Invite The Winter In Style

As we turn over a new sheet on our calendar, the cool breeze has slowly started to feel our cheeks and the early morning fog has started conspiring against our will to get up from our bed. Winter is here and we are all very eagerly waiting for it to enter into our lives.

Although, while a hot sip of coffee might pump up your blood to give you a warm feel to your soul, it still wouldn’t be enough to keep your body warm when the freezing winter arrives. Now for all the fashion lovers who flaunted their looks with the best of the summer colors, don’t take the chills yet. We are here to help you with the best of the trends and colors to mix and match this winter.

1. Knit Prints

With a variety of collections from the cute ones, festive ones to the classy stripe/block ones, classic knitted sweaters always brings out the pure winter look that is adored by a large variety of people. Try wearing one with dark shaded narrow pants and your trend list is checked.

2. Moss Green Overcoats

Moving deeper than the popular olive green shade, the moss green is creating a trend around the men’s fashion world as it gives a very subtle look rather than wearing something too bright. When it comes to overcoats, it anyways becomes a bit harder to choose the right color to go with it. But, the moss green color puts in just the right amount of style to your look.

3. White or Beige Winter wear

No matter what the attire is, white or beige always fits on any occasion. A beige overcoat always gives the rich classy look that never goes out of fashion. If you are confused about what to wear this season, then a casual overcoat and jacket are a must for your wardrobe because it will never disappoint you.

4. Quilted Jackets 

With the comfortable warmth of these jackets, they also send out a trendy winter look that appeals the onlooker’s eyes in a snap. Cover yourself up with these men’s quilted jackets and wear your favorite slim fit bottoms and see how these fit on in any occasion easily.

5. Tactile Fabric Coats And Jackets

Just like the smooth feel of the fabric, these tactile jackets gives the smooth classy winter look that fashionistas cannot resist.  If you follow trends you would see how these jackets are coming in trend with all different looks. Wear them with deep colored men’s pants or trousers and see how your looks change.

If you are looking for the hip swag look with the hint of class, then this is the best choice for you. Adorn your oversize jacket look with a trendy knitted cap and you are done with your perfect look. Make sure to wear a nice pair of sneakers and to go with your hip look. Also, try not to wear plain slim fit denim because that would be a bit tough to go with the look.

So guys here’s all for now. Stay hooked with us for more excited blogs just for you.

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