Us men of short stature are all 6’ 4” deep inside; unfortunately, our real stature isn’t visible to others at first glance. It would be wonderful though if people mistook us to be a few inches taller than we really are. Thankfully a little bit of heightening is possible wearing the right attire. We want to reveal a few secrets to men of smaller stature to aid them in creating the illusion of being taller.

1. Wear Footwear That Matches Your Trousers Color

Matching Shoes And Trousers Help Elongate the Body

This may seem nonsensical, but it’s effective in creating the illusion of greater height. When there is little contrast between the color of one’s trousers and our footwear, it creates a visual effect that makes the legs seem longer than they actually are. So when you wear black trousers, try pairing them with a pair of black or dark colored shoes.

Remember when your legs seem longer, it makes you appear taller, so don’t wear high top shoes that hide your ankle, instead wear shoes that are low top because they show more of your ankle making you look taller.

Also, round-headed or square headed shoes make the legs seem shorter whereas shoes that have a pointed front make your legs seem longer. So opt to wear shoes that have a pointed front or head if you want to appear taller.

2. Accessorize Smartly To Appear Taller

The Right Accessories Appear to Add Inches On a Man’s Frame

Every good personality development program will tell you that the color of your socks should closely match the color of your trousers. One of the best reasons to follow this advice is that if your socks match closely with your pair of men trousers it helps make you look taller.

A technique behind looking taller has to do with creating an appearance that is similar from top to bottom. This means that you should

  • Avoid wearing bright or patterned socks because they add attention to one particular region of your body and make you seem “split” into two halves.
  • Try to draw people’s attention towards your face by wearing attractive headgear such as caps.
  • If like many Indian men you love wearing a belt, you can wear one to your advantage. Try to wear a men’s belt that is thin because, as mentioned earlier, you don’t want to seem split in two which tends to happen when one wears wide belts.
  • If possible at times go without even wearing a belt or opt to wear suspenders instead.

3. How Trousers Can Help Look Taller

Wear Trousers Higher On Your Waist To Make Your Legs Look Longer

When you’re reaching for the stars, never wear low rise trousers.  The simple reason for this is that when you tuck a shirt into a low rise trouser, your upper body looks longer and your legs appear shorter, making your overall appearance shorter.  Try to wear only mid to high rise trousers and pants.

Also please make sure your trousers don’t bunch up together at your feet, this makes your feet look shorter. Only a minimal volume of your pants fabric should cover your shoe.

4. How to Wear Shirts to Appear Taller

Show Less Sleeve, Wear Shirts with Vertical Stripes, and Wear Shirts That Hug Your Chest

Many men reading this should know that vertical stripes on your shirt give the appearance of additional height while horizontal stripes make one look shorter.

Also what you should know is that by correctly pairing your formal shirt with a blazer or suit you can make yourself seem taller. For instance, if you show ¼’ of the sleeve of your shirt under men’s coat & blazer it will make your arms (and as a result you) appear taller. If on the other hand, you were to show ½’ or ¾’ of your shirts sleeve your arms would appear shorter, as would you.

Another way to appear taller is by wearing a shirt that hugs the chest; this makes your torso appear thinner and you look taller.

5. Finally, a No Brainer

Avoid Wearing These If You’re Short

At all cost, avoid wearing baggy clothes if you want to create the appearance of extra height. Baggy clothes make your feet look short and as a result, you appear shorter than you actually are.

This concludes today’s fashion update fashion aficionados, stay tuned for our next article where we reveal more secrets to make you look more fab than you already do.

Spring is nearly here, or when considering the temperature outside, it’s already arrived. A new season demands a fresh wardrobe to continue looking trendy. Spring is a colorful season and this should be reflected in a fashion consciousness man’s wardrobe as well. Bright colorful attire is the order of the day and season, you should turn away from the monochromatic colors you wore in the winter months. A few of the wardrobe essentials for men to equip your closet with are as follow.

A Brightly Colored Polo Shirt Is The Seasons Mainstay

It’s getting warmer and before you know it, it’s going to be downright hot. In such temperature, it’s sensible to have several brightly colored polo shirts in your closet. Opt for shirts that are bright yellow, red, blue, or green and that have a firm and visible collar too.

