Hair Care Products To Groom, Style, and Spike

We, men, are a funny bunch, we moan about how much time women spend grooming and in general, upkeep, while we spend hours in the gym and nearly half as much time in making our hair just right. No matter where we are heading looking sharp is what every guy look forward to. From a stylish pair of men’s formal shoes for a date to business suits for important meetings, everything counts. While the gym often keeps many of us men who are in our early twenties busy, the volume and quality of our hair demand our attention for almost a lifetime. Hence men’s hair care products have a large and bustling market in the cities, towns, and villages in India. Gone are the days when young men simply oiled their hair in an attempt to look their best, today young people as young as 13 debate the merits of using gel over hairspray or pomade over wax and the merits and drawbacks of each of these products to one another.

Although no one can tell just by using the written word which hair care product is ideal for each reader, we can offer a general guide to our readers concerning which hair care product is well suited for them and how such a product should be used. Below you will find our guide to the different variety of hair care products and how to best use each.

1. Hair Spray

It’s not just for women. Men can also greatly benefit from applying hairspray. What hairspray does is add support and hold to your hair. Hairsprays have been around for decades and over this time have evolved to be less reliant on chemicals to do their magic. Yet, even so, they contain certain chemicals that can cause some users to have headaches. There is a variety of hairsprays in the market and the best among them can prevent your hair from looking like a birds nest and make hair that is thin look thicker and simply more, well… there. A good quality hairspray should make your hair remain in its place all day long. We want to offer a simple suggestion for someone who is considering opting to use hairspray, hairspray may dry out your hair so try to use less of it and when you do use it, also use a shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes your hair. Ask your hair stylist about the hairspray brand he or she believes is best for your hair.

2. Gel

One, Two, Gel… Magic

The grooming industry is one of the biggest on the planet and this is good news for us men because the end result for us is a better hair care gel. Hair care gels have evolved over the past few decades and today your hairstylist will most likely recommend to you a water-based hair gel. Such newer gels allow you (or anyone else) to gently touch hair that has been styled by gel without disrupting the styled hair. One of the best things about the newest gels is that they hydrate the roots of the hair on which they have been applied and do not cause dandruff. Such newer gels also prevent hair from becoming sticky. The best way to use hair gel is by applying only as much as the size of a one rupee coin for long hair and half as much for hair that is short. Take the gel and rub it into your hair from the back to the front and make sure every part of the hair on your head gets an equal quantity of the gel. Then style your hair into spikes or part it.

3. Pomade

Nothing Shows A Man’s Maturity Better Than Pomade Styled Hair


Many say that pomade comes into use when a man has put aside childish things. Pomade is a wax and the great thing about it is that it is perfect to use regardless of one’s hair type. This means that whether you have thin hair or voluminous hair, pomade wax is for you. When you want your hair to look neat, shiny, and slick, its pomade to your rescue. One of the best things about pomade is that makes hair shiny and also nourishes the hair. Pomade is different from a gel in that pomade is used to create a hairstyle that is slick and neat while a gel is used to spike hair or to push hair to the front of the face. The best time to use pomade is when your hair is wet or slightly damp because then pomade can be applied evenly to all the hair on your head. If you are using a thick pomade then, while pomade is still in your palm, you can use a blow dryer to make the pomade softer. We feel a warning concerning pomade is in order as when you use a little pomade more than necessary while styling, your hair may weaken, therefore it is important to not use a larger quantity of pomade than needed. Because, unlike gel, pomade is not very easy to remove it is important to apply a lesser amount of it to style your hair. When you do want to remove it use a shampoo that has biological nutrients and exfoliators.

4. Wax

For Some Men, All It Takes Wax To Go From Drab To Fab

The last and most different contender on our list of hair care products is hair wax. While the other 3 types of hair care products we have told you about are meant for keeping hair styled throughout the day, a wax is different because it just keeps your hair neat and sleek. Wax also does not make your hair hard as gels do after they have been applied to your hair, this means that throughout your day if you so choose, you can restyle your hair. To use hair wax, first pick a small quantity (as much as half a fingertip) and then, because wax is a hard product, rub it between your hands to warm it up. Afterwards use the wax on the surface of your hair by brushing it on your hair’s surface, don’t put your hands between your hair, yet. Once the wax has been placed on the surface of your hair, get ready to style your hair using your hands. Once you’ve styled your hair if you find a strand or two of your hair out of place, use a tiny amount of wax to style it back in place. Additionally, now you can also use hairspray to complete your preferred hairstyle. Viola, you now have your perfect hairstyle.

Well, this is what we have to share with you this week about the most popular variety of hair care products and how best to use each. We know that once you start to actually use these products (if you’re not doing so already) you will figure out the “recipe” that works best for you. Of course, the grooming secrets we have shared won’t eat away any extra time from your schedule because, despite the extra time you take to look your best, you will still likely be kept looking repeatedly at your watch waiting for the women in your life to be dressed and ready while you already are.

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