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Since the early ages, Men has always been quite fashion forward. They naturally tend to keep their look classy and neat. Also, we understand that it must be very tough for all the men out there to keep their fashion flair alive with so fewer options in front of them. With men, it’s not exactly the clothes that describe their fashion outlook, but mere three things that define a fashionable man. It’s the classy shoes they wear, watch they wrap around their waist and the way they wear their hairstyle.

Today, let us help you with one of the most important factors that define a man. The way you wear your hair can describe a lot about your personality. It is very necessary that you take care of the way you are styling your hair. Let’s give you a tour of the different textures and lengths of hair and how can you keep it in trend.

1.Slick & Shiny Hair

Trending highly amongst the men of all ages, the slick & shiny hairstyle brings out a classy aura which adds up to your gentleman personality with ease. To get that look, all you have to do is towel dry your hair and use a small amount of wax or gel to hold your hair strongly. Be careful not to use too much of gel as you wouldn’t want your hair to end up looking like sticky sour punks. Then slowly comb your hair towards the way you want to get your desired look. Also, try and use good quality products to get the exact classy desired look. Your look might differ in accordance with the length of your hair, although this look goes best with shorter hair.

2.  Curly or Wavy Hair

Get the rugged, more adorable look with the all so popular curly or wavy hair. Guys with curly hair always stand out in a crowd and is also not very easy to achieve this look. First of all, it is quite necessary that you have at least medium length hair as it won’t be possible to work out the style if your hair is too short. If you have straight hair, blow dry your hair and use a mini electronic curler to curl them properly with sectioned hair. Or else you can also use mini foam rollers and keep them for a few hours. In this case, you can also use these rollers while your hair is still wet and then blow dry them after putting on the rollers. This method makes your hairstyle stay longer. If you already have wavy hair, then all you have to do is apply a curl enhancing product and you are good to go. In any case, don’t forget to use hairspray or wax to hold your hair longer.

3. Long Hair

This is one of the hairstyles that can be carried out only by a proper Man. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to grow out your hair and men who usually grow their hair long, tends to love their hair like their own baby. Long hair is itself a hairstyle, but if you want to play with it a little bit then you can also get many different looks with your same long hair. Very popular on the trend board right now is the half tied pony.  Men with full-grown beard look unbelievably handsome with this hairstyle. Apart from that, you can also make thick dreads if you have really long hair, and see how you grab attention in a crowd. If someday you are feeling too lazy to do anything, just apply some volumising product to your blow-dried hair and flaunt your look.

4. Wet Look Messy Hair

Get the smart casual look with this hairstyle. This is a bit similar to the slick hair but a step further. With this hairstyle, your hair doesn’t need to be perfectly set but in fact a bit messy. Blow dry your hair and use a little less hold wet gel and run your fingers down your hair as rapidly and fast as you can. Choose a side towards which you want your hair to fall and leave them just be. You can also shake up your hair a bit to give the natural wet and messy look.

5. Big Volumised Hair

This hairstyle is a complete head turner. Although it’s not as easy as the other hairstyles because it is a bit hard to make them stay the way you want it to. But with the right products, you might just be able to get the right look. Fortunately, there are some newly launched products that help your stubborn hair to volumise and stay that way for a better look. Also, it is very necessary that you get your haircut right first.  Round faced men might want to keep clippered sides while men with a longer face will look better with a lower fade. Flaunt your airy volumised hair by finishing with a strong hold spray and enjoy your party.

6. Dramatic Loud Hair

There are a lot of interesting men out there who love to experiment with their hair. They usually drop the spotlight in their hair rather than their clothes. For all those enthusiasts, you too have a lot more options in front of you. Get on with that hair wax and start styling your hair extraordinarily with your own creativity and see how it might create a trend. Or else, try the popular neckline hair design. Instead of just getting a straight line at your side part, get a design at your light shaved scalp. Although we would suggest you do not try to do that yourself.

You never know when and how you might create a trend that goes sensational amongst people in no time. So keep experimenting, tend your hair and enhance your look. We’ll soon be back with more interesting tips just for you. Stay hooked!

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