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leadership and entrepreneurship 2

Leadership and Entrepreneurship-Asort

Although there are many ways to be a good leader and various traits that contribute to what it means to be an effective leader, there are certain qualities and attributes that we see in all good leaders.  Our objective here at Asort is to foster good leaders in our community....


Growth Wallet | New & Upgraded

An Exciting New beginning awaits ahead. With revised new updates, growth wallet posses way more feature to add to your shopping list. Happiness Unlimited.   Introducing Growth Wallet Your personal wallet shows all your accumulated Growth Funds, on every purchase made by you or your team. With Growth Wallet, you can...


Denim, Done Right!

This Is How to Style Your Jeans in 2021 We’ll be the first to admit that the second we started working from home, we threw our jeans to theback of the closet. To ensure you’ve got a stylish set of denim outfit combinations this fall, we did anintense Instagram scroll...



Hey! your Diwali preparations are going well? Are you worried about festive shopping in this pandemic? Don’t worry and stay in, we are fulfilling every need of yours for this festive season! We can understand that this time Diwali will be a bit different because of the pandemic but don’t...


Work Hacks! Effective Ways To Be More Productive At Work

Do you feel productive and efficient at work? Sometimes we all struggle to be productive and efficient at work. It is essential for us to feel satisfied and fulfilled while working especially these days. So if you’re struggling with efficiency, let’s try some effective hacks to work more productively.


#WearMask! JanHit Mein Jaari!

“Safety Alert!” Why wear a mask? Wearing a face mask will help prevent the spread of infection and prevent the individual from contracting any airborne infectious germs. From the last few months, face masks have become a trend and also help you to live safely. Face masks have recently appeared...