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Many young people even as teenagers are eager to go into business for themselves. Unfortunately, only a few lucky ones have the financial means at their disposal that allow them to launch their own venture. The rest have to settle for working for those who had the financial backing to make their dream a reality or they work in tedious government jobs. Well actually, not quite, this was true sometime in the past but only before the introduction of the direct sales business model in the country. A direct sales business model allows even those with modest means to successfully launch their own business because the capital requirement is far lower in a direct sales business than in a traditional one.

A Direct Sales Business Is Like Any Other Business

One can easily make money online with Asort.  Although a direct sales business has a relatively lower capital requirement than most traditional businesses do to get it off the ground, this in itself does not and actually should not guarantee the success of such a business. Just like any other business a direct sales business also requires dedication and effort from everyone who decides they want to run their own direct sales business. Remember, starting your own direct sales business is no guarantee of its success. Just as any business can be unsuccessful, modestly successful, or a resounding success, so too can be a direct sales business. Thankfully the cost of launching your own direct sales business is usually far less than that of launching a traditional one.

We want to share a few tips with our readers and partners that will allow those who are serious about their direct sales business to be successful in their venture.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Set Goals That Are Challenging Yet Attainable

Online selling is the best way to start your own business and start working from the comfort of your own home. Always remember that a direct sales business is like any other business. Therefore, like in any other business, there will be periods when you will earn more than in other months. You won’t begin to earn large sums of money just by signing up, rather how much you earn will depend on how much effort you devote to your business. To keep from becoming disheartened quickly, you should set realistic targets for yourself in your direct sales business. Try to set goals that are achievable and then work systematically towards accomplishing these goals. Many who don’t succeed in direct sales don’t because they, so to speak, “Start with a bang, and end with a whimper”. Setting realistic goals and working systematically towards achieving them is a good start to your direct sales business.

2. Network, Network, Network

Realize That Everyone You Meet Is A Potential Customer

To be successful in direct sales you will need to market your business opportunity to as large an audience as possible. Therefore it is essential that to be successful in direct sales you need to increase the size of your network. A larger network will increase the size of your referral network. In order to increase the size of your network, you should actively attend as many public events as possible. From fairs to festive occasions, all should demand your presence. You must try to increase the number of your acquaintances and be able to strike up a conversation with strangers. Also, remember every occasion or function presents you with an opportunity to network and potentially to increase the size of your team so if possible never pass on attending such events.

3. Show Your Professionalism At Every Opportunity

Be What You Want Others To See

Direct sales is a business, period. If you want to sell fashion online, consider Asort. Just as being successful in any business requires great professionalism so too must you polish your professional skills to make the right impression on all those whom you come across. Nothing makes a better first impression on someone than being well dressed, well spoken, and having good manners. A young person in a direct sales business should be willing to set aside childish things and step successfully into an adult avatar. Practice speaking alone in front of a mirror to see how others see you when you speak and if you think you must do better, try to improve your style of speaking by practising daily in front of the mirror. Dressing well and being well groomed is never a drawback so make a habit of doing both well.

4. Make Time An Ally

The Most Successful People Simply Respect Time To Get Ahead

In the west, the phrase “Time is Money” is taken literally and very seriously. The sooner that someone in direct sales realizes that time is a most valuable commodity, the more quickly they will grow their business. Think about it, time is what your life is made of. You can’t afford to waste time to make use of every minute of every day. Scheduling appointments and meetings at the start of the day will ensure you are able to meet with your clients at the right time and that you do not miss appointments or important calls. You can simply be an influencer and inspire people like you to fulfil their dreams. You must create a list of the things you are going to do each day. Make this daily task sacrosanct and with practice, it will become your second nature. Use the time to your advantage by using this commodity better than those around you and you’ll come one step closer to being successful in direct sales.

5. Use Social Networking Sites

Employ The Tremendous Power Of Social Media To Contact New Clients

Being on social networking sites where your target audience congregates is another tried and tested method to increase the size of any social network. You should engage in chats and conversations on online networking sites. Try to understand where your target audience is most likely to be online and visit such networking sites and engage individuals on these sites in chats and conversations online. Present an opportunity online to the right segment of people and you will be surprised by the interest those present online show in what you have to say. Social networking sites today present a nearly limitless potential to reach out to hundreds if not thousands of individuals and to increase the size of your network. Use them.