Chinos, Chinos, Chinos

The advantages of owning chinos should be obvious to every fashion conscious man. Certainly, one of the best things about chinos is that they can be worn to your office or in a more casual setting paired with a bright polo shirt. Try to buy a pair of men chinos that are either earthy brown or beige to ring in spring this year.

A Casual Belt Is Formally Requested

Try investing in one or two colorful fabric belts, as they will ensure brightness to your spring attire. A fabric belt is great spring wear perfect for when days are getting brighter, more cheery, colorful and longer. One warning when you decide to wear a fabric belt is; every man should ensure that there is a contrast between his fabric belt his shoes and shirt. Don’t wear a yellow fabric belt, with a yellow shirt and yellow espadrilles, keep a contrast between your belt and other items you wear. Doing so will ensure you look tip-top stylish this spring.

A Multicolored Watch Strap Is A Must


In spring 2018 try something offbeat. Buy yourself a vivid watch strap made from fabric that will greet this new season colorfully. One of the best things about such a strap is that it speedily transforms a semi-formal outfit into a casual one thanks to the bright colors radiated by the wristband. A definite must have this spring season guys.

A Fresh Spring Coat Is Called For

Another garment you should own this season is the spring sports coat as it is ideal for spring weather and will see you through till the summer too. Pick a coat that has linen woven into it giving it a crackling feel and texture.

Vivid Spring Socks Add Cheer To Every Spring Day

Lastly, you should equip your wardrobe with colorful socks that radiate the richness of spring. A few of the best colors socks to have on your socks this spring are light blue, multicolored and of course yellow.

Well, chaps, what we’ve shared with you is public knowledge, but you’ll definitely want to keep it a secret and look the best in your friend circle this coming spring. Until our next meeting, ciao.






A man’s hair is one of his most attractive and most prized attributes. Though only those who have some money can dress well in a premium men’s formal suit, every young man can and does usually have well cared for hair. In an earlier blog, we had revealed the various hair care products and how best to use each. In this article, we want to discuss the various possible hairstyles for men and what each reveals about a person.

Long Loose Hair

It’s no coincidence that long loose hairstyle is favored by rock stars, artists, and men who are generally more creative than most. This style of hair signals to the world that a person is a free spirit, rebellious, and not easily controlled. If you work in an office this hairstyle is a definite no-no but if you aspire to work in a creative field then this hairstyle may be just right for you.

Hair Parted From The Side

This hairstyle has remained a part of the mainstream of hairstyles for nearly eighty years. If you want to create a professional aura for yourself, then this hairstyle may be just right for you. It’s appropriate to have this hairstyle in any professional office thanks to its clean-cut look that signals to others “I want to be taken seriously”. Yet hair parted from the side hairstyle is not stuffy and is actually very hip and stylish. Of course, it is entirely up to you which side you want to part your hair from.

A Buzz Cut

If you’re losing the hair on your head, there might be no better way to hide your hair loss than a buzz cut. Having a buzz cut means having your hair cut very close to your scalp (the top of your head). This hairstyle may not be well suited to those individuals who have large ears or an uneven skull because a buzz cut might actually attract peoples attention to such features. If you have none of the constraints described above, then a buzz cut might be right for you since it signals to the world that you are a no-nonsense individual who is also easy and uncluttered. Sportsmen love the buzz cut.

The Fade Cut

 Having a fade cut means that you have small hair on the side and back of your head that gradually merge or fade into the longer hair on top of your head. This hairstyle signals that you like to be in the spotlight and that you are also dependable and like to look neat and clean too. A Fade cut looks great on the majority of men making them look even better than they already do.


We, men, are a funny bunch, we moan about how much time women spend grooming and in general, upkeep, while we spend hours in the gym and nearly half as much time in making our hair just right. No matter where we are heading looking sharp is what every guy look forward to. From a stylish pair of men’s formal shoes for a date to business suits for important meetings, everything counts. While the gym often keeps many of us men who are in our early twenties busy, the volume and quality of our hair demand our attention for almost a lifetime. Hence men’s hair care products have a large and bustling market in the cities, towns, and villages in India. Gone are the days when young men simply oiled their hair in an attempt to look their best, today young people as young as 13 debate the merits of using gel over hairspray or pomade over wax and the merits and drawbacks of each of these products to one another.

