The wait is finally over. The new brand AMIIGA is live now on, Check out the amazing collection of AMIIGA because it’s inspired by you & for you. It’s all about you.

                                                                AMIIGA IS YOU!

As the word speaks for itself, which means ‘a female friend’ in Spanish, started with a belief that AMIIGA would be the best girlfriend every girl seeks to have. True to the name, AMIIGA continuously strives to achieve purity through the premium fabrics, trendy designs and ethical business practices and maintains the friendship by keeping your style game up. 

We totally embrace the fact that every woman is unique in her own way and thus, you should express like one.

        Make your wardrobe More Trendy with AMIIGA   

The New you with AMIIGA Dresses & Jumpsuits!

AMIIGA is an aspiration every girl needs in her life.


New Spirit with AMIIGA Bottom Wear!

They are trendy, feminine, playful, colourful – and most of all comfortable!

Fresh Vibes with AMIIGA Top Wear & Graphic Tees.

AMIIGA is that special friend for you!

By making the best of who you are today and giving a push over the edge to your personal style, AMIIGA will always be a constant friend in your life at every stage to make you see how beautiful you truly are!

Whether you’re 18 years old or 45, you always need a girlfriend just like you. A friend who is always beside you, helping you evolve, helping you select the right outfit and making you look fantabulous. 

‘AMIIGA is you! The new and confident you!’

Stay Tuned!

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6 Responses

  1. Umar says:

    Good move senior very excited and proud to be member of Asort 😍😍

  2. BagaRam says:



    It’s stunning brand for women’s and girls. Getting a feel of passionate lifestyle

  4. Jaydip Sarvaiya says:

    Good decision for Our Whole team ❣️ Because The Very Rare Product on sites for women and now a separate Brand for them😍

  5. Vishu says:

    Cool fashion

  6. Sukhvinder says:

    Gòod snr ji

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