What is the work of dynamic beneficial accord marketing Pvt Ltd?

Work of DBA company

Know the Work of the DBA company. Dba is known as a dynamic beneficial accord marketing pvt ltd and also known as asort. This is the direct selling company and the first co commerce platform in India. dynamic beneficial accord pvt ltd creating opportunities for young India and empowering them by fulfilling their spirit to become an entrepreneur. We are the community of  Seller partners, vendor partners and influencer partners and we are already associated with 10 Lakh plus partners, we are present in 20+ states across India, spanning Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. We are passionate about providing immense opportunities to our seller partners by conducting meaningful training sessions by the team of experts. These sessions encourage and nurture the skills of our seller partners. 

dynamic beneficial accord marketing private limited

We have a strong community of 10 lakh plus partners and we are on the mission to create a glocal ecosystem for the most driven community of micro-entrepreneurs. This is the platform to make your dream come true with personal and professional growth with us! With 10 + private labels under our belt, we are brand creators as well. 

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You can shop anything with us as we are providing 10 plus private labels with other brands as well to fulfil every need of your family. We have a wide range of products in various categories such as – lifestyle, stationeries, Kirana needs, electronics, mobile phones, fitness accessories, gift hampers, beauty & cosmetic products, fashion, health & nutritious, home and kitchen needs or what not!! We are a one-stop-shop for everything you want in your daily life. We are also upgrading our products and adding more categories on a regular basis so that you will easily find your favourite products only on asort.com. As a one-stop-shop now you now buy your favourite brands with us like- iPhone, Vivo, Oppo, I smart, Itel, Orange, Tashan, Enfin Feature Phone, Acure, KBM, Nutriorg, Imbue, Omay Foods, Monsoon Harvest & Khadi Herbal provides different products for your different needs on Asort.com. We neither sell nor encourage the marketing of any animal products. We strongly believe in happy customers and taking this our top priority we are also encouraging our customer services and working tirelessly to make our services more accessible. 

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dynamic beneficial accord marketing private limited information available on our website (www.asort.com). Visit to know more about us! We are creating opportunities by making relevant and accessible platform for everyone. You can shop and earn with us by building your own consumer community, you can refer our products to your family, friends and customers and if they made a purchase with us you will get asort points. All the points you will collect, we transfer them to your account in the following month. You will also earn asort point while purchasing any product with us. 

Get all the information about our sell & earn plan. Click to know more. 

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