Although no one can tell just by using the written word which hair care product is ideal for each reader, we can offer a general guide to our readers concerning which hair care product is well suited for them and how such a product should be used. Below you will find our guide to the different variety of hair care products and how to best use each.

1. Hair Spray

It’s not just for women. Men can also greatly benefit from applying hairspray. What hairspray does is add support and hold to your hair. Hairsprays have been around for decades and over this time have evolved to be less reliant on chemicals to do their magic. Yet, even so, they contain certain chemicals that can cause some users to have headaches. There is a variety of hairsprays in the market and the best among them can prevent your hair from looking like a birds nest and make hair that is thin look thicker and simply more, well… there. A good quality hairspray should make your hair remain in its place all day long. We want to offer a simple suggestion for someone who is considering opting to use hairspray, hairspray may dry out your hair so try to use less of it and when you do use it, also use a shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes your hair. Ask your hair stylist about the hairspray brand he or she believes is best for your hair.

2. Gel

One, Two, Gel… Magic

The grooming industry is one of the biggest on the planet and this is good news for us men because the end result for us is a better hair care gel. Hair care gels have evolved over the past few decades and today your hairstylist will most likely recommend to you a water-based hair gel. Such newer gels allow you (or anyone else) to gently touch hair that has been styled by gel without disrupting the styled hair. One of the best things about the newest gels is that they hydrate the roots of the hair on which they have been applied and do not cause dandruff. Such newer gels also prevent hair from becoming sticky. The best way to use hair gel is by applying only as much as the size of a one rupee coin for long hair and half as much for hair that is short. Take the gel and rub it into your hair from the back to the front and make sure every part of the hair on your head gets an equal quantity of the gel. Then style your hair into spikes or part it.

3. Pomade

Nothing Shows A Man’s Maturity Better Than Pomade Styled Hair


Many say that pomade comes into use when a man has put aside childish things. Pomade is a wax and the great thing about it is that it is perfect to use regardless of one’s hair type. This means that whether you have thin hair or voluminous hair, pomade wax is for you. When you want your hair to look neat, shiny, and slick, its pomade to your rescue. One of the best things about pomade is that makes hair shiny and also nourishes the hair. Pomade is different from a gel in that pomade is used to create a hairstyle that is slick and neat while a gel is used to spike hair or to push hair to the front of the face. The best time to use pomade is when your hair is wet or slightly damp because then pomade can be applied evenly to all the hair on your head. If you are using a thick pomade then, while pomade is still in your palm, you can use a blow dryer to make the pomade softer. We feel a warning concerning pomade is in order as when you use a little pomade more than necessary while styling, your hair may weaken, therefore it is important to not use a larger quantity of pomade than needed. Because, unlike gel, pomade is not very easy to remove it is important to apply a lesser amount of it to style your hair. When you do want to remove it use a shampoo that has biological nutrients and exfoliators.

4. Wax

For Some Men, All It Takes Wax To Go From Drab To Fab

The last and most different contender on our list of hair care products is hair wax. While the other 3 types of hair care products we have told you about are meant for keeping hair styled throughout the day, a wax is different because it just keeps your hair neat and sleek. Wax also does not make your hair hard as gels do after they have been applied to your hair, this means that throughout your day if you so choose, you can restyle your hair. To use hair wax, first pick a small quantity (as much as half a fingertip) and then, because wax is a hard product, rub it between your hands to warm it up. Afterwards use the wax on the surface of your hair by brushing it on your hair’s surface, don’t put your hands between your hair, yet. Once the wax has been placed on the surface of your hair, get ready to style your hair using your hands. Once you’ve styled your hair if you find a strand or two of your hair out of place, use a tiny amount of wax to style it back in place. Additionally, now you can also use hairspray to complete your preferred hairstyle. Viola, you now have your perfect hairstyle.

