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Before starting this blog, we would like to clear one important thing that we are not in the favor of Coronavirus and we don’t want to give you the idea that we welcome this global epidemic. As you are already aware that Coronavirus pandemic causes fear, death, worry, health threats, high inconvenience, destroyed livelihood, shattered both physical and economic worlds but there are reasons for hope, and even optimism. And the sole purpose of this blog is to bring some positive vibes amid this global pandemic Coronavirus

As you know everything comes with pros & cons and even when the time is hard to focus on “cup-half-full” and keep your optimism up, but Coronavirus pandemic can lead to good things and lessons too.

The lessons discovered from the Coronavirus pandemic will deliver profits later on and help individuals prevent more awful ones.

  • We have only one world and the national boundaries are artificial.

The pandemic has made us realize that we are one world as the virus doesn’t carry a passport to move around the world and is hitting all the people, industries and countries. 

Most people infected with Covid-19 recoverEstimates suggest that 99% of people infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 will recover. The loss of life related to this pandemic is terrible but the overall death rate is about 1% which is far less than MERS (about 34%), SARS (about 11%), or Ebola (90%).

  • Children around the world seems to be infected less often

The vast majority of infections so far have afflicted adults. And even when kids are infected, they tend to have a milder disease which is, in fact, good news for little kids & their parents. 

  • Living a hygienic life isn’t that difficult

With or without Coronavirus, leading a hygienic life should be our priority. Washing hands on regular intervals, washing fruits & vegetables before eating, avoiding outside junk foods, having more homemade and consulting doctors when necessary should be practiced regularly. 

  • We can be together even when we are apart

We all are currently practicing social distancing and are away from our family, friends and loved ones. Thanks to the internet, we have at least social & medical connections where we can visit our family & doctors virtually and get regular updates on their conditions. 

  • Encouraging localism around the world 

Stuck in Quarantine led all of us to know the neighbors and the family members we’ve always ignored. As we are distributing ourselves less widely nowadays, we have more time in hand to be present to the people around us.

  • Doctors are true life-savior

Not hurting anybody’s religious values and sentiments but no priest, worshipping places or astrologers can save the patients other than the hard-working doctors all around the world. 

  • Farmers are the heroes

As soon as the Government announced a lockdown, all of us started piling up on food and basic necessities and not the luxury items which we always thought is an important part of our lives. 

  • The planet is recovering fast 

The virus is not affecting the environment and earth is regenerating itself quickly without humans into play. Decreases in industrial, transportation, industrial activities since the coronavirus outbreak had reduced levels of pollution. A slowdown in vehicle traffic has resulted in noise pollution decrease led to clear blue skies.

  • Wildlife may benefit 

People around the world are noticing that animals are living at ease and reclaiming their habitats as human intervention has minimized. The canals are all clear, full of fish & some dolphins, animals are roaming freely, clear skies and birds chirping all around the world.

  • We can work from home 

Technology has come a long way to help us. Through Zoom call, video calls and virtual meetings, most of us are capable of earning from home without any major difficulties. Especially in the Direct Selling industry, Ds.asort is proving that we are truly a business without boundaries.  By far we have managed 18000+ Participants, 250+ Virtual Meetings in just one week

  • Replace pain with gain 

With all the time in hand, people are using the lockdown to gain something from it instead of complaining and going through pain. They are investing in new skills, gaining more knowledge, developing good habits, focusing on fitness and taking care of their health better than ever before.

Hope we all get over this pandemic soon and come out of it stronger than ever!


Each individual is unique. Hence, just as the some of us are extroverts who may excel in sales, others are less social and may excel in other roles that require lesser interaction with people. Effective leaders recognize that people are different and that some people can thrive in an environment while others who are equally talented may completely fail in an identical role. Great leaders also know that the right personality can thrive working in direct sales while an unsuited personality, despite perhaps having greater talent, will fail and quickly leave a team.

Most of our readers already know that everyone who has found success in direct sales understands the importance of having a great team and of teamwork. A great team often makes the difference between stellar success and abject failure. Therefore creating the best team possible and motivating its members is paramount for anyone who expects to be successful in direct sales.

We want to share with our readers a few important and useful tips that will help them create the right team which will eventually pave the way for their direct sales team to greater financial success.

1. Recruit the Right People

Firstly, a successful leader in the direct sales industry is honest to prospective recruits about not only the excellent monetary rewards and scope for career advancement within the industry but also about the struggles of working in the direct sales industry. Doing this in the early stages of recruitment allows a successful leader to create a better and more cohesive team with lower incidents of turnover. Everyone who has spent some time working in direct sales knows that one of the greatest challenges of working in the direct sales industry is keeping a team continuously motivated and keeping turnover as low as possible. Better recruitment is one of the most important ways to ensure lower turnover and create a more motivated team that eventually earns a greater profit for all of its members.

2. Incentivize Existing Team Members

When You Reward Your Recruits, They’ll Work Their Best For You

Remember, nearly everyone is motivated to earn more money online. To someone in the direct sales industry, this creates an unmissable opportunity. Accomplished leaders in the direct sales industry incentivize team members with cash rewards everytime fresh recruits, recruited by their existing team members, successfully finish working in the team for a period of 60 or 90 days. Monetary incentives motivate existing team members to seek out hard-working individuals whom they know well for the purpose of joining their team which leads eventually to a more cohesive team.  For those working in direct sales marketing, referrals play a vital role and offering a cash bonus to existing members for successful recruits creates a larger more unified team and that also earns well. Our readers should remember a smaller team that consists of exceptional personalities is better than a large team of mediocre ones.

3. Recognize Top Performers

Don’t Be Shy To Let Your Star Performers How Much You Appreciate Them

It’s true that everyone is motivated by money, but people also work for a sense of self-worth and self-esteem. So though people are eager to earn money, they also love it when they are recognized for their efforts and talents. This is where a leader plays a crucial role. A good leader of direct sales team recognizes his or her top performers. Successful leaders also schedule and adhere to daily or weekly meetings with all of their team members where sales techniques are discussed and challenges are shared and resolved. At such meetings, top performing team members are often recognized and praised. Readers should remember however that the more liberally praise is accorded the less is its perceived value and hence good leaders are not too liberal giving praise verbally. Good leaders often let their actions speak louder than their words and usually reward top performing team members financially or by assigning them greater responsibilities.

During weekly or daily team meetings, the best leaders set goals for members of their team. They also brainstorm solutions to existing challenges faced by their team and recognize and motivate top performers. By so doing, successful leaders create a new hierarchy of leaders who follow the examples set by existing leaders leading to a more effective and larger team that cohesively works towards shared goals.

Dear readers, in the coming few weeks we are going to share more techniques that are necessary to be successful in direct sales industry and also other techniques that will make you better salespeople. Adieu for today and until we meet again between written words and active imagery.