Challenge to the Status Quo and Frugality – Asort Core Values

Almost all of the time, when an organization is willing to grow, there must be change. When you challenge the status quo and introduce new improvements, you show yourself to be progressive. This can seem risky because it often involves risk-taking, but sometimes it’s worth taking risks to create greatness. So, to challenge the status quo, it is important to have an open mind, an open will, and an open heart to move from mediocrity to greatness.

When you overcome challenges, you have to break away from the status quo. It means confronting what is new, diving deep into the subjects not talked about much, and going against an idea that doesn’t need much fixing.

To create change in any organization, it is important to demonstrate innovation and not rely on what has always been done.

We, at Asort, encourage people and their ideas to further challenge the status quo and help the leader to take the company to new heights.


We can see a lot of companies adopting frugality to achieve sustainability and create competitive advantages over their competition.

But what does it mean to be frugal? And why should any organization adopt this as a core value?

Frugality means living within your means. It’s about making smart, simple decisions that will allow you to save money at the same time as you continue living comfortably and enjoying life.

We, at Asort, have adopted this as a company core value that will allow our employees to work in an environment where they can excel and thrive while being able to work efficiently.

We encourage frugality to motivate our people to think differently and create innovative solutions if they don’t have any money or resource to spend and share the best possible creative solutions to the problem at hand. This drives creativity and helps them look beyond what they already know (It means making the best use of what you already have).

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