Well, this is what we have to share with you this week about the most popular variety of hair care products and how best to use each. We know that once you start to actually use these products (if you’re not doing so already) you will figure out the “recipe” that works best for you. Of course, the grooming secrets we have shared won’t eat away any extra time from your schedule because, despite the extra time you take to look your best, you will still likely be kept looking repeatedly at your watch waiting for the women in your life to be dressed and ready while you already are.

Do you have a size 34 waist? Are you only sure of this because a size 34 pair of pants fits comfortably around your tummy? We’re not looking for trouble but we know that thanks to “Vanity Sizing” there are good reasons to doubt the intentions of your favourite brand when it labels the size of its clothing. We’re sure you’ve experienced first hand that waist sizes differ from one brand to the next. Hence a garment with a size 34 waist made by one apparel maker may be too small for you while a size 34 of another label will fit you with ease. This is called “vanity sizing” within the fashion industry and is done deliberately by numerous brands to attract buyers to purchase only their apparel.

Stroking The Male Ego Using His Waist

Many if not most brands intentionally show pants with a larger waist size as being 2 or more inches smaller. This trick appeals to men’s “vanity” who show a preference for buying trousers from labels that sell pants of a larger than actually stated waist size. Men who think that the top brands are immune to such manipulation have a thing or two to learn. The best-known brands in the world are the same ones that most heavily employ “vanity sizing” in their garments. Men’s brands that are traditionally considered stalwarts of male masculinity are often the same ones that falsely label oversized garments as smaller ones and sell them to insecure men, fooling consumers into a false sense of comfort.

The Scale of The Deception

Some men reading these words may refuse to believe that vanity sizing actually exists or that it is done deliberately by the top clothing manufacturers in the world. But men make no mistake, “vanity sizing” exists and is done deliberately by apparel manufacturers. The difference in the waist sizes among different manufacturers is not a coincidence, it has been created on purpose. Even the most valued apparel brands in the world partake in this deception. To get an idea of the difference between the sartorial fiction created and the facts, consider that one leading apparel label sells 39.5-inch pants as 36-inch ones. Another even more premium brand markets pants with a 41-inch waist as 36-inch pants.

Men Fall For It

Anyone who still thinks only women are vain has a lot to learn. Men are equally as vain as the fairer sex is. Hence the success of vanity sizing which leads men to feel good about themselves without having to make any real physical effort to do so.  Most insecure men probably make themselves believe that the larger sized pant shown as having a smaller waist size that fits them well is correct while a tight fitting pant that has the accurate waist measurement is wrong. One can’t hold it against men, as men are as conscious of their physical measurements as are women are about their age. But lying to themselves about the same may have unfavourable consequences.

Living in La La Land

When you’re a man, you measure your waist by the circumference of your pants, literally. Men are highly unlikely to pull out a measuring tape to check the size of their waist because they believe they know the size of they’re waist through the waist size displayed on the pants they wear. But what if many of them have been wrong for the past few years and their waist size, for instance, is not a relatively healthy 34 inches but a larger and unhealthy 36 or even 38 inches? Then rather than being able to enjoy a lavish gourmet filled lifestyle, they ought to go easy and cut down on the portions they consume. In such instances men’s trousers may be misleading them and, unbelievable as it seems, harming their health.

A Simple Solution

Vanity sizing is highly unlikely to go away anytime soon. Pants sold through vanity sizing are too comfortable to too many and make men feel good about themselves. The simplest way for men to not be fooled by the deception of vanity sizing is by pulling out a measuring tape and measuring the size of their waist. Then regardless of whether they wear falsely labelled 34-inch waist size trousers when the actual size of their waist is 36 inches, they won’t be partaking in an unnecessary deception and perhaps may even, if they’ve grown physically complacent, be motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Ola trendsetters! To begin with, we want to state what’s obvious, that most of us have one, two, or even more pairs of men sneakers in our closet. They are great to play sports in or suitable to wear as dress shoes when they’re worn right. There are nearly unlimited ways to match your sneakers with the rest of your attire or to match your attire with your sneakers (when you’re a true sneaker-head that is). Most of us pay great consideration to the attire we want to wear and consider sneakers less important. However, the right sneakers when paired with the right outfit can make our persona and make us look significantly better than we would have without the right athletic footwear.

