Women and girls in many countries across the world at some point in their lives have always been labelled!

When they are not born with labels, why should they be labelled and teased? But if the world would not have labelled women, who and what would they be? Just women with equal rights!



Click on the image to erase the #DriveLabel


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Let’s unite together and put an end to tagging women with stereotypical labels by following the steps to participate.

How you can be a part of #NoMoreLabel initiative?

  1. Choose a Label against women you can relate to and want to erase
  2. Click on the image above with the label you want to erase
  3. Click the picture with it, caption it & Post
  4. Like and follow us on Instagram & Facebook
  5. Tag @asortworld with #NoMoreLabel

The lucky 50 women will get a chance to attend access to a women-only workshop at Asort Experience Center in Gurgaon. So what are you waiting for ladies! Stand up, choose your label and let’s erase the labels this Women’s Day.

Labelling women is regarded as harassment, humiliation or bullying which women are going through with a very long time. From working for late hours to working at all, from looking feminine as per the parameters set by the world to be bad drivers, from gossiping all the time to not meant to support the family financially, women have come a long way getting tagged with these labels all their lives. But even today, in the 21st century, these labels are still sticking to women and seems like they are not going away.  

#NoMoreLabel an initiative by Asort is a simple yet powerful effort to send out a loud & clear message to stop labelling women with a negative, sexual or outcast status and casually write them off. This initiative is to open a larger conversation on women’s rights & gender equality in India through various social media platforms.

This women’s day, Asort is taking a step forward to make this world a better & safe place for women without any label. They can do what they want and they can be what they want to be, without having any fear of judgement of getting tagged with a stereotypical label.

Asort encourages women and girls to share their #NoMoreLabel struggle and urges people to stop, think and end the culture of offensive teasing and stereotypical labelling. Be a part of this initiative and tell us which label against women would you like to erase once & for all.

This Women’s Day, let’s Support, Celebrate, Encourage, Honour and Cherish Women. But most importantly, let’s unite and erase all the stereotypical labels against women, once and for all!


Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (Company / DBA®) is an Indian direct selling fashion company headquartered in Mohali, Punjab. The organisation was founded by Mr. Roshan Singh Bisht in 2011 and deals in fashion apparel and accessories. DBA® was established with the fundamental philosophy of helping people who help themselves. The company has empowered millions of people all around India by helping them run their own independent business. Today, Company continues to grow by providing the latest fashion products and business opportunities to people from all cultures and walks of life.

The Company is incorporated in India and came into business with a mission of revolutionizing the way of direct sales and e-commerce industries. As a direct sales community, the Company creates a number of business opportunities for entrepreneurs to change their life for better and help them in fulfilling their dreams. Whether they’re employees, independent business owners or other community members, the Company touches each life for better and brighter.

Since its incorporation in the year 2011 and within a span of just a few years the Company started making an positive impact in the world of fashion with hundreds of thousand Independent Business Owners associated with the Company spread across all states of India. The organization was built up with a will to assemble a power of people who not only understood fashion but are also interested in selling them as well. It is “THE” go-to stage for the fashion conscious people of India. With its extensive variety of fashion items at affordable costs, the Company never fails to offer considerably more.

The Company came into existence with the vision to be a proud and no. 1 homegrown social selling fashion marketplace that enables millions of people globally, to earn their livelihood while looking fashionable. The company always believes in integrity, humility, customers’ happiness and care for the animals.

The Company combines fashion with a direct selling multi-level marketing strategy. The Independent Business Owners associated with the Company are not just the part of business but also an important members of the community. The Company launched it’s website with the homegrown brand named “Ifazone®” in 2011. Two other in-house brands named, “Mr. Huffman®” which is a premium menswear brand known for its meticulously and elegantly crafted apparel and “Earthy Scent®” which has modernized the impression of Indian ethnic wear for modern India, also get launched on the Company’s website.

The Company works with its focus on the ‘human element’ of business. Over the years, the Company has created a wave of fashion influencers and has made an impact in lives of 300,000+ distributors and hundreds of thousands of people on board by providing them a lifestyle they always longed for. Based on a strong foundation of social networking, the organisation seeks to build a ‘community’ of fashion loving people, who can earn even as they shop.

With a deep strive to encourage everyone to move fast, to innovate, to try out new ideas, and break and build new things, the product line grew from a single brand Ifazone® to a total number of six homegrown brands by 2018. The company also launched its e-commerce platform with the name of Asort™ (ds.asort.com). Today, there brand like “Another Bad Generation(A.B.G.)™, Earthy Scent®Mr.Huffman®Ifazone®, Kuefit™ and Solasta Shoes™” which are exclusively available at Asort™ platform and delivers fast and affordable fashion in every category with over 200+ new products being launched every week. Products sold through Asort™ are a perfect mix of in-house brands as well as carefully curated fashion range.

The six homegrown brands cover each and every need of fashion conscious men, women and youth by providing all wardrobe essentials crafted for the modern India.

Another Bad Generation (A.B.G.)™ – Own the Streets

blog post ABG.jpg

First Indian street wear brand, deeply rooted in art with a motive to rebuild a new culture for Indian youth, ABG™ truly stands for its name, ‘Another Bad Generation’.

Earthy Scent® – Finest Indian Craftsmanship

blog post Earthy

A brand that takes ethnic fashion loving people a step closer to nature, promotes Indian crafts and textiles and transforms them into silhouettes and styles acceptable to the modern Indian men and women.

Mr. Huffman® – Classic Men Powerhouse

blog post Huffman-01

Mr. Huffman® is for men who understand class. A premium menswear brand known for its meticulously and elegantly crafted apparel to add an extra dimension to the men’s closet.

Ifazone® – Get into Basics

blog post Ifazone

An ultimate objective of enhancing the personality of the wearer by providing a clean range of men and women clothing with a play of finest fabrics & textures.

 Kuefit™ – Each Mile Matters

blog post Kuefit

Kuefit™ adds a dash of sporty spirit and athletic enchant clothing range alongside the maximum comfort. The brand covers all your athletics choices shrouded in supreme style.

Solasta Shoes™ – Mix & Match

blog post Solasta

The brand provides the right selection of footwear that defines the personality of the wearer. Solasta Shoes™ is the brand that oozes solace, glamour and style.

With more than 300+ employees, DBA® team is an electric mix of youth and experience, of foodies and gym freaks, of accomplished bathroom singers and astronomers, of long distance riders and amateur artists. The leadership team has a combined experience of over two hundred years across multiple domains like fashion, e-commerce, technology, direct sales, logistics, product design, finance and operations. The work culture of the Company is considered as upbeat, fun yet professional as per the employees. With the freedom of experimentation and behavior of welcoming new ideas, the work force working under one roof, the Company never fails to increase employees’ enthusiasm.

The milestone achieved by the company-


First Direct Selling Fashion Company in India


Fashion Consultants growth (CAGR: 492%)


105% Growth in turnover (2014-2016)


Launch of Earthy Scent®, Mr. Huffman®

E-commerce platform launched


First company to launch Street Wear brand in India.