6. Create A Home Office

Make A Dedicated Home Office To Keep Track of Sales and Plan For the Future

One of the more subtle ways to become devoted to a direct sales business is by creating a personal office or workspace for yourself. Yes, the best direct sales business in India may not require you to remain seated in one place too long but having your own workspace dedicated to your personal business is a powerful symbol and adds the touch of professionalism we spoke about earlier. Keep a room or even a corner of one room with a table, chair, and desktop, dedicated to your role as the owner of a business. Doing so will add a certain prestige and discipline with respect to your new role and to your exciting and profitable journey ahead.

Having discussed these 6 points above there is another one behind all of them which is crucial for success. It concerns the unique nature of the “comfort zone” every one of us has. To be successful in any endeavour, you need to step outside your comfort zone. We cannot overstate how important this is after hearing the testimonies of hundreds of successful people working in dozens of professions across the world. To successfully employ all the 6 tips we have mentioned above you must first step outside your comfort zone. In the future, if you want to “make it” in the best direct sales business in India, this is certainly one of the first and most important obstacles to overcome. But once you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and employ these 6 tips diligently, the world of direct sales will be yours for the taking.

Each individual is unique. Hence, just as the some of us are extroverts who may excel in sales, others are less social and may excel in other roles that require lesser interaction with people. Effective leaders recognize that people are different and that some people can thrive in an environment while others who are equally talented may completely fail in an identical role. Great leaders also know that the right personality can thrive working in direct sales while an unsuited personality, despite perhaps having greater talent, will fail and quickly leave a team.

Most of our readers already know that everyone who has found success in direct sales understands the importance of having a great team and of teamwork. A great team often makes the difference between stellar success and abject failure. Therefore creating the best team possible and motivating its members is paramount for anyone who expects to be successful in direct sales.

We want to share with our readers a few important and useful tips that will help them create the right team which will eventually pave the way for their direct sales team to greater financial success.

1. Recruit the Right People

Firstly, a successful leader in the direct sales industry is honest to prospective recruits about not only the excellent monetary rewards and scope for career advancement within the industry but also about the struggles of working in the direct sales industry. Doing this in the early stages of recruitment allows a successful leader to create a better and more cohesive team with lower incidents of turnover. Everyone who has spent some time working in direct sales knows that one of the greatest challenges of working in the direct sales industry is keeping a team continuously motivated and keeping turnover as low as possible. Better recruitment is one of the most important ways to ensure lower turnover and create a more motivated team that eventually earns a greater profit for all of its members.

2. Incentivize Existing Team Members

When You Reward Your Recruits, They’ll Work Their Best For You

Remember, nearly everyone is motivated to earn more money online. To someone in the direct sales industry, this creates an unmissable opportunity. Accomplished leaders in the direct sales industry incentivize team members with cash rewards everytime fresh recruits, recruited by their existing team members, successfully finish working in the team for a period of 60 or 90 days. Monetary incentives motivate existing team members to seek out hard-working individuals whom they know well for the purpose of joining their team which leads eventually to a more cohesive team.  For those working in direct sales marketing, referrals play a vital role and offering a cash bonus to existing members for successful recruits creates a larger more unified team and that also earns well. Our readers should remember a smaller team that consists of exceptional personalities is better than a large team of mediocre ones.

3. Recognize Top Performers

Don’t Be Shy To Let Your Star Performers How Much You Appreciate Them

It’s true that everyone is motivated by money, but people also work for a sense of self-worth and self-esteem. So though people are eager to earn money, they also love it when they are recognized for their efforts and talents. This is where a leader plays a crucial role. A good leader of direct sales team recognizes his or her top performers. Successful leaders also schedule and adhere to daily or weekly meetings with all of their team members where sales techniques are discussed and challenges are shared and resolved. At such meetings, top performing team members are often recognized and praised. Readers should remember however that the more liberally praise is accorded the less is its perceived value and hence good leaders are not too liberal giving praise verbally. Good leaders often let their actions speak louder than their words and usually reward top performing team members financially or by assigning them greater responsibilities.

