Customers and Community Focused- Core Values of Asort

Customers are the lifeblood of a company. Nurturing the community and catering to the needs of customers is one of the core values of Asort. In Asort, every decision is made with the needs of the community members in mind.

What Asort do to nurture its community?

We at Asort have a distinct vertical called Experiences that is entirely focused on developing the needs of community members because we are a community-driven business. By planning and organizing several workshops that emphasize skill development, individual personal and professional growth, networking growth, and how to be a better leader for the community, and by organizing a monthly community town hall to increase engagement with the community, we always work to foster our community. The vertical also focuses on providing the community members with incredible experiences by planning both instructive and adventurous trips for them, allowing them to step outside of their comfort zones, explore new places, and get a glimpse of a very different side of the globe.

Catering to the needs of the community and customers

We at Asort always work toward creating value for our customers, with the motive of always exceeding their expectations. We value customer happiness and have worked towards creating a system where each customer stands to gain something with every sale made, either directly by him or by anyone in his community.

Every department of Asort caters to the needs of customers and community members by delivering awesome results, either directly or indirectly. Customer relationship management and learning and development departments are the front liners for community members. From ordering a product to delivering it, and for after-sale services, any other questions related to the product or community, they provide you with the appropriate solution to all your needs.

We focus intensely on the customer experience, constantly examine methods to increase value for customers, and roll out new features or services that surprise and delight them. We put immense focus on constant improvement of the customer experience and, thereby, work towards making it faster, easier, and more convenient to find, buy, and receive products.

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