But First, Sneakers and How They Came to Be

Most shoes for men before the introduction of the sneaker had wooden soles. Sneakers, with their rubber soles, were named so because of the “ability” they bestowed on the person wearing them to “sneak” around without making a sound. Hence being able to walk stealthily led to this variety of shoe being called “Sneakers”.

Although today we take for granted that the shoe we put on our right foot is crafted so as to best fit our right foot and not the left, and of course vice versa. It may surprise you to learn that in the late 1800’s in western countries the underclass wore rubber-soled shoes called plimsolls that did not differentiate one foot from the other. Because these shoes did not differentiate wearers left or right foot, one piece could be worn on either foot. Obviously, they were not crafted with the precision that we take for granted today, a precision that differentiates the piece to be worn on the right foot from the one to be worn on the left foot and once again, vice versa.

You Wouldn’t Dare Try This Barefoot, Would You Now?

Naturally, the absence of this precision did not make for a comfortable shoe and subsequently led to the introduction of new type of shoe known as Keds that was created by the U.S. Rubber Company. Keds differentiated between wearers right and left foot and are today acknowledged as the very first mass-produced shoe worthy of being called a sneaker. From here on we may say that there was no looking back and sneakers gradually evolved and grow into what we know today to be tennis shoes, cross trainers, and basketball shoes, and also low top sneakers that look great when one’s strutting down a city street wearing skinny charcoal jeans.

Pairing the Black Sneaker

Read on to better understand how to attractively pair your black sneakers with the other high-quality apparel in your closet.

No doubt you know that black sneakers are a most versatile fashion essential that looks great with almost anything. Try and pair yours with a pair of “nude chinos” i.e. chinos that are the same color as human skin and wear on your torso a black colored crew neck sweater. A pair of black low top sneakers with this combination of chinos and sweater will create a bold and stylish look at the close of this winter. The contrast between the black sneaker and your black sweater and nude chinos will demand that a white collared shirt is worn over your torso, underneath the sweater, creating the right mix stylish of colors, shades, and shapes.

Step It Up In Style Wearing Black Sneakers or White

Sadly winter is coming to an end, and seemingly with not a bang but a whimper. The temperature never fell as low or stayed as low as many of us would have liked and some of us never got the chance to wear some of the most attractive attires we had hoped to wear this winter. Lucky for you we’re here to help. Because winter may be coming to a close, but it leaves many fashion opportunities with respect to your pair of black sneakers wide open. To get the most out of your black colour sneakers this winter, pair them with a navy blue colored jacket and blue jeans and a black tee. A brown belt around your waist and the black sneakers on your feet will create the perfect combination of colors to match what you’re wearing on your torso and on your legs.

How To Look Great in a White Sneaker

When we think of the name sneakers or sports and athletic shoes the first thing that comes to our mind is a pair of white colored footwear. Naturally, when was the last time you saw the Indian National Cricket Team, even when wearing their blue jersey’s, pair them with anything but white sneakers? Even you, when growing up, probably never stepped onto the sports field for an important match without first putting on sneakers that were, you guessed it, white. So no one will blame you if sneakers to you mean a pair of white colour athletic shoes.

Thankfully, white sneakers are not just meant to be worn when there are a ball and sports field involved. They are increasingly being accepted as ideal office wear on casual work days and at an acceptable time of day are visible on the feet of wealthy patrons at swanky clubs and restaurants as well.

Its winter time, enough said, yes, we already know what season it is. But it’s important to keep in mind before dressing because winter means that you likely venture out of your house dressed in heavier than usual clothing. Such clothing may also be devoid of the bright colors you often wear during spring and summer. A pair of bright white sneakers will add color to your outfit at this time in January. Pair your white low top sneakers with a slim fitting chino and a warm jacket. Finish off this classic look with a simple white tee. Its cool enough to not feel too hot in this outfit and its warm enough to not feel too cold in it either. As the early morning sun travels higher into the sky, the temperature may (depending on where you are) become warm enough to remove the jacket and emerge dressed in a stylish semi-retro look that is just “made” by your clean white sneakers.