During weekly or daily team meetings, the best leaders set goals for members of their team. They also brainstorm solutions to existing challenges faced by their team and recognize and motivate top performers. By so doing, successful leaders create a new hierarchy of leaders who follow the examples set by existing leaders leading to a more effective and larger team that cohesively works towards shared goals.

Dear readers, in the coming few weeks we are going to share more techniques that are necessary to be successful in direct sales industry and also other techniques that will make you better salespeople. Adieu for today and until we meet again between written words and active imagery.


“Excited? So You Should Be. Why? Because Mr. Huffman is ready for you now.”

Over the past several months we have worked diligently, and recently contemplated how, when the time came, we would introduce Mr Huffman for premium menswear clothing range. Today, we’re ready. We want you to know that what began as an effort to bring to our partners the highest quality high-end fashion wear has reached fruition. We’ve successfully created the newest and greatest line of high-quality apparel, footwear, and accessories. Truly.

Our Labor of Love

Nearly a year ago we envisioned creating an exclusive men’s apparel label that would meet or surpass in quality the best sold in the Indian market. Mr Huffman is the culmination of an endeavour which since its inception harnessed the efforts of the best designers working tens of thousands of hours to create apparel, accessories, and footwear that meet our exacting standards. To say that we take pride in each Mr Huffman fashion wear, would be a mild understatement. Saying that we nurture every Mr Huffman article thru design to its manufacture is nearer to the truth.

We’re Not Saying We’re Fashion Visionaries, We Are

What began as a but vision in the minds of great designers has been actualized today. Our vision had been to create the highest quality apparel for consumers who could differentiate great garments from exceptional ones. The Mr Huffman line of fashion wear is manufactured with an ambition to set trends, not follow them. Well styled and superb quality oxford shirts, men sunglasses, sneakers, ties, and blazers are available for sale under the Mr Huffman label. By designing every Mr Huffman garment in the most cutting-edge styling, we ensure that each garment that carries the Mr Huffman label is leading the pack among exclusive and fashionable fashion labels.

Exclusivity is Mr Huffman’s Cornerstone

Our efforts which culminated in the successful launch of the Mr Huffman fashion label were from inception geared towards creating the next exclusive menswear apparel brand. Thanks to the effort of our talented team and our partners, the upmarket Indian fashion wear segment will never be quite as it was in years past. With the successful launch of Mr Huffman, we will disrupt with tailored precision the men’s high-end fashion wear segment across India. Mr Huffman gives Indian men, regardless of where in India they live, the opportunity to wear stylish cutting edge fashion wear of a quality equal to or surpassing that of other premium brands in India.

A Label To Separate Top Men From The Also Ran

Only The Deserving Deserve To Look Their Best

The Mr. Huffman label has been created to give back to the deserving and excellent a unique signature that no other label can come near to imitating. Many already know that over the past twenty-five years sweeping changes, unlike any witnessed for centuries, have rippled across the world. Among the most visible of these is the dramatically lower cost to manufacture virtually any kind of product. Thus, the low cost of manufacturing fashion apparel has led to the ownership of relatively high-quality garments among individuals of limited success. However, with the introduction of the Mr. Huffman label, we have succeeded in giving top men the credit they deserve by creating an exclusive brand that flaunts their unique, privileged, and well-earned status in society.

Thankfully very few brands can match the styling or quality of Mr. Huffman garments, footwear, and accessories hence ensuring that those fortunate enough to have the means to wear a Mr. Huffman garment appear unique at all times. Mr. Huffman has been so created deliberately as our goal was to craft an unequaled premium brand for sophisticated buyers. Admirably, we succeeded in this.

The Path Before Us

Some would find the successful introduction of an upmarket brand an accomplishment that offers reasons to enjoy leisure, not us. Resting on one’s laurels dims the opportunities that lie ahead and we endeavor to grow and prosper in the future as we have done in the past. Despite the introduction of our latest label, we believe that before us still lie important challenges, surmounting which will open a sea of opportunities. For instance, the importance of our partners in bringing Mr. Huffman to the attention of a wider audience is immeasurable. We, alongside our partners, by overcoming many such foreseen or unforeseen challenges, expect to continue on our upward trajectory of creating high-end fashion for women and men while benefiting all those who continue to have faith in and partner with us.


