Things you carry says a lot about you

We can’t deny the fact that shoes speak a lot about a man’s personality but billfolds aka wallets too play an essential role in defining ‘his’ look. Filled or empty, a peek of the wallet is all you need to judge a man’s persona. Whether you are an office goer or a guy next door, we have one for everyone to simply match to your personality. Have a look:

For Professionals: Bussiness meetings and everyday office always push you to be serious with your style. Only work no play makes Jack a dull boy, with our new range of timeless manmade leather wallets you can add your bit of personality to your mundane routine. Handy additions to your wardrobe, these premium wallets will hold your daily essentials year after year.

For Students: Choosing a men’s wallet isn’t difficult but picking a right one can be tricky. It should be unique in terms of color, texture, quality and feel, to make you stand out from the crowd. Make sure that the wallet looks stylish but at the same time classy too so that you don’t look cheap by any chance.

For Travellers: When travelling, keeping tabs on your personal items is a must. To keep everything in one place and travel in style, one can go for waterproof and RFiD-blocking material wallets. We’ve got it all here so you can forget the faff, kick back and relax.

For Cashless Man: For those who believe that cards can buy them everything, then one can opt for slim and trendy wallets cum card holders. Look for the ones which have ample space for you to carry your world.

Let your wallet define your style mantra by picking the trendiest from the collection.

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