Sunglasses as Per the Shape of Your Face

We’re sure you already have a friend or two who wears spectacles, you may even wear a pair yourself. We know that there is also a fairly high likelihood that you or your friend own a pair of prescription contact lenses as well. Hence, you know already what we mean when we state that wearing a pair of glasses or removing them and wearing contact lenses will dramatically improve a person’s personality.

Similarly, the right pair of sunglasses can be just the right accessory to complete a stunning transformation. Additionally, what’s great about a pair of sunglasses is that it doesn’t matter whether its summertime or winters, as long as the sun is brightly shining, wearing a high-quality pair of sunglasses looks good. However before you rush out to buy a pair of “Cools” a caveat; sunglasses are not all the same, thus a pair that looks great on your friend, might not look so on you.

The Classic Aviator Graces Women and Men Equally Well

Undeniably a few traditional designs such as the Classic Aviator suits more people than do other more exotic designs, yet the aviator looks much better on a lucky few than it does on many others.

One of the most crucial factors in deciding which pair will look the best on you is the shape of your face. Yes, you read that correctly, different types of sunglasses look good or bad on a person depending on the face of the person who is wearing them. What’s more, there is a science behind what style will look good on whom. Which thankfully means that even if you have modestly attractive features, wearing the right pair of sunglasses can greatly enhance your appearance.

By now we’re sure you’re a little curious to know what kind of sunglasses will make you look your best. Which is why we’re sharing with you a guide to the different style of sunglasses that should be worn depending on the shape of a face. So read on and then confidently go and buy this image-enhancing accessory.

For Those With a Round Face

A round face is gentle yet it can also appear to lack structure because of its shape. Thankfully the right pair of rectangular sunglasses for round face can immediately bring about a desirable structure. If you have a round face you may benefit from the polish that can be attained by a wearing a rectangular frame.

The Rectangular Frame Adds Contours To Every Face

One of the most suitable sunglasses a person with a round face may wear is the Wayfarer. Of-course Classic Aviators also look great on a round face as well. Rectangular sunglasses that wrap around the wearers face can also enhance the right persons a persons personality.

Ideal Sunglasses If You Have a Square Face

A Round Frame Rests Elegantly on a Square Body

When you are the proud owner of a square-shaped face you may actually require sunglasses that are circular in shape. This is because adding additional structure to your face by wearing a rectangular frame which, with its sharp and angular shape, will create even more structure and will make you look hard. Your take away should be that your square shaped face already has a powerful structure and should be soothed with a gentler round sunglasses to help you look your best.

When You’re Blessed With a Triangular Shaped Face

You should indeed feel lucky. Having a triangular shaped face allows the individual to successfully experiment with a wider variety of frames than those with either a round or square face can. Remember when we’re talking about a triangular shaped face we mean that the pointed end of the triangle is facing towards your forehead and not towards your chin.

Heavy on Top, Light on the Bottom is the Mantra For a Triangular Face

The ideal frame for someone with this face happens to be a frame that is “top heavy”, meaning it has greater structure and mass at its top near the eyebrows than it does at the sides and near the cheeks at the bottom. Luckily such a person will also look good in a frame that is square or angular.

Certainly, we agree there are some unique individuals who are able to pull off an unconventional look with effortless poise. However, we believe that the basic guidelines presented above are a good rule of thumb for a large number of us to apply when we decide to buy our next latest pair of sunglasses.

Hence, young hipsters, this concludes our gathering within moving imagery and the written word and until we meet again, adieu.



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