Inspiring stories of journeys from rags to riches are capturing the imagination of Indians nationwide like never before. Asort Rewind is a combination of such stories. They serve the same cohesive function for our society today that folklore and romantic and heroic myths had done in the past. Often the heroes of India’s modern rags to riches stories are today’s business tycoons many of whom receive adulation from throngs of fans who look to them as sources of inspiration. Many such fans hope that one day, with hard work and a little bit of luck, their names will be counted among those whom they presently derive inspiration from.

Yet away from the limelight, there are far more common and more extraordinary stories of wealth creation being written every day in India by Asort. Asort Rewind is a kind of talk show where all these heroes of these stories are exceptional young men and women, some of whom once considered themselves lucky to be able to earn 15,000 rupees a month, and today earn several lakh rupees every month instead.

What makes such stories truly remarkable and worth sharing with the world is the fact that the men and women in them were in their late teens or early 20’s when they started their business ventures. Some of these young people, prior to starting their business, had frequently been unemployed or underemployed, often working as common labourers in villages in India or in minor roles with small businesses. Many also had limited or no financial resources and prior to launching their business lacked the skills or the support system that could equip them with the talent to successfully manage a team of hundreds. In-spite of such challenges these ambitious and dedicated youngsters worked hard and prospered. Today they are gazed at with admiration and awe by some who had once viewed them as unemployable and unmotivated and by others who listen excitedly to them share their exciting journey from once having limited financial resources to having an abundance of wealth today.

To try and understand how such a transformative change has taken hold in cities, towns, and villages in India it is necessary to learn more about Asort and what makes it so unique. In trying to better understand Asort, you must become cognizant of the fact that though many of India’s most accomplished new business have been disruptive, few have been as much so as Asort has been. We have created significant wealth for those at the lower echelon of the consumer pyramid and paved a path for young men and women that allows them to aspire to heights they had never imagined before. Thanks to Asort many young men and women in towns and villages have mastered the grammar required to manage a large and successful business of social selling and developed leadership skills that allow them to be at the helm of a large and diverse team.

While before being introduced to Asort some of these same individuals often had difficulty speaking effectively to an audience of more than five people. Today, these young people, most in their early to mid-twenties, speak confidently to large audiences conveying a content of such maturity that one would expect to hear it from established captains of industry twenty years older than our young partners.

We wish to state that we are proud that over the span of few years, we at Asort have generated wealth for thousands of men and women, and we take equally great pride and satisfaction in having exposed many of those who have partnered with us to a new way of thinking. By successfully creating a broader worldview in the minds of our partners we have offered them valuable insights and practical experience that will help them excel in any new endeavour that they may choose to engage in during their lifetimes. Asort Rewind introduces these leaders/partners among our society and brings them all the appreciation for their hard work.

In the weeks ahead, we want to share individual stories of some of these accomplished Asort business partners with the rest of the world because we want the world to learn about what makes Ifazone so special. We hope that by reading the words of our partners, others may draw inspiration from them. We believe that their stories thus far are but a prelude to an even larger and grander narrative, one that will capture our societies imagination for decades to come.

Our early to mid-twenties is a time in our lives when we can choose to live with careless abandon doing our best to stave off boredom and move from one distraction to another, but simultaneously it can be a time when we work towards a bright future and our long-term financial well-being and success. From the fashion industry to online selling, there is a list of all the possibilities one can consider and do big in future.

Most of us young people are anxious about our chosen careers, for instance, we wonder if the work we are doing will reward us financially in the years to come. Many of us very likely have commitments towards family members that require that we have a steady source of income or we may feel the need to make worthwhile investments to secure our future and our loved one’s future. It seems that not a day goes by when we don’t hear about the tremendous success a young person has attained in a particular field or industry which makes us wonder whether we are on the right path ourselves.

The good news is that if you are tied to the fashion apparel industry then the likelihood that you have a bright future ahead is great indeed. To give you an idea of the size and scope of this industry I’m going to acquaint you with some mind-boggling numbers. Consider that the size of the entire retail industry in India is $600 billion dollars, or approximately 39.00 lakh crore rupees out of which the share of the apparel industry is 8 per cent or approximately $50 billion dollars or 3.12 lakh crore rupees. The sum of 3.12 lakh crore rupees is a very large sum of money indeed, to get an idea how large consider that the most expensive house in the world located in Mumbai was built for 5,000 crores. So the size of the fashion apparel market in India today being 3.12 lakh crore is almost 63 times greater than the cost of Mukesh Ambani’s house! What’s even more exciting is that this figure of 3.12 lakh crore rupees is the annual revenue of the retail apparel industry and is expected to grow substantially over the next 6 years as the fashion retail sector in India continues to grow in size.

