Asort Pride: Short Stories on Life Makeovers (3/11: Kanchu Kansal)

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Asort celebrates 7 years of togetherness and making ‘A Beautiful Change’ in many lives through #AsortPride Campaign. Asort Pride is all about people, their dreams, their passion and their crave to excel in life.

We are proud to present a collection of real stories of our community members which are truly wonderful and inspiring. These are the people who have made a difference, not only to their own lives but many others. They are the real witness that Asort gives you the opportunity to change your life for the better.

Witness our third story of a young girl, Kanchu Kansal from a small town who doesn’t just believe in the power of a being a woman but also believes in living life to the fullest.

Her story will take you through the lane of courage, compassion, love, and life. Let’s be a part of Kanchu’s story!

To Read in Hindi


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20 Responses

  1. Virbahadur singh love my asort my Zindagi

  2. Hemant Nagar says:

    यह बहुत ही शानदार और मोटिवेट करने वाली कहानी है मैं इस कहानी से इतना इस पर हुआ कि मैं भी चाहता हूं कि मेरी बहन भी आगे लाइफ में कुछ ऐसा बड़ा काम करें जो और आगे गर्ल्स को मोटिवेट करें थैंक यू asort

  3. Geeta says:

    Kanchu senior ki life story read kr k mere ko bahut jyda inspiration mili h ab mujhe bhi lgta h m bhi apni life m bahut ange bad skti hu.. thanks asort community

  4. Adarsh says:

    It’s really motivated life story
    I Salute her🙏

  5. Abhishek bajpai says:

    Thanks to asort
    Asort pride lane k liye
    Is se humko seniors k bare m full knowledge mil rhi h or inspection mil rhi h
    Thanks also Kanchu Kansal senior ji

  6. shivani says:

    Thanks to asort pride
    That they gave such a inspired story for all those girls who think the are weak can’t stand in this society
    such a positive n never back down attitude
    having snr ji
    she is my ideal ………who told me no matter how the life is we should never stop fighting
    congratulations ………n thnk u so much …..Asort pride

  7. Honey singh says:

    Kanchu senior ji u r play role like a hero

    “Hamari Chori Choro Se Kam Hain Kay” ye bat Aapne prove kr di … Thank you

  8. Navratan Nagar says:

    I proud of you snr g bcoz u r my pre marquis …tussi great ho snr g bhut kuch shikha h apse or life time shikhna h ….
    Jis trha patang udne ke liye bani h usi trha aap bhi bhut kuch bada krne ke liye ho or ye apne sabit kr diya

  9. Jyoti Rathore says:

    The real story become from you senior G. Really, you worked hard in your life, it’s truely inspired us. Thank you to asort pride… a lots of love for Asort community

  10. Soni says:

    Such a inspiring real life story of senior Kanchu Kansal
    You are a inspiration for all girls as a Asort Pride
    Apne proof kr diya k girls boys dono hi equal h agr wo thaan le to kuch bhi imposible nh h…keep shining dear always like a star….
    “एक नई सोच की ओर कदम बढ़ाएँ
    हौसलों से अपने सपनों की ऊंचाइयों को छू कर दिखाएँ
    जो आज तक सिमट कर रह गई थी ख्यालों में
    उन सपनों को सच कर दिखाएँ।”
    For all asort lover
    Thnk u asort pride.

  11. Rahul singh says:

    Ets true Thanku senior g batane ke lliye

  12. Pankaj Kumar says:

    In fact, the resort has come to change the whole world

  13. VIVEK SHARMA says:

    sr mere ghar wale mujhe spport ni karte h business k liye mai
    business ko like karta hu mai ky karu plz help me

  14. jek torreto says:

    very inspiring story for every humon.i think this story is a real experience for those people who want a change in his/her life.i you wana real change in your life then join asort….salute kanchu

  15. Rishabh Raj says:

    Wow that’s great achievement sister..
    We are all proud of uh..
    I’m so happy bcoz i’m your brother
    And i have a sister like you who teaches us to do the struggle in life..
    You are an inspiration for alll..
    I have no words to say bcoz u r brilliant & so much loving sister of the world..
    Keep progressing sister god bless uhh love uh 😊😊😊😍😘

  16. Manoj saxena says:

    My office working mis kanchu ji very smart girls snr …jabardst leader ..we are love kanchu snr ….u are great leader of jabardst conseft ..ds asort ……i love u DBA

  17. Nitin says:

    Soni Ka To Marquise D.Jay Band Bja Kr Le Gya Ab Us Se Khud Job Krwa Rha H…Lol

  18. Purnima says:

    It’s really very inspiring life story.. i proud of u Kanchu

  19. Ritu says:

    Kanchu senior you are my ideal … Thank-you for sharing our life story

  20. Nikita Rawat says:

    Very best and honesty working platform to take forward talent of people and thank you so much asort 💕 😘 ❤️😊

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