Pocket Friendly Diwali Decor Ideas

 Brighten up your celebrations this Diwali by trying something innovative, here we have some low budget out of the box diwali decor ideas.

Diwali decorations are incomplete without putting toran at the entrance. Usually torans are made of flowers and mango leaves to set the festive mood and welcome guests. We have interesting DIYs to make your house stand out without burning a hole in your pockets, all you need to do is open your art treasure and use stuff lying out there to create torans. Use beads along with pom poms to create these inspired torans.

This time make your Diwali dinner a memorable one by redoing your dining table. Take inspiration from this tablescape and use lanterns and candles as the center pieces. Add flowers around it for an added elegance.

If you want to style lanterns in the conventional way, we still have appetite for the hanging ones. Instead of traditional lanterns use tinted mason glass jars and hang them using jute or coir rope with fairy lights coiled around it. Add tea lights or low-watt bulbs to light it up.

If you are up for some DIY this diwali then we have quite interesting ideas. You can make you own personalized diyas out of colorful glass bangles, marbles or sea shells. You can use waste bangles also for this DIY. Stick a stack of 12-15 bangles using fevi stick, you can arrange it as you want. Similarly you can arrange marbles but marbles you need to use a stronger adhesive. Add tea light to it and light it up for a beautiful decoration piece. Sea shells can also be used as diyas by filling them up with wax.

No need to light up your house in the same old way with floating candles in crystal bowls. Instead use floating single tealights in a glass of water or jar, it puts a spin on things and looks just precious.  You can use flowers, glass beads etc to achieve this look!

Hope you guys liked our diwali decor curation, would love to know how you are decorating your home this Diwali!

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