For a young person eager to make a splash the fashion apparel industry is the ideal platform from which to do so. The preceding statement will ring even truer when one realizes that the tastes of Indian consumers are also greatly evolving and are different from what they were even five years ago. Young Indians increasingly wish to differentiate themselves from their peers. When not so long ago individuals from the same socioeconomic background and of a similar age dressed very similarly, today’s youth wishes to advertise their personality wearing clothing they think best expresses their unique signature. This trend is likely to continue unrestrained into the future and hence the existing market for trendy fashion apparel will expand to include the latest styles from the across the globe which we at Asort have proven ourselves to be apt at recognizing and taking advantage of.

Today retail sales are not limited to only sales over the counter but include sales via direct channels, e-tailing, and home shopping channels. Many of those today who are pressed for time love the convenience of being able to buy products online, this fact combined with Asort’s success in creating apparel that fits virtually every conceivable body type will lead to happy customers who will continue to buy fashionable apparel from our partners.

To those eager to profit financially while having fun along the way, the fashion industry offers the right mix of continuous monetary reward while working in an important and expanding fashion industry. Over the next few years, we expect to become even more deeply involved with the fashion apparel industry in the country and to leverage the opportunities presented by greater digital penetration into the smaller cities, towns, and villages in India. This is why we want to invite you and other ambitious people like you to join us on the exciting journey that lies ahead.

August 23rd of this year was a special day for many of us. On this day hundreds of our partners gathered at the Pullman Hotel in Aero City at New Delhi when we unveiled our brand new clothing line aptly named Earthy Scent for modern women and its nearness to nature and to the Earth.

Our well-planned event began when many who excel in working with us arrived at the Pullman Hotel, the glitzy setting for what was to come. Many took the opportunity to not only eat, drink, and be merry but to also click a number of pictures with friends, acquaintances, and others who were present. A large number of fun selfies were also taken by many cheerful young men many of whom had travelled some distance to be present at the event. We enjoyed being their hosts and I’m sure they enjoyed being our guests that afternoon as well.

Everyone present arrived in black from head to toe and with superbly groomed beards and looked no less spectacular than the models who were to walk the ramp a little later. The fashion show at the Earthy Scent launch showcased the Earthy Scent line of fashion wear. A large fashion ramp was surrounded on three sides by Ifazone Fashion Consultants and on it walked models wearing what we are confident will go on to become among the most sought-after apparel in the country.

Ifazone takes pride in its products and is humbled by the strong support our distributors continue to place on us. It is our endeavor to continuously work for the benefit of all those who partner with us.

At the Earthy Scent launch, some of our Independent business owners spoke about how Ifazone helped them not only create a business but how working with Ifazone has helped in aspects of their personality; greater confidence in their abilities being just one. Many of our partners also let us know that they did not imagine they would wear the kind of high quality branded clothes they wear so casually since they began working as Fashion Consultants with Ifazone.

Besides the exciting fashion show and traditional dance program in which all the models displayed the Earthy Scent line of garments, attendees also had a chance to learn about the vision of the founders of Ifazone. Many spoke with great appreciation of the company’s founders and expressed views such as their belief that the size and scope of the fashion industry are increasing day by day and how excited they are to be a part of this industry. With regards to the Earthy Scent brand, those at the brand launch were pleased that Ifazone brand was introducing traditional Indian apparel in the Indian market.

Mr Roshan Bisht, the founder of the Ifazone brand remarked at the Earthy Scent launch that the untapped potential of the Indian ethnic wear market was tremendous and he expressed his view that those who purchase Earthy Scent garments will be delighted with the quality of the apparel they come to own.

We can confidently say that our Earthy Scent launch was a tremendous success. This, not only because of a large number of attendees who were present at the event but also because of the lively enthusiasm and positive sentiment on the show by our Fashion Consultants without whose support and success Ifazone would today not be the premier seller of fashionable garments in India it is today.