What Does it Mean to Be Ethical

Ethics are referred to standards of behavior in both our personal and working lives. Also, having ethical values would play a big role in building a credible business.

We have a specific post on social media ethics as well.

Being an ethical person means that you are responsible and accountable.

Ethics or values guide us in making choices both in our personal and professional life.

As a Asort Community member why should you behave ethically?

What are the key benefits?

1) Helps in building strong relationships within the community

Ethical behavior would help you to build positive relationships in your community.

Ethical values generate trust within the community.

2) Builds commitment from team members

As a leader, your team looks up to you. Your team will copy everything that you do.

Ethical behavior will help you to gain genuine respect from your team.

Your team will become more committed to you if they respect you.

3)Achieve customer loyalty and confidence:

The success of your business totally depends on loyal customers.

By being ethical with your customers, you can build good relations with them.

If your customer feels happy and confident with you then they will help you in gaining more business through referrals.

4)Improve yours and company’s reputation:

Being an ethical person would help you to build a better image in front of your customers and team members.

This will help in building a positive reputation for your company.

5)Avoid legal problems and penalties:

Following the business ethics will keep you away from unnecessary legal issues and penalties that can spoil your business reputation.

6) Improves productivity and encourages teamwork

Your ethical behavior would help in creating a perfect example for your team.

Thus, your team will remain focused on doing the right thing.

Ethical values will bring positivity and create a strong bonding among team members. The team will feel motivated to do more and achieve more.


Ethics play a very big role in building a credible business and reputation. Remember friends it takes years to build a reputation but only five minutes to ruin it.

एथिकल होना क्या है और ये क्यों ज़रूरी है

एथिक्स का अर्थ है नैतिक आचार विचार या बिहेवियर्स। एथिक्स हमारे व्यक्तिगत और प्रोफैशनल जीवन में ज़रूरी हैं। एथिक्स एक क्रेडिबल बिज़नेस बिल्ड करने में मदद करते हैं।

एक एथिकल व्यक्ति अपने हर ऑप्शन की जिम्मेवारी लेता है । एथिक्स और परखने हमे मदद करती हैं सही और गलत को  में, फिर चाहे निजी ज़िन्दगी की बात करें या बिज़नेस की।

क्या एक asort कम्युनिटी मेंबर को एथिकल होना ज़रूरी है ? एथिकल लीडर होने पर बिज़नेस को क्या फायदा होता है ?

  • एथिकलबर्ताव कम्युनिटी के अंदर मज़बूत रिश्ते बनाने में मदद करती है
    • यदिआप एथिकल हैं तो आप की टीम में ट्रस्ट और पॉज़िटिविटी बनी रहती है। टीम  बॉन्डिंग भी स्ट्रांग होती है।
  • टीममेंबर्स में कमिटमेन्ट लेवल बढाती है।
    • आपकीटीम आप के लीडरशिप पर निर्भर है। टीम आपके हर हरकत को गौर से देखती है और कॉपी करती है।
    • अगरआप एथिकल हैं तो टीम मेंबर्स आपकी दिल से रिस्पेक्ट करेंगे। आपके टीम मेंबर्स आप के प्रति डेडिकेटेड होंगे ।
  • कस्टमरलॉयल्टी बढ़ती है .
    • आपके बिज़नेस की कामयाबी निर्भर करती है लॉयल कस्टमर्स पर। अगर आप एथिकल हैं तो कस्टमर्स का आप पर विश्वास मज़बूत होता है।
    • एकहैप्पी कस्टमर आपको रेफेर्रल्स के द्वारा आपके बिज़नेस को बढ़ाने में मदद करता हैं। नए कस्टमर्स बनाना आसान हो जाता है।
  • आपऔर आपकी कंपनी की छवि बेहतर बनती है। 
    • एथिकलबर्ताव आपकी एवं आपकी कंपनी की रेप्युटेशन और इज़्ज़त को समाज में बढ़ाती हैं।
  • आपकानूनी कारवाही और झंझटों से बचे रहते है.
    • अगरआप बिज़नेस एथिकल तरीके से करते हैं तो आप लीगल मुसीबतों से दूर रहते हैं।
  • टीमप्रोडक्टिविटी और मोटिवेशन बढ़ती हैं।
    • आपकीटीम सही कार्य करने में फोकस्सड रहेगी।
    • एकफोकस्सड और एथिकल टीम प्रोत्साहित रहती है और नयी उचाईयो को तय करने में।

एथिक्स का बहुत बड़ा रोल होता है क्रेडिबल बिज़नेस बनाने में। याद रखें दोस्तों एक रेपुटेड बिज़नेस बिल्ड करने में काफी वक़्त लगता है , मगर सिर्फ एक अनैतिक विचार या व्यव्हार ही काफी है रेपुटेशन  बिगाड़ने के लिए।

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  1. amit sarngal says:

    yeah , it’s a very good information, but asort’s leader also need a boost from company’s side. Beacuase asort’s leaders going lazy dady by due to slow service process.i.e (making of products, minimum design of products , costmer care etc.) if asort’s leaders timely updated by with proper information that they actual need, according to our feedback, then it will become more easy to handle a big team by single leader only.
    thank you.
    Good business.

  2. Sagar Torne says:

    Great & positive disigan
    Good business

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    Ek beast lidar kya hota hai

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    1 best Lidar ki coaliti kya hoti hai

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