Groove With The Beat In Style This Season

With some of the best music festivals just around the corner, you must be already beating your head over what you’re gonna wear. While some of you must have already fabricated your look for the fest, others might still be browsing through the shopping sites or staring at their wardrobe wondering where do their clothes magically disappear every time. However, we affirm you that this problem is not just with you. Girls usually never find anything to wear even though their wardrobe has no space to fill.

Well, this time let us help you with it. Its not that tough to become fashionable if you really think about it, because its us people who create fashion trends every year and just like the seasons, these trends keep coming back. Now if you want to look your best in your upcoming music festival, here are some ways you can mix and match your wardrobe.

1. Crop Tops and Braletts

Talking about trends, crop tops are very popular among the young fashionable generation. These tops are both comfortable and appealing at the same time. You are gifted with a wide variety of choices to make among these crop tops. While Tassel crop tops crawled up the trendiest list really fast this season, deep neck braletts too mesmerized the fashion lovers with its sexy look. You can find crocheted, beaded, corset, floral, off shoulder and more more various styles in this look. Try pairing up a tassel top with your favorite ripped denim short or a sexy bralett with your funky short denim. To add up to your concert look, mess up your heavy curls and put on a light colored lip color to keep it subtle.

2. Skirts

If you follow trends, you would know that skirts play a bigger role in the fashion that you can imagine. You will find fashionistas wearing skirts in different combinations and slaying the look with ease. Suede Tassel skirts with crop tops and a stylish women jacket give the cool biker look while floral long and short skirts send out the warm sweet summer look.  You will find celebrities walking the red carpet wearing high-slit skirts and netted double layered skirts. You have more than enough choices for the season and these are just a few ones that we are listing out for you, keeping in mind the trends that are rolling. Try putting on a nice skirt and mix and match it with a bright colored sleeveless crop top and see how it works out.

3. Pants

With the variety of bottoms available in the online fashion market, it sometimes gets a bit tough to choose the right one for the day. While music festivals are the events where people go high and free, it’s very important that you feel comfortable just as much as the style. Tribal printed denim shorts give the classy authentic edge to your look that you can carry out in any event. It attracts the onlooker in a snap. High waist printed bell bottom pants has come back with  a classier aura while still keeping the retro feel intact. Split pants and sequined boyfriend jeans clicks in the swag for the event.

4. Shoes

Shoes complete your look. There are times when you have assembled the perfect outfit for the day but you can’t decide which footwear should you slip in to. To help you with that, let us list out a few styles that you can definitely go with without giving a second thought. Gladiator flats and boots are rushing in fashion among a wide range of fashion lovers. Flaunt your sexy legs and pink toes with these lovely strappy sandals and boots this music season. Other than that you have tribal designed boots that create a cowboy/country look that appeals people in a snap. Holographic combat boots are also getting all the attention this season and the best part is that you can match these shoes with any of your favorite outfits. Go ahead and give it a go!

5. Makeup

After you have given the complete look to your outfit, its time for you to give the finishing touch. Face art seems to be swooping into youngster’s favorite list. Adorn your face with the loveliest of art to compliment your look. Sticky stars around your eyes are the most hassle-free face art that you can try which also looks magnificent with your trendy look. You can also try putting colorful bindis around the eyes to give you the flamboyant look that you are seeking.

6. Hair

Women hairstyles have their own way of enhancing your perfect look. Braid them in hundred different ways or mess it up to your satisfaction, but do make sure you work on your hair. Try making a number of corn braids to add up to your look. Also, it’s not necessary to twist and curl your hair every time. If you have shorter hair, you can also accessorize them with a funky headband or a pretty twisted stole.

So, ladies, this is all for now, but keep following us to know more about fashion/beauty tips and much more. We will be back with all new interesting blogs just for you. Stay tuned!

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