#NoMoreLabel- An Initiative by Asort!

Women and girls in many countries across the world at some point in their lives have always been labelled!

When they are not born with labels, why should they be labelled and teased? But if the world would not have labelled women, who and what would they be? Just women with equal rights!



Click on the image to erase the #DriveLabel


Click here to erase the #Drivelabel!





Click on the image to erase the #BusinessOwnerLabel


Click here to erase the #BusinessOwnerLabel






Click on the image to erase the #BirthLabel


Click here to erase the #BirthLabel






Click on the image to erase the “#BossLabel”


Click here to erase the “#BossLabel”





Let’s unite together and put an end to tagging women with stereotypical labels by following the steps to participate.

How you can be a part of #NoMoreLabel initiative?

  1. Choose a Label against women you can relate to and want to erase
  2. Click on the image above with the label you want to erase
  3. Click the picture with it, caption it & Post
  4. Like and follow us on Instagram & Facebook
  5. Tag @asortworld with #NoMoreLabel

The lucky 50 women will get a chance to attend access to a women-only workshop at Asort Experience Center in Gurgaon. So what are you waiting for ladies! Stand up, choose your label and let’s erase the labels this Women’s Day.

Labelling women is regarded as harassment, humiliation or bullying which women are going through with a very long time. From working for late hours to working at all, from looking feminine as per the parameters set by the world to be bad drivers, from gossiping all the time to not meant to support the family financially, women have come a long way getting tagged with these labels all their lives. But even today, in the 21st century, these labels are still sticking to women and seems like they are not going away.  

#NoMoreLabel an initiative by Asort is a simple yet powerful effort to send out a loud & clear message to stop labelling women with a negative, sexual or outcast status and casually write them off. This initiative is to open a larger conversation on women’s rights & gender equality in India through various social media platforms.

This women’s day, Asort is taking a step forward to make this world a better & safe place for women without any label. They can do what they want and they can be what they want to be, without having any fear of judgement of getting tagged with a stereotypical label.

Asort encourages women and girls to share their #NoMoreLabel struggle and urges people to stop, think and end the culture of offensive teasing and stereotypical labelling. Be a part of this initiative and tell us which label against women would you like to erase once & for all.

This Women’s Day, let’s Support, Celebrate, Encourage, Honour and Cherish Women. But most importantly, let’s unite and erase all the stereotypical labels against women, once and for all!


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