Asort Celebration of Pride Month

#AsortianCelebratePride  #HappyPridemonth

Asort believes in equality in the workplace and pride month is one such occasion for the LGBTQIA+ community to celebrate their diverse sexualities and genders. It’s essential for everyone to show their support and love. And this goes beyond using rainbow filters on social media.

Pride Day is not only a celebration of identity or freedom of expression; it’s also about uplifting our co-workers, employees, and everyone around us, by making sure that all our team members learn to be inclusive, and accepting every day of the year.

That’s why, at asort, we celebrated Pride Day for the first time with fun activities that included all our employees, founders, and staff. We organized an educational and interactive event, which included games and quiz competitions filled with joy and acceptance, and we got an overwhelming response from all employees.

It was a day high on energy, and we loved spreading awareness about the LGBT+ community and the history of Pride Month while indulging in some serious fun! followed by an exclusive sale for our employees to celebrate the festivity. Our founders and various other employees share their experiences about how many people with diverse preferences are striving in our community.

The event not only creates awareness but also acts as a medium to celebrate individuality, oneness, and togetherness by building strong relationships and a positive environment at our workplace. 

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