least, you can make this very simple and sweet DIY printed candles. Buy a normal white big candle and print a picture on it with the help of a simple dryer and a piece of tissue. Print a family photo or a picture of the angels, it is gonna look lovely when you decorate it well.

You can gift anything to your loved one if you want to but the effort you put into making a gift on your own shows the love you have for the person. Create innovative gifts for Christmas and spread some smiles. We will be back again with more interesting DIYs until then stay hooked!

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