Ideal Sneakers: A Light Canvas, Supple Sole, With Laces or Without

To attain a slightly edgier look with your white sneakers pair them with tight-fitting blue denim jeans and a full-sleeved shirt and once again, a white tee underneath. A light colored sweater on top will complete a preppy yet casual look that can carry you from the office to a semi-formal gathering with friends at a club in the evening. In most parts of India, barring those places with the most extreme climate, the temperature is warm enough to look great in this type of apparel, and because it’s a mild January winter, it means we can look great dressed in less bulky winter wear.

In closing young hipsters and trendsetters, we want to emphasize that like time, fashion also doesn’t stand still for anyone. Rather fashion is an exhilarating journey with no final destination and there’s no one right look that’s appropriate for everyone on their fashion odyssey. On our travels, we expect to keep you looking your best whatever may come across your path while we journey together. So until next time, ciao.

We’re sure you already have a friend or two who wears spectacles, you may even wear a pair yourself. We know that there is also a fairly high likelihood that you or your friend own a pair of prescription contact lenses as well. Hence, you know already what we mean when we state that wearing a pair of glasses or removing them and wearing contact lenses will dramatically improve a person’s personality.

Similarly, the right pair of sunglasses can be just the right accessory to complete a stunning transformation. Additionally, what’s great about a pair of sunglasses is that it doesn’t matter whether its summertime or winters, as long as the sun is brightly shining, wearing a high-quality pair of sunglasses looks good. However before you rush out to buy a pair of “Cools” a caveat; sunglasses are not all the same, thus a pair that looks great on your friend, might not look so on you.

The Classic Aviator Graces Women and Men Equally Well

Undeniably a few traditional designs such as the Classic Aviator suits more people than do other more exotic designs, yet the aviator looks much better on a lucky few than it does on many others.

One of the most crucial factors in deciding which pair will look the best on you is the shape of your face. Yes, you read that correctly, different types of sunglasses look good or bad on a person depending on the face of the person who is wearing them. What’s more, there is a science behind what style will look good on whom. Which thankfully means that even if you have modestly attractive features, wearing the right pair of sunglasses can greatly enhance your appearance.

By now we’re sure you’re a little curious to know what kind of sunglasses will make you look your best. Which is why we’re sharing with you a guide to the different style of sunglasses that should be worn depending on the shape of a face. So read on and then confidently go and buy this image-enhancing accessory.

For Those With a Round Face

A round face is gentle yet it can also appear to lack structure because of its shape. Thankfully the right pair of rectangular sunglasses for round face can immediately bring about a desirable structure. If you have a round face you may benefit from the polish that can be attained by a wearing a rectangular frame.

The Rectangular Frame Adds Contours To Every Face

One of the most suitable sunglasses a person with a round face may wear is the Wayfarer. Of-course Classic Aviators also look great on a round face as well. Rectangular sunglasses that wrap around the wearers face can also enhance the right persons a persons personality.

Ideal Sunglasses If You Have a Square Face

A Round Frame Rests Elegantly on a Square Body

When you are the proud owner of a square-shaped face you may actually require sunglasses that are circular in shape. This is because adding additional structure to your face by wearing a rectangular frame which, with its sharp and angular shape, will create even more structure and will make you look hard. Your take away should be that your square shaped face already has a powerful structure and should be soothed with a gentler round sunglasses to help you look your best.

When You’re Blessed With a Triangular Shaped Face

You should indeed feel lucky. Having a triangular shaped face allows the individual to successfully experiment with a wider variety of frames than those with either a round or square face can. Remember when we’re talking about a triangular shaped face we mean that the pointed end of the triangle is facing towards your forehead and not towards your chin.

Heavy on Top, Light on the Bottom is the Mantra For a Triangular Face

The ideal frame for someone with this face happens to be a frame that is “top heavy”, meaning it has greater structure and mass at its top near the eyebrows than it does at the sides and near the cheeks at the bottom. Luckily such a person will also look good in a frame that is square or angular.

Certainly, we agree there are some unique individuals who are able to pull off an unconventional look with effortless poise. However, we believe that the basic guidelines presented above are a good rule of thumb for a large number of us to apply when we decide to buy our next latest pair of sunglasses.

Hence, young hipsters, this concludes our gathering within moving imagery and the written word and until we meet again, adieu.